A week since my last update?

Sorry about that!

The big news on that front is that my camera is broken. So until I sort that out, or really master the whole phone-camera-WordPress-thing I don’t have visuals for you, and I know how much you like seeing them.  🙂

We had a nice weekend – although it rained VERY hard Saturday, it cleared up for about half an hour in the afternoon, so I got a swim in. 🙂 And did lots of shawl knitting while I waited.


(Old photo of progress)

My lace leaf shawl in Purple Fleece’s Scarlet Tanager is nearly done – I have lots of lifelines so that I can use it all – I’ll just keep going until I run out, or it is obvious how far I can get with what’s left, and then rip back enough to do the border. I am well into the deep pink now, so I think I have only one more pattern repeat to do before the border.

Sunday, Mom and I had scheduled a sail, but sadly, there was no wind.  Naturally, we went out to lunch and yarn shopping instead. We rescheduled the sail for Labor Day weekend, though, so we won’t get through the whole summer with no sail.

As for the yarn, I used my shop credit and $20 reward to get a whole lot of gorgeous yarn to make two or three really nice shawls, for less than $5 cash! I can’t show it to you right now, but I will sometime soon.  I can tell you that one is a soft aqua or teal, and the other is a rosy gray-taupe variegated. I got a couple of skeins of gray merino lace weight to either go with that or be something different. I also got a pattern designed to go with the aqua.  So I think I have the yarn for four shawls all lined up and two patterns picked out.  Always a good situation.  🙂

Mom asked me if I actually use the shawls, and was surprised when I said yes, I wear them to work a lot, since it is cold in my office in the summer and in the winter.  Then her eyes lit up  “they don’t have to FIT!”  I think Mom might start knitting shawls as soon as she finishes her current cardigan.

But what my next project will actually be (maybe!) is a sweater vest made from all the blues I dyed for the leftie shawl.  I will be doing it by the seat of my pants – there is a pattern I have knit many times, but can’t find (I lent it to someone, I think) so I am going to do it by memory and logic.  Should be a lovely garment! Then I will make hats with whatever is left.

Last night I went up to Husson University to see niece B, who moved back to campus on Sunday.  We had stored a load of her things for the summer, so I brought them up to her.  She is still getting settled, and it is hot in the dorm, so it was just a quick visit. It is good to see her again, and it seems like she might be open to more auntie visits this year – she has a more reliable car and I have a pool.  Also a washer and dryer, and good food and a comfortable bed. All the important things for a college senior, right?  🙂 I am sure going to miss her when she finishes with school, even though I don’t see as much of her as I would like to.

Now, off to figure out the whole phone camera thing.