April Friday!

I’ll be doing taxes – bet you are surprised!

It’s our last day doing them Down East in Milbridge – I’ll be there with three intrepid volunteers, all willing to get up early and drive far to help me.  They are the best!

Anyway, it will be a long day, so likely I will just come home, eat supper on the couch, do a wee bit of knitting before I fall asleep.

Saturday will be more fun – we are off to the big city to get the tires switched over to summer tires on A’s car.  And in anticipation, I made a list of supplies I need from the bead store. YES I SAID NEED and I meant it. Things like jump rings and clasps.  Not too many beads on the list. What’s the point of having all this yarn and beads if I have no clasps?

I hope the Beaded Moose has what I need, but if not, I will check out AC Moore or JoAnn’s.  Still no luck?  I guess I will go online – I doubt I will be getting to Augusta any time soon to go to the other small local bead store.

We also will go to the big grocery store – woot woot – unscented products!  Wider selection!  More sizes of the products we love! How pathetic that this is a big deal in our day.

Then home to some relaxing, some housework, some knitting and card making – I am in the midst of making lots of thank you notes for those volunteers mentioned at the start of the post. Which has really turned into a Saturday list post, hasn’t it?  Well, take heart, tax season is nearly over, then things will return to what passes for normal around here.

Phoenix AZ day 4

Not much to report today! Workshops all day, and I have to pack tonight, so just got a nice steak in the hotel restaurant to eat in my room.

I did win one of the silent auction bids, and got a $25 gift certificate for $20. Not bad. It is to Olive Garden or Long Horn Steak house at home, so now we will have to go out to eat this week. 🙂

I did go out at lunch time, and got myself a sub and some real air – it is finally not humid, but I still notice the heat. 🙂 I had to go to the gift shop to get a book for the trip tomorrow, and I managed to get a cute little pair of earrings. Any time I can’t get yarn, I deserve new earrings, right?

Got a whole lot of knitting done – I am in the last section of the Pi shawl, and I think that I might be able to squeeze the yarn to make it. With almost 600 stitches to a row, I guess it won’t break my heart if I don’t get the 40 or so rows in this section that Elizabeth Zimmerman recommends. I hope to have it done by the end of the weekend, so I hope that my seat mate on the long flight doesn’t infringe on my elbow room.

By this time tomorrow, I should be almost home. Can’t wait!

Thursday list

Today we plan to:

Make cookies for tomorrow’s picnic
Go to Bangor for a little
school shopping
craft room shopping
and then have supper there with A if she gets out of work on time, otherwise, Chinese left overs

That should fill the day nicely!

PS it’s raining, or we would go to the lake. But thank goodness, C is a teenager now, and shopping is almost as good as the lake. If this was 5 years ago, I would be in some serious entertainment trouble.

Friday lists are back

After two weeks of family sadness and no lists, I am bringing them back.  Today’s is not all fun, though. It has real work on it.

I have to go to Ellsworth to a meeting for a couple of hours, then go to Bangor for another one.  Yes, I know it is Friday, but this happens now and then. Following that, I hope I have time to do a little shopping for A.  Since she never reads this blog (can you believe it?) I can tell you that I will be going to Lowe’s for the miter saw stand she wants, and I will be looking for a chair repair kit she mentioned.  And maybe find a few stocking stuffers while I am there.  From there, I head to Down east Toyota for a service appointment, and I hope that while there, I will be able to do a bit of shopping online, I have my eye on a waffle iron for A as well.  If I don’t order it soon, it won’t get here on time.  Any one have any ideas for things to get her that don’t cost a fortune, but that someone who likes to build things and be active would like?

A has to work today, but she gets out early.  So she will come looking at the Toyota dealer for me, and if I am there, we will head out for an early supper in town before we come home.  She offered to do my Christmas shopping for me, but I said no, I want there to be SOME surprises!

Each evening I work on the Christmas cards, they are coming together fast – I am on the glitter stage, which is a bit slower as I lack cleared surfaces to put them on to dry. So I do about a dozen a day, and should have this stage done this weekend.  Then comes writing out the envelopes and mailing them off.  Got the stamps already, so I think I am good to go. Can’t wait to share them with you, I hope I get good pictures.

Also working on my Christmas knitting, have a bit to get through in time to mail things off.  I did just find out last night that I have until the 21st for the things I will send home with niece B when she goes home for Christmas.  It is nice not to have to ship their presents.  I think that means I only have two packages to mail this year! I should get some of that done this afternoon as well, as I am almost done with a knit gift that needs mailing.  Maybe tomorrow I will actually get those things out.  Then I have to do the knitting for the girls in CT for B to transport.  THEN I can get back to hats.  I found a new challenge on She Makes Hats blog, and it is a good one – check it out at http://www.shemakeshats.com/ I can do this one, even with Christmas knitting to do.  Actually, I probably have some that fit the bill in my hat bag.   And my sister told me about an organization in her neighborhood in Portland named Root Cellar http://www.therootcellar.org/?page_id=35 that can use things for grown ups as well, so I will probably give her some hats for that.  And I still want to fill my bag for the Nest http://nestmaine.blogspot.com/ .  I’ll be busy with needles for a long time to come! I also have another lace scarf in mind – a wonderful woman at work loves them as I work on them, so I think I will surprise her with one some day in late spring.

That’s it for today – I have to go get ready for work – blah.

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