Pet Peeve time

Reply all.  Have I written about it before?  I really hate it.

Seriously, people, why?  Yesterday a lovely email went out to EIGHTY people letting us know that one of the eighty had been recognized for some amazing accomplishments.  I wrote to the person and congratulated her.  That leaves SEVENTY-EIGHT people who hit reply all and said “Congratulations!” or “Good job!” or something else that I don’t need to read or know about.

My inbox hates each and every one of them.

I make a practice of rarely using reply all.  It is like the girl with the curl on her forehead.  When it is good, it is very very good and when it is bad, it is horrid.

Just saying.  Feel free to comment and agree or disagree.  🙂



A recurring theme…


Terry Gross did it again last night on one of my favorite radio programs, Fresh Air.

“If you are just joining us, my guest tonight is Toni Morrison.”

Deep, deep sigh.

For those of us listening to the whole show, who is your guest? Someone else?

The construction “if…then” has two parts, with a basic understanding that “if not, then something different”.

So, how about this, Terry Gross, and all the other offenders?

“My guest tonight is Toni Morrison.”  No need for extra words, conclusions, conditions. Just tell us what you want to tell us. Don’t try to get all fancy.

Here’s another one –  “I am in the conference room if anyone is looking for me.”

I hear it all the time at work.  If I know the person can take it, I will ask them where they will be if no-one is looking for them.  🙂

I am in the conference room.  If anyone asks, please tell them where I am. If they don’t, then do what you want about it.

Best advice ever?

Stuck in my mind…

“stay inside and keep your walkways clear.”

What, do we have shoveling robots?

I heard this last week during a storm Juno news talk fest, which brings up a big pet peeve…news people who don’t listen to what they are saying, just talk talk talk.

Phoenix Arizona Day 1

I guess the title is really a misnomer, it should maybe read “Airplanes Day 1” because that is where I spent most of the day.

Got up at 2 am, was out of the house by 2:30. I hated getting up, but traveling that time of day sure is nice – I cut half an hour off the drive time to Portland, simply because I could go the speed limit the whole way. I was parked and in the terminal by 4:45, bag checked, nothing to do but grab a bite and sit and wait.

Flew US Air (or some partner thereof) to Philly. Plane was full, but it was comfortable, relatively short flight. Of course where we landed and where I had to go were pretty far apart – I felt like I walked half way to Phoenix just getting to the gate. But I made it in plenty of time to sit and knit a bit. My only complaint? I paid $25 to check a bag, but as the plane was full, they were checking bags for free at the gate, because they wouldn’t all fit in the overhead compartments. I think I will give that a shot on the way home, and ask for a refund for today, while I am at it. What is up with that??? Pretty lousy policy, if you ask me. The whole charging to check bags drives me nuts anyway. I can see charging for HEAVY bags, or MANY bags, but it seems that one should be free.

The plane from Philadelphia to Phoenix was also full – not so nice, it was bigger and it seemed like the seats were smaller, so the poor middle seat guy wasn’t very comfortable. I tried to snooze, but it is hard to sit still for 4.5 hours, yet getting up was not a choice for me, too many crowded people. This is why I dislike traveling alone. I would have bugged A and stood up if she had been with me. 

Most of the way across the country, we had beautiful weather, but the pilot warned us light rain in Phoenix. It was a pretty rough descent, but a very smooth landing. One of those ones where you are in the clouds until the last minute, and you hope like heck that the instruments really are working, and that the runway is dead ahead. They were and it was.

So, got my bag back, and found a taxi. Was pleased that the driver was listening to a local NPR affiliate, so I got some world news. And the local weather – heavy rain and flash flood warnings! Now, for crying out loud, this is the desert!!!! Must my rainy weather follow me everywhere?

I was able to check into my room, which is pleasant enough, nothing special, no fridge, but otherwise has everything I need, and got settled, then went downstairs to get some lunch, which was very nice indeed at the hotel restaurant – I had a simple salad with chicken, but the veggies were all locally sourced, and it showed. Yum. Called A, who was just getting home from work, and realized I had not reset my watch. So, my body thinks it is nearly 7, but here it is nearly 4. This is going to really stink around 2 am local time….

I asked at the desk about what I could see on a rainy day within walking distance. Apparently – nothing. No shopping, parks aren’t an option as I didn’t bring a rain coat. I can hardly believe it. I wonder who usually stays at all these hotels? There are a lot of them right around me. Is there that much call for business travelers here? Interesting. Maybe they all rent cars. I am too cheap to do that when I will be in workshops until 5 every day.

Another sad thing is that the Phoenix Mercury (professional women’s basketball team) are not playing at home this week. Here I am all the way in Arizona, and they are playing a couple of road games. Sigh.

But I did check out the license plates on the way over from the airport, and see that Arizona has some really pretty, different ones. Not the one we always see at home. Now, to spot a Wyoming or Idaho plate. I might have to go cruising somehow.

And I do have a list of yarn shops for potential exploration …

But first, I think a nap is in order.

Pet Peeve

Hughes net, dear Hughes net. We have used the service for the 5+ years now that we have lived in the house. A couple of years ago, the internet slowed down and they told us we needed a new modem. We paid for it, got it, the internet was normal again. Until the last few weeks. It has been slower, a bit more intermittent, until this week when it was ridiculous.

Being trained well by Microsoft, we unplugged, waited ten seconds, plugged in again. This would work for a bit.

Friday, it got really bad, and of course, A needed to log on to do her work. In frustration, she finally went to the office, so I didn’t see her again until dinner time.

I got on the phone with Hughes net support.

A man who understood English very well, and spoke it well but with a thick Indian accent and very softly went to work on my account. He was performing tests, he had me log off, log on, connect directly to the modem, etc, all of which had time lags, during which time, he told me we needed to upgrade our service to “Gen 4” which is on their newest satellite, blah blah blah.

Of course the whole time, the internet is working just fine, thank you.

We continued to run speed tests, while he continued to give me all the details of the fabulous offer (essentially the same price, but I get all sorts of faster service, more gigs, etc.)

I finally asked him why on earth I would get a new service when they couldn’t get the service I was already paying for to be reliable?

He had no answer for that one, and I finally told him I would think about it, but would not commit now. We hung up. Within seconds, the internet was down again.

Is it me or are they doing that on purpose to make me sign up for the new service? And why would they do that if it truly costs the same?

letter to NPR

Dear NPR –

Are you listening? Because I was today, and I heard a teaser for a news bit. Desk jobs increase our risk of dying.


Our risk of dying is EXACTLY the same as it was the day we were born. 100%. It will never change. No matter how sedentary or full of risk our employment is, it remains the same every day of our life.

So please, NPR, and all you other blabbers on TV and radio – pay attention to what you are saying. If you mean it increases our risk of dying prematurely, then say so! Do not leave out the modifier. It’s important.



E? or D? It matters.

“I will draw you 1 PROFESSIONAL fashion sketch of dresses you want or need for weeding or others special occasions for $5”

I saw this on, and I just had to laugh. The dresses I wear for weeding have never required anything like a professional drawing… in fact, I can’t recall wearing dresses for weeding, although my grandmother used to.

And this also seems to assume that weeding is one of my special occasions, but that weeding is not special for other people. Interesting concept… I don’t think of weeding as being that special. But maybe it is a cultural thing?

One more

oh yeah.  And what is this about “This weather is brought to you by Stanley Subaru”?

Of course it isn’t.  If this were true, then I would expect better weather.

It is the weather FORECAST that is brought to us by Stanley Subaru,  duh.

pet peeves

Influential people.  People that others listen to.  The ones who say “you can reduce your risk of dying by…”

I have heard this at least three times recently – well, heard it twice, read it once.  Dr Oz in AARP magazine.  Dr Besser on ABC News, and someone I can’t recall, on NPR.

Now, I understand that what they were talking about is if you do this step, you will reduce your risk of dying of this one thing.  But what they SAY is if you do this one step, you reduce your risk of dying.  Period.

Well pardon me, but I think that no matter what you do, your risk of dying is 100%.  Isn’t it? 

I wish they would pay attention to what they are saying.

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