yesterday was a sad day

I drained the pool. I put it off as long as I could, but yesterday was sunny and warm, and it was probably the last day like that. And draining the pool means getting soaked, it is no fun to do in the cold. So I did it. It means that summer is truly over. Yes, I can go to the lake and go for a swim if we have a hot day. Yes, I have gone swimming in October. Although, maybe not in Maine. 🙂 But not having the big blue bubble in the backyard means that summer is over. No matter what else happens.

So for me, it is the saddest day. Summer is my favorite season, no matter how hot and muggy. No matter how cold and rainy. I love it.

I like fall, I really do. Crisp days? Bright blue skies? Fabulous. But it isn’t summer, and when it is fall, summer is as far away as it can be.

I hate having it dark when I go for my walk in the morning. I hate having it dark when I go to work in the morning and when I get home at night. In the summer, it is light when I get up in the morning and light when I go to bed at night. I love that. That is 9 months away.

So I am sad.