Photos of things on the needles and recently off

Still no sun, but these photos give you an idea of the non-shawl KAL things I am working on.

This blue is something that has been on my needles for a while.  It is linen stitch, so the going is slow.

blue scarf 4 27 15

This scarf is for my niece C – I mentioned it the other day, but thought you might like to see it.  It is hard to see the beads in these photos but they are there. Every 1st and 9th row.  🙂

Christina's whole scarf and beads 4 27 15

Christina's scarf 4 27 15 no flash

Christina's scarf and beads 4 27 15 a

These bracelets and necklace are ready to go off to the shop and hopefully sell. A pair of earrings will join them in the bag on the table, as soon as they dry.  🙂 Tomorrow I will take them all over there and let the world at them!

necklace and bracelets 4 27 15

Cast on another necklace today – salmon pink and cream, with ruffles. As always, the patterns are based on those of Laura Nelkin, although lately I have been tweaking them and making them my own.  It was just a matter of time, right?

it all started with some sale yarn from

Do you remember last spring when I got two plain vanilla colored skeins of Spud and Chloe delicious silk/wool sock yarn, and decided to experiment with crock pot and Kool-Aid?

all the tools

out of the pot

finished product

I knit a pair of toe up socks with the resulting blue and white yarn.

toe up 4

I had a lot left over, and didn’t really want to knit something to match the socks. And there was a lot of white space left on the yarn. So, I thought I would try over dying. I used green and purple, and this is the result.
sock yarn after

I wasn’t sure how I liked it, but I knit it up anyway, and this is how it looks now.

mesh scarf

I really like how it is so different from one end to the other – almost like a scarf that moves through the four seasons. Of course, it is in colors that I don’t really wear, and which no way will match my sapphire blue winter jacket, so it goes into the give-away bag. But it was lots of fun to experiment with dying!
mesh scarf bright endmesh scarf light middlemesh scarf darker middlemesh scarf dark middlemesh scarf dark end
For all of this dying, I wound the yarn into cakes, so the absorption would vary from the outside to the inside.

Since then, I have done more Kool-Aid dying, using a less fine yarn, some 100% wool worsted weight I have in the stash. I’ll be posting more photos of things I make with that as well.


I realize I haven’t written much about what I am making lately, outside of the CAL blanket. That is because almost everything seems to be at a standstill. The lace weight linen stitch scarf has many more rows worked on it, but seems to grow no longer, and there is still plenty of yarn left. Not sure how that happens, I had THREE meetings yesterday and knit through them all. No noticeable change. I suppose all of a sudden one day it will be done, but that day isn’t today.

Skirts: Well, I have two ready to be hemmed, and one cut out and pinned to be sewn. But the hem marker tool I ordered did not work. I was oh so frustrated! I filled it with chalk, set the height, squeezed the bulb, nothing. Well, maybe it needs to be primed? I squeezed and squeezed, and nothing. I took both hands and gave it a good, solid squeeze and the chalk container popped open and I had chalk everywhere except on the skirt. I remembered reading in the reviews that some people had real trouble with it, and others loved it, so I thought, OK, it’s me. I called the company (Nancy’s Notions) and asked for help. They immediately got me to a product support person, who tried to help, and gave me some suggestions. I tried for another hour, spilling chalk dust every where. I finally gave up. I emailed the company (by then they were closed for the weekend) and asked them to please help me find a solution. I did not just want a replacement if the problem is with the product, or me. I just want to know how to use it. To their great credit, they promised to try one and make sure it worked before shipping it, and they shipped one out already! I can’t wait to get it and see if it is different. I will return the original one Saturday when I can get to the PO. It seemed to me from my exhaustive study of the thing, that there needs to be a connection between the chalk container and the vent it is all supposed to blow out that just isn’t there. Has anyone else had any experience with the Dritz chalk hem marker? Can you tell me what I am doing wrong, or is this just a manufacturing error?

Anyway, there sit my three summer skirts. 😦 If only I were a nice slim thing whose hips, buttocks, and stomach all pulled up the same amount of fabric so I could hem straight across and have it hang evenly. But I am not.

Last thing I am working on, which actually IS adding up, is a pile of crocheted purple beanies for babies. I am sending them off to a group down in Bath (Maine). I see one of the women involved in it at meetings every few months, so she sees me knitting away at hats (I did say meeting, right?), and asked if I ever made baby hats. She told me about this project they do to make purple hats for newborns, to help parents get through the first few weeks of having a newborn (purple crying time?) when a baby can just cry for long periods of time for no apparent reason. Being an auntie, I have no experience with this, but can see how it might drive you mad. I said I would make her some hats and blithely bought two skeins of acrylic baby yarn. I followed a beanie pattern I found on UK Crochet pattern’s blog and figured I would make as many as I could from the yarn. Well, it seems I can make a lot of new-born sized beanies from 2 skeins!!! I think I am up to 10 or 12, and still have more yarn. I have begun adapting the pattern a bit to keep from getting bored going around and around, using a shell stitch for the last row, or changing out the increases. I’ll try to remember to take a photo of the pile before I send them out. It is looking like a pretty impressive stack right now!

That’s it. I am always working in purple, and will be glad for a change, much as I like purple, it has been going on too long. And I have some heavenly silks in blue and red waiting for me to make scarves. And a book on toe up socks to try out. And the bulky red sweater I ripped out last winter. And a periwinkle bulky vest. So I hope I finish these purple things VERY soon.

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