Quick post to say that now I know that spring has arrived – the first hummingbird arrived on Saturday – tired and hungry.  I had the feeder up in time this year – hurrah!  And it is good as nothing delicious for him is blooming yet, though the quince is close and will be in flower by the weekend, I think.

And the phoebes with their pretty songs and bobbing tails are back, wondering how to get into that nesting spot we blocked off three years ago. And one did fly into the glass of the storm door, but he flew off again, and we put the screens up so he won’t do that again – at least on that window.

Also, Sunday night we saw a barred owl snacking on the side of the road not too far from home.  We hope it is our friend Barry whom we thought was killed by a car, but we don’t know for sure (not having been formally introduced).  He hasn’t been back to his tree overlooking the feeders in a while.  I wish he would come back, the squirrels are getting too cheeky.

But the really big news?

Our first ever cardinal!  He stopped by to check out the feeder last night close to dusk.  A spotted him, telling me there was some kind of red bird in the tree.  I said, without looking, “Purple finch?  They have been around all week” and she said no, it was brighter red.  That got me moving!  I have seen a pair of them occasionally a few miles away, and our neighbor said she has them occasionally at her feeder, but we had never seen one.  I don’t know if he will be back, but he was here once, so there is hope.

The weather might still be cold and raw, but the birds are believing that it will warm up.  I am with them.




Oops, almost forgot the Friday list!

I had so many things to do this morning that I just got up and started doing them, never wrote the list down for all of you. And I know how my scintillating Friday lists are eagerly awaited by the blogosphere.

Here it is:

PO, of course
Grocery store
Pet food store
sew on E’s last skirt
swim in pool
wait for Humidex Man

Not too exciting as lists go, yet something about it made me want to get up and get going. Well, that and the Humidex man said he would be here around 3, and the banking had to be done in Ellsworth, so I knew I wanted to be there when the bank opened, and do the grocery shopping while I was there, at the big store that has everything, and get to the PO while the counter was open, because I really was hoping my package from Nancy’s Notions would arrive, so I could finish MY skirt, too.

Anyway, it all went as planned, although I was early to Ellsworth, so went to the grocery store first, but then opening the accounts a t the bank took a really long time and so I had to hurry through the pet food store and the PO, and where I might have wanted to make a detour to the Craft Barn, I didn’t dare – I had ice cream! I did have it packed in the cooler, but that won’t keep it cold forever.

So by noon time, I had accomplished all of the errand type things on the list, except the laundry, and now I can settle in to await the Humidex man.

What on earth? Well, it’s a whole house dehumidifier!!!! If nothing else, this lovely damp weather has made us realize that we really do need dit. The portable unit we had was not designed for this, and it tried hard until it died from over work. As each summer day goes by, the basement starts to smell more and more like a basement. Not good! So we got some advice, and Humidex was recommended. Nearest distributor? New YORK! We were not excited about that, but they called last night, they have a guy reasonably close (well, in Maine, anyway) and he can come out TODAY to check it out and drop off the unit, and have his installer come within the next week to put it in. Can you believe it?? I know it won’t go this smoothly, really, but when it is in, I know I will be so much happier when we have these muggy days.

Once he is done, I will head for the pool and the yard. Things are starting to grow at last – we have had our pea pods for a few nights now, I think they will be coming along fast now. Stir fry for dinner tomorrow! And I have had the best lettuce ever this year, I think I am actually getting real heads of it. It always got too hot before it got big enough before. Radishes are just OK. Carrots aren’t really growing, but I guess they will eventually. The tomatoes are FINALLY settled in and seem to be growing. I have a few blossoms on them. Potatoes are doing very well, and the beans have blossoms. So I am about to have a whole lot of things ready to eat! the asparagus is doing very well in its box – the first spears ferned out and were lovely, if sparse. Not the screen I had hoped for. The cosmos I interplanted was very slow to grow as well, but I noticed it is really moving along now, and some of the dwarf variety has buds. But more exciting than that – the asparagus is sending up many more spears, and I think it will fill in nicely. Can’t wait for a few more years to go by so I can eat that! Yum.
Roses are having a great time, ones I have had for years that never did anything are blooming their fool heads off. And today it is pleasant to sit on the deck and smell them. At last!

Mrs. Phoebe is still sitting on her second batch of egg,,s no signs of hatching when I checked on her this morning. I hope that this crew does well.

Well, anyway, I had better get upstairs to the sewing machine, or I won’t be mailing any little skirts out tomorrow, and I told my sister I would… and my box from Nancy’s DID come, so I can check out my new hem marker. I’ll let you know how it goes.

my office window is a bird feeder

And it is a little alarming!

The big giant floodlight is over my window, so every morning I come in to find my window screen covered with moths. And by eleven, they are gone.

Eaten by the dive bombing birds. It is a little distracting, and sometimes alarming, to have birds flying in, landing on the screen, dive bombing the moths and paying absolutely no attention the person sitting just the other side of things, giving a start each time.

So far today I have had grackles, blue jays, and phoebes feasting at my window.

When the moths are gone, they sit in the trees and chatter and tweet and sing.

One morning I came in to find the ground covered with luna moth wings. THAT upset me. Probably 10-15 luna moths were eaten by something bigger. I know it is the way of things, but I have to think that if we did not have the big light on, they might not have been here ready to be food.

Of course, I am the first one to speak up if that light is off, as 9 months of the year, I leave after dark. But maybe for the other three, we could turn it off?

In case you think I have just been grumpy these past two days

(Well, actually, I have been, but…) I took these photos of some things in my yard that I love. I wish I could post the delicious scent of this rugosa rose that I have growing outside my bedroom window. It smells so heavenly; I can smell it all over the yard.

And while I was out taking those photos, I worked to get as good a shot as possible of our baby birds. Still not very good, but better! There are definitely at least three of them in the little nest.

white beach rose bush

white beach rose

phoebe babaies 3

Phoebe eggs hatched!

I went down cellar this morning to unlock the door for the plumber (who is supposed to be here today, please God, I miss hot water) and I looked at the little nest the phoebe’s built on the support tot he deck – I know there were at least three eggs in it, because I can see it if I work hard from the deck above, but today it was just full of fluff! Fluff that moved and had little mouths. And mama was swooping in to feed hungry little birds. I saw at least two heads, got really bad video and not much better photos, I’ll try to do better tomorrow – wish I had thought to wash that window before she sat on her eggs.

Anyway, we are very happy to have them born, and can’t wait for them to fledge, as we want to use the deck!

Foggy Sunday

The weatherman finally got it right – it is a lovely, foggy day, soft and gray. Perfect for planting!
wet deck 2

I have gotten lots of things done around outside this weekend – I think everything that can be planted yet is, and all of the house plants are cleaned up and out on the deck. I hope it stays gray for a few days while they get used to being outside.
wet deck

The pool is getting near to full, just have to put the ladder in, and bring the outside chairs out of the cellar, and the yard is looking good for the summer. Sister-in-law L has promised to come over one day this week while we are at work and do some more weeding/raking – she is an angel!

I am disappointed that the cherries are blooming now, I wish they could have waited a few days longer, they look so pretty right now (sorry about the blurry photo), and they won’t next week when everyone is here to see them.

Other news of our outdoor world – a phoebe has built a nest on one of the deck supports under the deck that the cats go out on. Not sure why she chose to build right there, but it has made for some interesting moments out with the kids. I spoke with Mom about it – how long should we leave her in peace, and Mom suggested we don’t, until she is sitting on the nest, in the hopes that she decides to move it. So we go out, and the phoebe protests until we give up and go in. It is quite funny, the cats have no idea there is a nest right beneath their feet, but they certainly know they are being scolded and dive bombed. They sit and watch out the door for hours, and are thrilled when we open it and let them on the deck.
watching the birds
And while I was out on the deck potting things, the first humming bird of the season buzzed by! A sprightly brightly dressed male, happy that I hung the feeders last week. It is truly spring at last!