Friday list revised

Scrap everything I said I was going to do… well, lots of it, anyway.

Instead, my list reads like this:

Spend two hours dealing with internet and Hughes net

Some yard work
Spend hours stuck at home while plumber tries to sort out why hot water heater is cycling on and off (this after they took two weeks to get the part they said it needed when it went out and wouldn’t restart two weeks and one day ago)

Meanwhile, a few before and after photos to show I really have done some work!

Pool area before

pool before

Pool area after (This is as much grass as I can cut – earning two blisters, one per thumb)

pool after

Peas before

peas before

Peas after

peas after

Strawberries before

strawberries before

Strawberries after (can you see the net?) Small job, very important, if we want berries)
strawberries after

Monhegan Fauna

More photos from last weekend –


a very short post, as we did not see a whole lot of wildlife with the camera nearby. But this pheasant followed us around the whole island – or maybe there are lots of pheasants there. 🙂

library chicken

We did see lots of chickens, some roaming free. This one was outside the library.

CAL photos

here you go – rows 6-13. Sorry I missed taking photos of row 11, but I think you will see it clearly in row 12 photo. Also sorry that I haven’t solved the whole exposure thing with the white… I tried a white background this time, but it made no difference. 😦

I am loving this adventure, can’t wait for Saturday’s post!

row 6

row 7

row 8

row 9

row 10

row 12

row 13

whew! Finished my CAL rows for the week!

I did take photos, trust me! Tomorrow’s to do list – includes going through the camera and posting photos from the weekend and the crocheting.

I have to say, I love my afghan so far! I did pull out the center section of the Catherine wheels to change the color, once I saw how it was looking. But otherwise, it is going pretty smoothly, and very fast. I’ll weave my ends in tomorrow morning, and that will be it for another week. I do think I will make another one of these some day, perhaps A will need one in her favorite colors? Hers will have to be machine washable as she will have the cats on her lap with it. Maybe I should just make it black and orange and tan, forget the burgundy, blue, and green?

Ditz-brained blonde moment

Much as I hate that term (hair color has nothing to do with anything in the brain) I have to confess. I had a complete and utter blonde moment this weekend, and I JUST realized it this morning.

I made 9 valentines. They are all adorable.
I carefully carried them downstairs with their envelopes and the colored pens. Put them on the counter next to the address book and stamps and went to get the camera.
Got distracted.
Came back, addressed the envelopes, stuffed them, stamped them.

I promised photos of them. I didn’t take any. I realized it today as I was dropping the local ones in the post box.

I have one left, for home delivery. I swear I will get a photo of that one for you all.

Because I know you are dying to see them.

off the camera

These were on the camera – not too old, though, I think they are all this year!

get well outside This is the outside of a get well card I made for a friend – it’s the second one I have made like this, I think it is a cheerful way to say hope things straighten out soon. 🙂

get well inside
the inside of the card

big girls in baskets
Love the cats and their baskets! the day we got them, they both fit easily into the basket on the left. As you can see, Allie takes up the whole thing by herself now.

long wip
can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of this when it was done, but I did! Zumba helped me get this shot, which was near the end of the project.

altered doily card
Non-traditional valentine, doilies altered with walnut spray ink and shimmer spray. Double hearts wood painted with acrylic paints.

quilted cards
a quilted valentine

quilted card open
the valentine open

As promised, a few photos of stuff I have made or done.

I bet you can tell I cleaned off the camera.

The infamous Estonian lace shawl, being blocked. S l o w l y drying in the humid summer air.
art project in process
next step
Ta-da! Finished. Now, someday to paint the guest room and hang it 

The floor grille that started it all
A’s office – all painted. Not all unpacked.
Office window. Are curtains the next home dec project in here?