Weekend update

Well, there is basketball. Amazingly, I picked a lot of the right upsets on the men’s bracket, but… I picked Kansas to go all the way, and now they are done. Oops. Still in good shape on the women’s brackets, and loving all the games.


Yesterday I headed to Bangor to take the earring beading class with niece B – we had a good day. We made lots of earrings and had fun. I fed her and returned her to her dorm around the time her friends were all waking up. Ahh, teenagers. This photo is a little blurry – I opted for direct sunlight on the deck, and someday will try again in indirect light – hard to get it right, I need more patience. 🙂

But you should note – sun on deck. No snow on deck. 🙂

Plenty of snow in the yard, still, but mostly melted in deck and porches. Of course we shoveled it off a lot this winter. But still – bare space is wonderful.

Did a little shopping at AC Moore while I was in town, got some Spellbinders dies on special, some sock yarn, and some beading supplies – a little bit of everything!

Today is a dull day, even though it is gorgeous out – cleaned the bathroom, worked on figuring out a really poorly written knitting pattern, for wrist warmers, of all things! I’ll get photos of them eventually. Right now I am mad at them.

Made pizza for “lupper” and really, haven’t done much else… but I need to get up to the craft room to make a birthday card soon.