weekend update

it is only 2/3 complete, but it has been a good weekend thus far.


I stitched like crazy Friday and Saturday afternoons – such progress I made!

cross stitch 7


but alas, it is far from complete, and I had hoped to take it with me to my brother’s picnic today.  Oh well, I will keep working on it and send it along when it is finished.  So far I have found two places where I counted wrong.  One was bad enough to pull everything around i tout.  The other is one I think I can disguise when the rest of the background gets done.


Socks are coming along – I finished up the 20th pair in the car today (2.5 hours there, 2.5 hours back – long way to go for lunch!)

sws #20 finished

and cast on the 21st pair.

   sws #21


And that was just the start of it.  In addition to a healthy dose of yard work, I also finished cleaning out all the stitching magazines in the craft room.


Check it out!  That is a 2.5 inch binder, now full of clipped articles and patterns. It is all that remains of the magazines.  And all of those magazine holders which were jammed full are empty.  I have one that is less than half full of the things I saved.

clean out progress

Next up – knitting magazines.  I likely will not be as successful in emptying things, but I at least will get them organized and in date order. Then, a scary set – the paper crafting magazines. But lets not move too fast or it will seem overwhelming and nothing will happen.

But I have all week, right?

Other things that happened – we did go to my brother’s today – saw their brand new house, which they had built.  It is amazing to me how they got it all done before they moved in.  🙂  They have grass.  A paved driveway.  It’s a very large house – a bedroom for each kid – large ones at that, and a beautiful large master suite, with attached bath, dressing room, sitting area.  We lost count of the closets – there are dozens.  It is amazing.  And as Mom said “Well, it’s a nice house.  Not what I would choose, but it suits them.”  It has separate rooms for everything, where we have open space. But we haven’t got 5 people in our family.  🙂

Saw Dad and step mother S there – we rarely see them as they live so far away, but they came up for several days, apparently, and so we got to visit with them. They have Tigger’s two sisters, so that was a bit sad, hearing about them, and knowing Tig is no more. 

Also saw aunt V and cousins B and M, always fun to see them. They don’t live far away,relatively speaking, but we live very different lives so we don’t see each other often.


On the way home, we stopped in Augusta to shop at Staples – A needed a few things.  It happens to be right near AC Moore, so I had 20 minutes to race through the store.  I was really looking for a frame for the cross stitch – but I can’t do that in a hurry, I decided.  I did, however, grab a few small pads of 6 x 6 scrapbook paper for cards and a rubber stamp.  I also got 5 tiny little canvases for some multi-media art I want to try,.  We will see if it fares better than the last ones I did.

Tomorrow we hang about at home – if it is nice, A wants to go to the driving range in the morning, but otherwise we are home and puttering.  

One thing we are working on is technology.  We are actually going to hook up our wireless hub – no more long cords to the computers.  🙂  then the TV will be even more spectacular, and since DISH Satellite still has not resolved the contract issues with our local CBS, it will be great to be able to watch it online.

I did hook up an antenna to the TV up in the craft room, and so we do get the channel up there, but it is not comfortable for sitting and watching TV ( unless you are also crafting, of course!).  Not sure how we will resolve that, but we will before the new NCIS season starts.  Antenna did no good on the big TV in the living room, sadly.

I’ll keep  you posted on all  of our progress.  🙂



Yes, I really did this

Because my dear old blind cat Frankie was an indoor/outdoor cat in her prime, and an excellent, excellent hunter, I never fed the birds. It seemed cruel.

Now that Old Frankie is gone, and we have the new three, they are all indoor cats. So we have begun feeding the birds. It started a few years ago with humming-bird feeders. Then a suet feeder. Then, for Christmas, I got a “squirrel proof song bird feeder” by Audubon. I was sceptical, but I filled it up and sure enough, small song birds came to feed. But not many. My sister-in-law suggested filling it with black sunflower seeds. I did that, and mixed in a little thistle, because I had seen some goldfinches in the neighborhood.

Well, now we have lots and lots of birds around – chickadees and nut hatches and hummingbirds, mourning doves, three different sizes of woodpeckers (hairy, downy, and pileated) and some little birds that I think are tree swallows. We also have a gray squirrel who is determined to get into the suet, but I think I might have slowed him down on that score some by putting the post in a plant pot in the middle of the deck. I am sure he will figure it out, but it will take him a bit. And there are squirrel teeth marks in the top of the feeder, but so far, the lid clamps have held, and he can’t fit into the grid.

But the little chipmunk can.

Yep. I looked out today and he was noshing away on those sunflower seeds. I rapped on the window and he left, briefly. The next time, I picked up a protesting Zumba and we went out. She was wild to get down, and vocal. I didn’t put her down, but Mr. Chipmunk got the message – he should hide for a few minutes.

Next time, I went out with a squirt bottle. He looked right at me and dared me. So I squirted him. Not just until he left the feeder, but when he scurried on the ground. Nailed him a few times too. Then I sat quietly, and when he returned, I did it again. Three times before the black flies found me.

Meanwhile, A sat on the couch laughing at me.
But she won’t be laughing if it works.

Also, something got a mourning dove. I think a hawk or something because all that was left was feathers, sometime last evening or this morning. So maybe it is cruel to feed the birds even when I don’t have a mighty hunter of a cat on the prowl?

In spite of my work, the cats still love their live “theater” – they sit and watch all the activity for hours.

Come to think of it, so do we…

Home again

Yeah! It feels good to be home. Cats aren’t admitting they noticed I was gone or care. They are cats. A was happy to see me.

Yesterday was one of our anniversaries, the 5th anniversary of our commitment ceremony. Amazing! Monday is our first wedding anniversary – even MORE amazing. And we have been together 12 years. How time flies.

And she still is happy when I come home. 🙂

While I was gone, the cherry trees filled out with some leaves and blossoms, and a bunch of tulips started blooming. I’ll get some photos of the little bulb patch, it is very colorful! One daffodil, 9 red tulips, and a bunch of purple muscari.

The mountain laurel and lilac I ordered last winter arrived, I will have to figure out where to put them until the siding gets put on the porch. When I ordered them, I thought construction would be done by now hahahahahahahaha. I’ll probably pot the laurel and wait, but find a different home for the lilac and get another next year.

The cushion I ordered for the porch swing also arrived, so I will now be able to make the swing. I am making it out of pallets, and wanted to have it and the cushion match. Seemed easier than finding a cushion to fit, later. Maybe I will get to work on that in the next few weeks.

Since yesterday was a road trip day, today I have many household chores to do, and a work bowling thing to go to this afternoon, followed by a trip to the grocery store in Ellsworth and a dinner out to celebrate all of these anniversaries. Kind of an eclectic day! And yes, there will be knitting. Since I finished those challenging challenge socks Thursday night, I have knit almost a complete sock in my old standby pattern. Photos of all to come later on this weekend. 🙂

Just spent some time updating Ravelry photos

Which made me realize all the things I have been knitting but perhaps not sharing. Lots of socks!

Here are Socks with Sarah pairs number 6, 7, and 8 complete, and 9 half complete. Now that I have memorized this pattern and can do it almost without looking, Sarah has challenged us to try something new, and maybe win a fabulous prize! So pair number ten will be knit two at a time. And maybe I will change up the leg pattern as well…. but I am not giving up my toe up work, I love it so much, and the heels fit so much better than traditionally worked heels.

Last photo is not of a sock! Zumba had to help me photograph my latest Laura Nelkin knit necklace project – ribband in red and orange. I think Zumba really just likes my pretty new Charleston tray, don’t you? She wouldn’t care about yarn and beads. 🙂

Wait a minute, what did you say?

You didn’t see anything on my Friday list about updating Ravelry or posting here about socks?

I think that part was in invisible ink. Off to the hardware store now… really I am.

sws #6b

sws #7 complete

sws#8 on feet

sws #9

crafty cat 2

I cleaned off the camera again!

It actually has WIP photos, and more exciting, photos of my mail today! I had a notice for a package earlier this week, so stopped to get it today. Surprise – there were 2! Both were giveaways from wonderful blogs I enjoy. What a great day!
Angela from Pretty Little Things in a Box sent a package of postcards, washi tape and an adorable stamp all the way from Singapore! And Denise from the Wonder of Yarrow House sent me a canvas, a set of acrylic artist paints and a pack of brushes. Can you believe it? A whole artist starter set. Plus, she added to my refrigerator magnet collection! I always pick up a magnet from places I visit, and we are going to So Carolina in a MONTH. She sent magnet from there, so I already have my souvenir.

These ladies have sent me great tools to have lots of creative fun, and I can’t wait to start messing around!


mail! part 2

mail! part 3

mail! part 4

Sock update photo – one sock complete, the other cast on. I do love these FUNdamental socks, but I have to stop making them. How many pairs do I need? I promise, my next pair will be different.
But I really love them.

sws#5 halfway!

Then there is more jewelry knitting – this time it is Laura Nelkin’s Ribband. I can’t get the colors right – the silk is a very slight off white, the beads are pale pink cut glass and blush seed beads. It is pretty and if it is sunny Sunday (lol) I’ll take an outdoor photo.

below are flash and flashless photos. It is so sparkly, but you can’t tell. 😦
ribband flash

ribband in progress

ribband no flash

And it wouldn’t be my camera if it didn’t have a cat photo or two. This week, it was Tigger who was cute. Here’s a picture of what happens when I pull a fleece blanket on my lap in preparation for knitting. Every night.

relaxed Tigger

And this is what happens every evening when A takes off her shoes. Tigger LOVES stinky feet, can you imagine? She is so ecstatic she falls over and rubs against them. In this immodest and slightly blurry shot, you can see that her incision is all healed up. Her fur is just at the fuzzy stage of regrowth. She is glad it will soon get warmer, she definitely feels the chill.

Tigger and the stinky foot

That’s all I shot this week!

Looking forward to Saturday – second week of beading class, this time my niece B will join me as we learn (I hope) to make earrings.

Love love love weekends…. 🙂

rippled, ruffled, finished objects with cat

Here are some shots of the Laura Nelkin rippled necklaces I have been knitting these days. As usual, hard to get shots of the shimmery beads without washing out the color. (But I am getting better!) The only ones not shiny are the black beads in the black and tan. I kind of like the change to matte.

black and tan 2

in progress

pile of ripples

pink and gray

Socks are pair number four of the Socks With Sarah KAL, made with Cascade Heritage sock yarn. The Tosh Sock Stargazing is pair number 5, which is coming right along, almost to the heel on the first sock.
sws#4 complete

Can’t let you go without a shot of Zumba, enjoying the sunnier weather and bird feeder action. She’s not a baby anymore!


Weekend Update

bird feeder and squirrel
The view from the couch – not that I spent a lot of time on the couch this weekend – yea! When I cleaned out the bird feeder the other day, I dumped the old seed out on the railing, thinking the mourning doves would like that. Don’t know if they do or not, but this fellow joined the chickadees. He spent some time trying to break into the suet and the feeder (unsuccessfully), but finally went with the low hanging fruit.
meanwhile, Zumba
Meanwhile, Zumba kept a close watch on him. Not sure what she would have done if I let her out, but I suspect he would have survived.

… Yesterday was planned to be a typical Saturday with some chores, some crafts, some Olympics. But a call in the morning from our dear friend B (aka Crimson Crow) changed that, and we met her for a late breakfast at the Riverside Cafe in Ellsworth, then she came over for a visit, to see what’s new here and play some games. It is always good to see her. And as she follows this blog, she and A were teasing me about it, and why I think anyone cares what I do each day. I am not sure why you all do, but I am glad you do! But as promised, B, you are featured here again. And you didn’t even have to rescue me from a dead snake.

Knitting progress –

The light still wasn’t great Friday, but it was on my list, so I took some photos. Zumba helped, as you can see. Here is the vest in progress, and the completed pair 3 of Socks with Sarah. Pair number 4 is in progress, but I frogged what I did last week, and redid it in a smaller size. The yarn, Cascade Heritage, was a lot looser than the Tosh Sock. I am quite happy with the new size now, and have made good progress, just turned the first sock heel. Only 48 stitches in a row – they fly!

lopi vest

sws #3 complete with Zumba

Today I spent some time up in the craft room with Allie and blue paint while A vacuumed (we all have our chores, hee hee hee). I am playing with a tray I want to do in a mosaic tile/sea glass. I keep changing my mind about it, so mostly I just keep painting it. 🙂

I also am thinking about a few more of the collage pieces like I did this summer with niece C. I like how mine came out, and I wonder if they would make nice gifts? I need a housewarming gift for my brother this spring, and so am toying with what that would look like. Also, spring birthday season is nearly upon us, so I need to make a pile of birthday cards.

Last chore up there was to start the clearing/cleaning/organizing. I made a tiny bit of progress today – got the last of the Christmas card rubble cleaned up. 🙂 I know it will be slow progress, because it is overwhelming, and I don’t have systems in place for everything, which is why it looks like it does. I need to really see what is there and create the organizational systems to deal with it. But as I clean, I get distracted, because I find things I want to work on.

Friday list

Good morning! Thanks to the weather, my list today is back to normal!

I was supposed to be doing taxes in Milbridge (an hour away) but yesterday, my volunteer and I decided with the forecast for some of everything but sun, we would postpone to the 7th. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Then, last night as A and I were talking about our day, I asked her if there was anything in particular she wanted me to get done, and she said “Would you spend some time in the craft room? Allie really needs some loving.” Allie will only cuddle in the craft room, for some odd reason. Whenever I go up there, the first half hour is spent with her. Can you believe it? She ASKED me to spend a chunk of time up there. I’ll try to fit that in. 🙂

Other than that, I have to take Tigger to the vet to get her staples out, go to the PO for the mail, clean the pellet stove, knit on my KAL socks, do some laundry and putter around the house picking up. I might fit a nap in there somewhere, too. I feel a lot better this morning, but not 100% yet. I also want to try to get some decent photos of the third pair of socks complete, and the fourth pair on the needles. Trying to do a better job of that for here and also to keep Ravelry more up to date.

day 4 on the couch

and I think it will be the last. Not only because I am feeling a bit better, but because I am getting a case of cabin fever.

I have watched about thirty hours of Olympics and knit hundreds of yards…. and slept many hours. This bug is a tough one – all weekend, the 4 hour meds lasted about three hours, so I felt a bit better for about 2… then it went down hill until I could take another dose, then wait an hour for it to kick in.

That’s how I can tell I am getting better – the four-hour meds are lasting just about four hours. By tomorrow, I hope I can go longer between doses.

So, I have been taking lessons from Tigger and lounging about in front of the fire and TV. I think A was very patient with me this weekend, but probably she was bored to tears. She went to work early this morning. 🙂

Here’s what I got done with my knitting this weekend – nothing is completely finished, but much progress! Necklaces need clasps sewn on them, then they will be done. I am almost up to the underarm on the vest, and I am on the leg of the second sock. Already thinking about the next pair. 🙂

couch medley

Oh, and guess what? Yep, more snow coming today and tonight. But only 3 inches or so. Just enough to require still more shoveling and plowing. Ugh.

Here’s a cute photo to finish with – Allie Cat loves to chase the computer cursor. She was thrilled to find the computer on the couch this weekend. But where is the cursor?

allie on computer

the view from the couch

After doing taxes yesterday in spite of knowing better, today is a lay-low day.

I got up, moved to the couch, surrounded myself with my three knitting projects, the remote control, a cup of coffee and a glass of juice, a box of kleenex, cuddled under my CAL stripey blanket. Tigger settled by my feet. What more do I need? I should be able to lick this cold in no time.

We have taped all the Olympic coverage, and I think I am up to Thursday with watching. It makes my knees hurt to watch some of these events. But it doesn’t hurt my fingers, so I am making progress on all WIPS. Necklace knitting is done, I just need to sew on the clasp.

First of sock pair # 3 is an Olympic feat – made it up the foot, around the heel and am now on the final downhill stretch! I LOVE the little needle. More of these in a few sizes are in my future. I did struggle with turning the heel, and eventually went back to two longer circulars for that. But for pure round and round knitting, it just flies on that little fellow.

The vest – I am supposed to knit to 11.5 inches before starting armholes, I am around 8 inches right now. Even though it is bulky, it is slow, the rows are long. The Lopi yarn is much more scratchy than anything I have worked on in a long time, but as it will be an outer wear piece, I think that is OK. The periwinkle color is so pretty. 🙂

We had a very uneventful Valentine’s Day – When I got home (with her favorite pizza picked up in a snow storm, I might add) I lay on the couch, fell asleep and didn’t wake up for three hours. When I did, I fund a cute little basket from A and the cats, with some candy and a little kitten puzzle. And today, everywhere I go, I find little cards she tucked around in my coffee cup, my book, the computer. Who knows how many more there are? Glad I got her some truffles and made a card in addition to the pizza. 🙂

So while I dozed, knit, and watched Olympics through the biased eyes of NBC, A went and got the car serviced, did the grocery shopping, did some laundry, cleaned the pellet stove, cleaned the snow and ice off the walk and driveway. I was feeling guilty, but she reminded me I did the same when she was sick. Whew!

Naturally, it is snowing again. It was supposed to stop yesterday morning, it never did – it rained for a while, but then snowed all afternoon. A wee bit of sun this morning, then clouds, now another storm. I think we are in the 8-12 inch area, depending, of course, on where it actually tracks and how fast it goes. Looks like the Maritimes will get slammed by this one, though. Again. This storm should last most of tomorrow, and then we are to get some sun on Monday. Snow on Tuesday. I might have to start wintering below the equator. This is too depressing. But I am getting lots of knitting done.

Here’s a quick shot of the valentine’s I sent the family… sorry about the photography, I am getting better at the glitter shots, but some sun would help. I used the Cricut Folk Art Cartridge, one of my favorites. This is the cutout heart, the solid cart, the shadow heart, all stacked on a 4 by 5.5 inch card. Accents are Rangers silver glitter and silver pearl dimensional paint.

folk art 2014

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