Friday list – vacation

Today is a day of finishing up some odds and ends – putting the house back to rights, usual errands.  My day will look something like this:

Get photos off camera and show you what I have been up to this week, craft wise.

Spend an hour in the yard shoveling.

Load car full of things to bring to Goodwill, then head off to Ellsworth.

Along the way, I will go to the Post Office, stop for lottery tickets (my early retirement plan), and swing by the office to see what I need to carry to the veterans resource fair tomorrow.  Can’t get a straight answer out of anyone on that score.  

I will get to thoroughly check out Goodwill as I will be there alone (A isn’t too fond of shopping and absolutely hates thrift stores, so does not understand the need to check out every little thing  and consider how it could be used/improved.) Since I will be on that end of town, I might also check out the ReStore, sometimes they have nice things.  Of course, they don’t go for thrift store prices over there….

Then, on the way back across town, I will stop at Reny’s to see if they have a laundry basket or two, we seem to always be short (they turn into cat beds around here if a cat even looks like it might sleep in it)  and last stop – the flea market yard sale thing that is in that little building I love.  I have stopped there once before, but I think it need re-examining, to see what is new.  They also don’t believe in thrift store pricing, but if they have the perfect something, then that is OK, right?

Once home, I will wait to see if A really is able to only work a half day today, and if she is, we will head to the plumbing showroom in town and see if they have the perfect toilet for us.  Exciting, huh?  We want to change out our builders grade toilets fro ones that are taller and use less water.  Not sure if that will happen any time soon, but we are starting to look around.  We hope that the plumber will install it at the same time they come to do the annual service on the water system,but not sure if that is when we will have the money, as we have a bunch of big, expensive things happening this time of year (more exciting things like property taxes). 


Now doesn’t that sound like an exciting morning?  

After the plumbing showroom, we will get lunch at Crosby’s, our favorite take out place which is only open a few more weeks!  😦  Then I will get to sit down and knit a bit before I start thinking about where to put the leftover bits from the guest room.  they will NOT be stashed in the craft room is all I know for sure.


I’ll post later int eh weekend and let you know how that all came out!  Now, off to get the camera and get cracking on this list!

CAL free Saturday

Well, it felt kind of strange to get up Saturday morning and NOT log on to do my CAL rows, but A and I had plans with L, and she was coming over early. So instead, I got up, did some laundry, knit a few rows on the toe-up sock and then we headed out.

Here are some photos of the sock, by the way. Sorry, some are blurry – not sure what happened. I like the way the color is coming together, although I wish I had more dark blue stripes in the yarn. I’ll keep dying and working on that.

This shows the nice wide toe box, and the pattern on the top of the foot.
toe up

A little blurry, but you can see where the graft would be in traditionally knit socks. This is not perfect, but it is lots better than any graft I have done to date.

toe up 1

Blurry heel turn – no decreasing and picking up of stitches – just short rows to turn – NICE.
toe up 2

Whole foot done in record time.

toe up 3

Anyway, back to Saturday…

We headed down Rte 1 to the mid-coast area, stopping for donuts at Willow Bake Shop, a visit with Mom and B, and then to our first destination – the Wooden Screen Door company in Waldoboro. We ordered our coveted two screen/storm doors only 5 years into the house! If you check out their web page, we ordered plain doors – one with a cat cutout for the front door, and one with a sloop cutout for our bedroom. It will be really nice to have doors that fit, and screens with no holes. And we went for the additional option of glass panels for the winter, which I think will make a big difference in how cold and drafty the mud room is, and also our bedroom. This was a huge expense, but we have waited a long time, planning for this purchase.

We followed that with Lunch at the Captain’s Fresh Idea across the street – delicious lunch, but a bit pricier than I like for lunch. Really good lemonade, though – real, not chemically tasting. We tried deep fried green beans (strange concept, but yummy.) and L tried blueberry iced tea. A day of adventurous eating. 🙂

Then we got on the road, and stopped at a really sketchy flea market, looking for little saucers to feed the cats, and I did find two. With three cats, we go through lots of little cat food dishes.

We kept heading south, and found ourselves in Mexicali Blues in Damariscotta. I have been to the Portland store, but none of the rest. We were on a mission, looking for 30 small, frivolous fun things. A’s sister S is having radiation treatment for breast cancer, starting mid-September, and we wanted to have a bag of treats, so she could open one a day, to give her a bright spot during this time (prognosis is very good, cancer was in situ, and they performed the first half of the lumpectomy last week. They will have to go get a bit more next week, but they still are not worried.)

Besides a bunch of cute toys, I managed to find a new bedspread for the guest room, very similar to the old one, which is getting really faded from the sun. It is a blue and white (shocking, I know!) India print spread.

We wound our way back out to Rte 1, headed up to Camden and Belfast. We hit the Reny’s in Belfast to complete our pile of presents, and I found a few treats for us as well. Like: A beach umbrella and holder. I never owned such a thing before, but I think I can use it next to the pool, and take it to the beach pretty easily, and sit in the shade like I am supposed to. 😦 Also, some good imported cookies, and a few little cat toys, and more cat dishes.

We got home late in the afternoon, and although we had planned to go to the fireworks in the evening, we were both tired, and just chilled on the couch. Instead of the CAL, I worked on the endless purple scarf – I also had worked on it in the car all day – it is getting longer, at last, but the yarn ball doesn’t seem to get smaller. I know it will all of a sudden, but it seems to be taking forever.

So we had a really nice day, lots of fun together, even if I didn’t start the weekend with a couple of hours of crocheting. 🙂

How I did with the Friday list

Oh, Mom and I had some good shopping time! Can’t speak for her but I had a really good time.

I did as many of the errands as I could in the morning, including the library (closed!) and the bookstore. I was pleased to find the book club book I was looking for – Light Between Oceans, and a few magazines I did not know I was looking for. 🙂

I met Mom as planned, at Reny’s parking lot, where we left a car.

First off, we went and found Good Karma farm. That was fun, we got a tour of the barns, met the alpacas, the icelandic sheep, the chicken, the cat. Then we learned all about the process the fiber goes through to become the most soft delicious yarn ever – and they do it all there on site, which makes me like it even more. Lastly, we went into the little store area, and drooled all over beautiful yarn. Finally, Mom selected some to make a sweater vest, and I selected some to make a cowl. I had a really hard time deciding between that and a stuffed mitten kit. I might go back soon for the stuffed mittens….
good karma yarn
When we were done there, we headed downtown, and I showed Mom where Heavenly Socks yarn store is – it is right on Main Street, but very easy to miss as it is in the basement of its building. While there, we managed to get more yarn, and I got some needles I need for the sweater I am working on. AND I found a color of Lamb’s Pride that i have not seen before – periwinkle frost, or something. A color I will definitely get more of, although this skein is for hats, I think I will need to have more of its lusciousness in my life.

After that, we went to Darby’s for lunch. It was delicious and perfect for the day – I had a cup of chili and a half a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato and the BEST french fries. Yum. I was too full for dessert (of my own), but I managed a few bites of Mom’s toffee sundae. 🙂

Following lunch, we were recharged, and went down the street to Fiddlehead Artisan supplies. It is a wonderful store – huge supply of fabric, mostly cottons, but some woolens and silks as well. The prints are just lovely, not the usual calicoes, but really innovative and interesting prints. I managed to choose 4 silk fat quarters for pillows for the living room sofa. I love a store that sells fat quarters of everything they have, not just the quilting fabrics. Sometime you just need a fat quarter. 🙂 They also have water-color pencils and crayons, acrylic paints, handmade papers, all sorts of bits and pieces of art supplies, and also, that thing that is IMPOSSIBLE to find in big box stores – WOOL felt. 🙂 I had fun in there, and I think mom did, too. She bought a jacket pattern, which I love – and might borrow. 🙂
silk quarters 5
Then it was back to Reny’s, and I got a few treats for A as well as the ginger oil I went for. Mom wanted a lampshade, but they don’t sell them, except on lamps. Still, she managed to get a few things. Can’t go to Reny’s without getting something!

We parted company, and I headed over to the beautiful big Hannaford for the groceries. Realized I forgot my list, but did it from memory, which meant lots of wandering up and down the aisles. It’s all exercise, right? (Only forgot one thing!)

Looking back, I can see that I was in a blue/green mood – maybe because it ahs been so GRAY lately? Or maybe because there is no shade of blue I won’t fall for…

Dec 14 – OMG what a list!

It is a little scary all that I have to do today! But no “work”. Yippee.

First I wait for the bugman to come do his quarterly inspection and treatment, which we need, as there are spiders in the cellar. I hate spiders…

While I wait for him, a few household chores – laundry, clean the pellet stove, maybe a little vacuuming, but probably not if I can think of ANYTHING else to do. And I do have to finish the scarf I need to mail. And wrap up the presents that need mailing today.
Once he goes, then I get into action.
On my errand list – lots of shopping!

PO to mail the presents
a trip to Ellsworth to Reny’s (my favorite local discount store, so much more fun than Wally world.) to get presents for the three families I signed up for at work yesterday. What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking that I am very fortunate and I should share the goodness, but I was NOT thinking about how much work that would add to my Friday!
While I am in Ellsworth, a stop at Grasshopper Shop for stocking stuffers for A. Still haven’t done that yet!
Then off to John Edwards for a few presents for family.
Also need a Yankee swap gift for tonight – nothing like leaving it to the last minute. :-0
then, off to Bangor, where I have to get a game for one of the kids on the list from work, and continue the stocking stuffer shopping. Also want to get a few cat toys for the kids Christmas stockings.
Over to Staples for a new calendar – 2013 is coming fast, and I am writing January appointments on scraps of paper – not good!
Need to wind up in Bangor by 5-ish for A’s company Christmas Party. I hope I can stay awake to celebrate with them all!