Are you missing your humidity?

I think I found it.  Just tell me where to send it, I will be glad to hand deliver it.

The mugginess is back.  I noticed it yesterday – got up early, thought it felt nice and cool, went out to water the gardens, and came back in absolutely dripping wet.  Not from the hose.  It wasn’t hot, but the air is just overwhelmingly full of water.

So, I didn’t do any more gardening.  I really have to get moving on working on it, but I am feeling uninspired.  Instead, I just kept spinning and knitting.

Frieze cowl is nearly done, just need to finish the ribbon and knit the cord.



I like it, mostly.  I don’t like the visible jog at the end of the row.  I think I know how to fix it on the next one. It will be on the side or back of the garment so I can live with this one.  Not ripping it out and doing it again.

I made the large, and it is taking the whole of the navy blue skein (color A) and likely a bit more.  Luckily I was able to buy more, and it is a color I will happily use again. I also got some different colors to make a few more.  I will make them smaller, and shorter.  I think that will make them more useful to people.

I did lots of spinning, as Tour de Fleece (TDF) demands…or inspires.

This spin is a fun one.  I want to make a nice thick yarn, and I have 7 ounces, combined, of these two braids.  The Three Waters Farm one was a gift from a friend, and the Purple Fleece one I had purchased.  I spotted it deep in my stash as I was digging about, and I thought they would look fine spun up together.  The Purple Fleece one (Sweet Dreamz) is 3 ounces, so I had to augment that half of the spin with a little bit of the TWF (Iron Blue), but I think when they are plied together it will just be blue. I am calling it Sweet Iron Blue Dreamz.


Here is my end of day Saturday shot:


And my end of day Sunday shot


This is once again BFL and silk, and I do love it.  Spinning thick yarn is a challenge for me, I expect I have too much twist in most of it, and it is not particularly even.  But I have the wheel on the largest whorl, and I am trying to remember to treadle slowly.  Whatever it is, I know I will love it and be happy with it.  With 7 ounces, I should get enough yardage to do something fun with it.  And I should get it this week.  I finished filling this bobbin this morning, so will ply tonight, then refill both bobbins.  That should get me to the end of TDF.  And I then I will be spinning up some of the great rovings of the month I have been collecting from the Purple Fleece.  I think I am meeting my goal to spin more than comes in, yet I seem to not be keeping up with spinning the most recent ones.  I get distracted by stash.  Then I see what my fellow spinners do with the braids, and I wonder why I put it off. 🙂  I need more hours in a day, I think. (I just checked Ravelry.  I actually am ROCKING the whole spin more than comes in thing.  I have started and finished 11 braids since January 1, this will be the twelfth. And only 7 have come in, so I am down 5 from stash! We won’t talk about how I am doing with using up yarn, lol) )

Other than this, I did NOT MUCH this weekend, in the way of chores.  I did finish up the laundry, and I did clean the bathrooms, you will be happy to know.  I did go to Whorls and Purls (SUCH a chore – not!) and the grocery store ( a bigger chore each week – here comes a rant – the clueless tourists have shown up.  Our store has very narrow aisles.  If you stop in the middle to get something, all flow in the store stops.  Natives know this and pull over so people can pass.  Tourists, operating as the center of the universe, do not know, nor do they observe everyone standing around staring at them while they look for something you can’t get here. They frequently get annoyed if you ask them if they would mind moving over.  And then you meet them at each aisle. I do see why old time Mainers referred to tourists as “summer complaints”  Kinda like black flies. )

Sunday evening, I had to attend a fundraiser to take photos for work.  It was an absolutely lovely event, and I think I got some fun photos. While I was there, the rain held off, though it sprinkled.  After I left, I guess it really rained, and so volunteers were bustling about holding umbrellas over the wait staff.  I probably should have stayed longer to get that photo!  But all the patrons were under cover, so I think they had fun.

Now it is Monday, and I got to go to work and sit in an air conditioned office, and so life is good!