Friday list

Friday list once again not too exciting… taxes at the Southwest harbor library in a “mixed” storm. Sigh.

Wednesday’s blizzard turned out to be just very light snow with howling wind where I live. A plus! Another plus? the boss closed the office based on the forecast (which was the right thing to do , as we were supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow). They did get tons more Down East, but you just can’t trust the National Weather Service sometimes. He will probably never close again. Make sup for the day a few weeks ago when he should have closed and didn’t, I guess.

Anyway – A took the day half off as well, so it was fun. Felt like a Sunday. Which made Thursday feel like a Monday. Ugh. And it was tax day in Ellsworth. Only three more weeks… then life returns to something like normal.

Saturday friend Crimson Crow is coming over for a crafts day. I wonder what we will do? More importantly, I wonder where we do it? I had better clear a flat surface off before then…

Friday list

Short list again this week – but I think you should see my Saturday list!

Friday is tax day in SW Harbor, so I will meet my tax buddy at the LL Bean parking lot in Ellsworth at 8, and we will drive down to the Island, do taxes all day, and he will drop me back there around 5. I might get Finelli’s pizza on my way home (yum!), then I will crash on the couch with my knitting.

But Saturday?

Saturday, we are having breakfast in a new little place A found in Brewer. Then we will head off to Bangor to the bead store, where I will get some more supplies for knitted necklaces, and sign up for TWO classes – only $120 each, plus supplies. They will be on 2 Saturdays in March. I am excited as I have wanted to take classes there for a while, but it never worked that I found out about them in time.

Ahh, good food and crafting. And then, of course, all the chores I won’t be doing on Friday – groceries, laundry, PO. 🙂 Life is good.

And Sunday, perhaps I will get up to start cleaning the craft room a bit more. Tiny steps.

Friday List

Friday should be a pretty good day –
I have to go to Southwest Harbor to the Farmers’ Market to pick up some cheese being made just for me – how lucky is that?

I have a niece working in Northeast Harbor for the summer, so I hope to connect with her while I am on the Island – maybe take her to lunch? Explore a few shops?

Then it is home in time to grab A and head out to the China Dinah (only in Maine do “China” and “Diner” rhyme!) to meet her sister K for dinner. We don’t see K too often, so that should be a lot of catching up over good food.

As A will drive to the China Dinah, I will get to do some knitting on the purple scarf. Maybe this is the weekend I finish it…

odds and ends

Well, here we are – Sunday. And I never did a Friday list. Oops. And it is snowing. Again. Third weekend in a row disrupted by Old Ma Nature. It’s getting old. However, this is supposed to just be a few inches. I hope so, since we do have to go to work tomorrow, and digging before hand would be a huge drag.

But enough grousing about that which can’t be changed. How was my weekend? Well, thanks for asking!

Friday was a tax day, in Southwest Harbor again. We had one slow spot in the middle of the day, but other wise were busy doing taxes pretty steadily all day. We did stop on our way over to the SWH library for coffee and a snack at Tanya’s Off the Grid. It’s a new place in town, and it has really good food. Worth a trip from anywhere!

On the way back through Ellsworth, I stopped and got supper at Finelli’s Pizza, another really good place to eat. Their pizza is not typical Maine Pizza (which I find too doughy) but is more like the pizza I grew up with in CT. Which makes sense, as the owner is from Rhode Island. Love my Neapolitan pies. 🙂

Saturday, We gathered up A’s sisters and went off to toodle around Bangor. Went to a new yarn store, the yarn barn. And I learned that there is also a yarn store AND a fabric store in Brewer. I will check them out some friday. But this trip, we went to only one yarn store. I found the store nice enough, not spectacular. The owner carries three or four brands, but they are good quality with a lot of variety in their offerings. Not a wide variety of notions, either. So, I would give it a B – she has nicer yarns than anyone else I have found in Bangor – not all acrylic like the big boxes. I found some yarn to make C’s leg warmers, which is what I was looking for. I stayed within budget. I wasn’t even tempted to buy anything else. I was interested in looking at the various colors of Lamb’s Pride bulky she had (not many) because I have 9-10 skeins of a pretty strange blue, and want to get a lot of other skeins of some unknown colors and knit an afghan someday. But nothing seemed right, so I will keep looking. To her credit, the owner did offer to let me see her swatch card and special order whatever I wanted. I might take her up on that. She also offers a 3% discount for paying cash – a woman who knows what credit costs her – gotta love it!

We did a bunch of other errands while we were int eh big city – A went and got a few sweets at the candy store, a new printer from Best Buy, and a fishing pole (for the cats) from Dick’s while I checked out the yarn store and got a new watch at Day’s Jeweler’s. I think sister S was flabbergasted at the things we got and what we paid, but we are flabbergasted at how she lives her life, too, so I didn’t worry too much about it. Of course, I did not tell her how much we are going to spend at a hotel in Boston for A’s birthday. Way more than my watch and some yarn!

Once those errands were done, we went to a new hot dog restaurant in Orono – it was really good! Hard to believe, but they had excellent quality ingredients and fun combinations of flavors. A got mac and cheese – it was yummy, as were her cheese fries. I had a chili dog, very good, right amount of heat. In fact, it made me want chili, so when we stopped at the grocery store on the way home, I got the ingredients, and made a batch. I’ll be eating it for weeks, I guess. A doesn’t like it – too tomato-ey and spicy for her.

Today I worked up in the craft room for a while – cleaning up the red and pink rubble from the valentine’s, and thinking about the birthday cards for March. I have a few ideas, but nothing concrete yet. I think I’ll need to mess around some more before I have them concrete. But I can’t wait too long, as the first of the birthdays comes up in about 10 days…

Earlier this week, I sorted out the pile of hats, and took the smaller (hopefully, kid sized) ones to work. It seems that although we have been sending out coats for months now, schools are still calling and asking for more, and we are low on hats, scarves and mittens to go with them. SO I sent over a small batch of hats (pictured) that I had been stockpiling. I still have lots of adult sizes done, and will send them off soon to one of the other places I know can use them. I only finished one hat this week – a pretty gray and burgundy one with yarn sister-in law S gave me last week. the stash is gaining on me, I am afraid! The big project I am working on is a sweater for a friend at work – she bought the yarn, and I am knitting her the sweater I made for myself last summer – a hooded tunic from Knitting Pure and Simple that is knit from the neck down, goes pretty fast. But it will be a few more weeks, I think, before it is done. then the leg warmers. 🙂
hats to work

I also am reading a new book, lent to me by a friend, called The City of Women. It’s a novel set in WWII Berlin, very interesting so far. Brings up a lot of things that I never knew about what was going on in Germany while we were vilifying all things German. I have been flying through it, can’t wait to read what happens next.

A few posts ago, I told you about Zumba calling A up to play with her every evening – here’s a photo I got of her at the top of her post, calling down for someone (A) to come and play. She’s very cute and persistent!
zumba's evening routine
Now I am off to knit a few rows on the new sweater, before we watch the Duke women’s basketball game… busy busy busy. 🙂

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