last weekend in review

I think I have lots of last Friday’s list left for this weekend… but some things got done, and some fun was had.

I did get my eyes checked and ordered new lenses for my glasses. I also ordered a single vision pair, with the reading prescription – a new necessity for me. I have always been able to read without my glasses, but one eye is getting bad enough that it has become impossible. And with progressive lenses, it is tough to read lying down. So, special bedtime reading glasses. I feel sort of old…

I did a little work on the pool prep, I am thinking I may not finish it. Ever. I may rethink my process and just buy sand to put down. Hate to do that, we have so much sandy gravel here, everywhere we look.

I did get the shrub planted, and a few small plants, but still no potatoes. I might not get a big harvest this year if I don’t get cracking.

No cards made yet, but I don’t need those until Saturday, so I have time, right?

I did manage to finish altering and putting together the new cart from IKEA. It is a light turquoise color. It wasn’t bad, but there was too much of it, so I sprayed the framework a teal color, in a satin finish. It tones down all the high gloss brightness. The cart had to be thoroughly inspected of course, and now resides beside the sofa with all manner of knitting things in its three levels. Coffee table now actually has room for a dish or a glass or a laptop, simply amazing.

ikea cart

ikea cart cat scan 2

ikea cart cat scan 1

Sunday, Mom and I took step-brother J to Monhegan for the day. It was a gorgeous day, and we had a good time. Except for the part of the hike where the easy path merged with the difficult path. That was a short rough patch, but Mom and I survived it, although we were then hot and sweaty and maybe a little cranky. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ice cream and a rest fixed that, and we enjoyed the sunshine on the island that for me has usually provided plenty of rain. It was tough to get up the next day for work, but I wasn’t as sore as I had expected – I just wanted more days off!

monhegan june 2014

Last thing to update you on is sock knitting – pair number 15 is cruising along. This is the yarn I won in the Socks With Sarah giveaway in May – “under the mistletoe” is the name of the color. It is bright and cheery, and is knitting up very differently than I expected! I think I will use the Hermione sock stitch pattern on the leg to break up the stripes a bit. I love the colors, these socks are going to make some winter days more cheerful, without a doubt.

sws #15 yarn

sws #15

That’s about it – done a bit of scarf knitting and square crocheting, but not much progress to show on that front.

See you Friday with a rainy day list!

Last of the Monhegan

Photos, that is!
A few of A and L

Family tradition โ€“ bunny ears.
family photo taking tradition

Me, ruining all the fun: “please donโ€™t, just for one photo, OK?”
monhegan gothic

10 seconds later

just smiling

A tired after a long day of walking, awaits her pizza dinner.

waiting for pizza

Flexible L focused and serious in her photo taking.

serious business

The industries of Monhegan – fishing, art, tourists are all captured here in one photo.
three industries in one

Monhegan views

More photos from last weekend – I did warn you I had lots to sort through!

view from our window 3

view from our window 2

view from our window 1

This is the view out our bedroom window – looking down on the deck, up at the lighthouse, and over toward town.

left view from lighthouse

middle view from the lighthouse

right view from lighthouse

This is the view from the lighthouse hill – I tried to get a panoramic view, but did not do a super job – use your imagination to stitch it together… ๐Ÿ™‚

Monhegan Fauna

More photos from last weekend –


a very short post, as we did not see a whole lot of wildlife with the camera nearby. But this pheasant followed us around the whole island – or maybe there are lots of pheasants there. ๐Ÿ™‚

library chicken

We did see lots of chickens, some roaming free. This one was outside the library.

friday list

It’s a good one!

-Get up
-Get dressed
-Get in car
– Drive to Owls Head to get Mom
-Drive to Port Clyde
-Get on boat
-Ride to Monhegan

We are all packed, except last-minute toiletries. I have my knitting (could not figure out how to bring the CAl project) and my book, a few travel games, and lots of extra socks and shirts. We are prepared for a rainy day Saturday, but the good news is, the forecast for Friday is just chance of showers. Saturday is chance of tropical storm remnants=100%. They say up to 3 inches of rain by Sunday morning. Sigh. I also brought extra shoes this year, I learned my lesson last year, getting the one pair soaked.

Watch for photos next week. Really.I swear I will take some. If any are decent, I will post.

GRRRRRR just heard the weekend forecast

This morning they said our weather this week will be drier and lovely, cooler than this past weekend, but that it looks like a showery weekend to come.

They have 5 days.

Fix it.

Friday we sail to Monhegan for three days. We do NOT want to squish around the island, thank you so much. Did that last year, prefer sunshine.