Ides of November

It’s been a while since I wrote – partly because things were pretty boring, I was just knitting and letting my knees recover from that long bike ride, and then because things got so busy and crazy that I didn’t have time! Well, they are still busy and crazy, but I have bits of time, so thought I would get you caught up on what’s been going on here. Not too much crafting beyond knitting – I did send a box of hats, etc off to nest maine last week, at last! And I have knit a few things for some of the November birthdays, which I hope the recipients will like. Also made a bunch of cards for those same people. 🙂 But haven’t worked at all on the Christmas cards that I started months ago. Better get on that, I guess. Right now I am knitting a sleeveless sweater vest for myself, from my stash – pretty basic one I have a pattern for in a totally different yarn. I like how it is looking with the Brown Sheep Company Lamb’s Pride I am using. I haven’t worked with Lamb’s Pride in along time, I forgot how smoothly it knits up. Mom and I took a knitting class at Halcyon Yarn in Bath a few weeks ago – it was fun. The teacher has a great eye for color and style, and shared many tips about how to redo patterns so they actually fit. Encouraged us to just do what we liked, not what the pattern calls for, and told us how to do it. And she told us about lifelines. How can I have been knitting for 40 years or more and never heard of them? They would have made that lace shawl go much faster, it might even be done by now!! Next time I pick that up and can get to the right number of stitches, I will definitely be using a lifeline or two. 🙂

Mom and I also went down to CT last weekend to visit nieces B, C and C – B was in her high school musical so that was fun to see. She was great – on stage a lot, singing beautifully, seemed to know all her lines backwards and forwards (yes, sir!) Younger C did lights for it, and they seemed to go up and down as they were supposed to, which is good. We saw older C’s house and met her roommate, had lunch with her, also was fun. Then we went to see Ma, which is always nice. She seemed to know who we were, and paid a lot of attention to the conversation for a while, but then seemed to doze off. I guess that is good for 102, but it is still hard to see.

Mom and I enjoyed our few days in the Marriott in Hartford – pool, hot tub, room service, we felt very spoiled. Got home Saturday, and Sunday went with A to have brunch with her family, to see the PA nephew and family, and of course, the Maine relatives as well. Had a good time, the kids are all getting so big! Came home and decided to do some chores before hunkering down in front of the new big screen tv (oh yeah – did I mention, A finally got her wish and we got a large screen TV for the living room?)

One of those chores was to put netting on the new deck off the bedroom so the cat can go out there without falling off. We got it done, and then realized we had gotten locked out. So, with no phone or key, we had two choices – break the glass on the door or jump down. We decided jumping was a better bet. We knew we could stand on the ground and touch the deck, so we thought we could hang down and jump, but it was harder than we thought! Eventually, A got brave and dropped down. She landed totally wrong and broke her ankle. So there I was on the deck, and there she was lying on the ground. I was afraid if I jumped, I would either land on her or get hurt also. Or both. So she crawled around and let me in, then we took her to the hospital. We sat there in Ellsworth for a few hours while they xrayed her, made her comfortable and called in the surgeon. Around 6 oclock they took her and operated, while I raced home to feed the cat and gather up a few things for her. She came through fine, stayed overnight, and we came home yesterday. It was really awful getting home and into the house, and although we were both exhausted, she didn’t sleep well last night. Buit today the pain seems more manageable, the pills are working better. Which means, she will be bored lying around watching TV at any moment…

So. I will be home for a few weeks, working as best I can on the computer, fetching and carrying for my hero, A. Maybe I will find some time to do some crafts and actually take photos of the finished product? If so, I will be sure to let you know!

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