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So much for checking out the Cashmere Goat in Camden! Instead, Mom and I will meet at her house and have lunch in town, then go to her LYS, Over the Rainbow. Not as fun as a new (to us) store, but it is a good shop, so we will enjoy it.


I am sleeping in the lap of luxury tonight. I feel ashamed because I could be sleeping at mom’s, she lives about 3 miles from here….

I am attending a two-day work session, and they put us up in this very nice inn (Berry Manor) in Rockland. We fill the small place, but each get our own room. Meetings today ran until 5, then supper was until 7:30. So I wouldn’t really get to visit much with Mom. Tomorrow we are supposed to go until 4 but as we are getting yet another storm, some folks are worried about traveling, and we may wrap up early. If we do, I will pop over to say hi to Mom. And not even worry about the money that could have been saved if I had slept there tonight. 🙂

Check out this place – I am in a huge room with a king sized four poster bed with canopy, a fireplace, a big screen TV, a chaise longue, wi-fi, etc. My own bath with a whirlpool tub, and downstairs is a well stocked kitchen with ice cream and pie for the eating!!!

I told A tonight when I called that if we ever wanted to stay at Mom’s but there wasn’t room, this is where we would come instead.

And yes, my dears, you can WALK to the LYS. And it’s a good one! I of course, have not done that this trip as I am out of Y money. 😦

Friday list, December version

Good morning!

Here’s what I am doing today!

Grocery shopping
Heading over to Mom’s for a knitting day (won’t know until she finds out if she really has jury duty)
A little Christmas shopping in Rockland

Grocery shopping
run up to Bangor for some Christmas shopping

Either way, when I get home, work on Christmas cards and knitting.

Seems like a short list, but with either version, there is a lot of driving involved!

In the evening, we will hopefully go to the Down East Aids Network event to celebrate AIDS Awareness month. I have left it up in the air because I did not know how my face would be looking with this chemo ointment treatment. So far, so good. I have done 7 of the 14 treatments, and while my lips are chapped and raw feeling, they are not blistering or sporting open sores. So, if things are the same tomorrow, we will head over to Ellsworth for the event.

Sailing at last!

We sailed out of Rockland Harbor, toward Rockport.

Rockland from the sea

As the breeze was light, we didn’t get too far, but we were moving the whole time, and it was beautiful.  We saw several different ducks and loons, as well as a sturgeon leap out of the water along side the boat.  Just gorgeous!

Sailing past Rockland Breakwater light

A and L were teasing me for all the layers – tights, long johns,jeans, 2 pairs of sox, turtleneck, sweater, insulated jacket, gloves and a wool hat (a new hand knit one, of course.)  However – !  When we were out on the bay, I was cozy and warm, and they looked a little chilly.  The others on the boat seemed chilly too – just in fleece. Fleece is lovely, but it doesn’t keep the wind out.  Of course, Captain Bob was barefoot for the whole cruise, so maybe it was just me who needed layers!

A and L looking chilly. And although you can’t see it, Capt. Bob is barefoot!

Anyway, the day was really glorious, and we had a fun sail, cold weather not withstanding. At least it was clear and a bit windy – better than the last two tries. And just in time, Bob said he is hauling the boat next week.


Owls Head Light

Got to buy yarn today!

This morning I met Mom and we did a little bit of shopping in Rockland.  We checked out the newest yarn store in town, Over the Rainbow – it is very nice.  Lots of luxury yarn, all beautiful, and some good solid standbys.  And the best part?  THEY HAVE LACE BLOCKING WIRES!!!!  I have been checking them out on-line, but hadn’t done anything about ordering them.  So I grabbed them, and a few skeins of good old Lamb’s Pride for a hat for little niece E – purple variegated, as requested. Added some bright green to go with it – won’t lose her in a snow storm!  Also got some nice lace weight dark red for another lace scarf – you know I am addicted to them now.  And I have to make those blocking wires earn their keep, right? And found lots of things I have only read about in magazines, so that was nice, to be able to see and touch them. Not much Maine produced stuff – a small section only.  That kind of drives me nuts in a shop like that, where clearly, the expense of the product is not an issue – so much good yarn is locally produced, why not carry more of it?

Anyway, then we wandered up and down Main St, looking in a few art galleries before going to lunch at the Home Kitchen Cafe.  Yum, it was good!  I had a salad with real greens, not a leaf of ice burg, lovely.  Then we walked over to Quilt Diva. They carry yarn and quilting supplies.  The yarn wasn’t as plentiful as at Over the Rainbow, but I found a few skeins to get for the hats, and some yarn in the sale bin that will work well for trimming them, or making stripes or something – lots of little bits.  They have really nice quilting fabric, very good quality.  I didn’t get much (one fat quarter) but not because I didn’t see things I wanted!  I’ll be going back there when I need fabric (does anyone NEED fabric?  How low does the stash have to get before I can say I NEED fabric?)

After that, I headed home, and finished the last few things to get ready for the girls – flowers for the guest room, cleaning the bathrooms, scooping leaves out of the pool.  And A vacuumed. I do love when she does that.

We went to Crosby’s for supper – last time of the season, they close on Monday.  I can’t believe it is time for that already!

Now we sit around and wait for the girls.  They called to say they are way behind schedule, lots of traffic.  Which is to be expected, given it is a holiday weekend and this is vacationland.  So it will be well after midnight when they arrive.  Hopefully, they will have a safe, uneventful trip. And they will hop into bed, and sleep until noon.  Since we have no plans until supper tomorrow night, that is OK.  It will just be good to have them here.

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