Not Spring yet!

I took this photo this morning, and of course, posted over on Instagram immediately.

Isn’t it interesting?

It’s the pool.


The beloved swimming pool.




I reached in and pulled a leaf off the surface, and found this great outline of it left behind.

Hard to believe that in a couple of months I will be in the pool scooping leaves out of it.


Or that a month or so after that, I will be swimming in it for fun.

Right now it is a 20 foot diameter, 3 foot deep block of ice.



Hard to believe.

But isn’t it pretty?

what I see

office view January 2 2014

Let’s start outside… this is a view out my office window Monday – around 3:30 (which is seriously depressing). It hasn’t changed much since then, but by Monday night, it might. We are on track to get a lovely storm of wintry mix that ends as rain. Will that rain freeze? Or will it wash away all of this ice and snow?

I took these photos today when I went out to move the car so the plow guy can clean up the parking area. I was out a while, thought it was pretty warm out until I came in and my glasses totally fogged up. I checked the thermometer. 14 degrees F. And it felt warm. It will be a long winter.


diamonds 1

diamonds 2

ice house

What I see inside – so much more cheerful!

Here is my red star. A thinks it is a new Christmas ornament, but I might have to keep it up all winter, I love it so much. So warm and cozy. I wonder when she will notice? 🙂

Christmas star

Remember when I said I wanted to make a pompom garland, thanks to all of you who did amazing things with pom poms? I did it one afternoon last week, and here it is. I think it makes the loft railing look cheerful and merry.

pom pom garland

And on my needles? Last winter, I made this great red sweater, from Tom Scott, as shown in Vogue Knitting. But the bobbles weren’t right on me, and it wasn’t long enough.

wip red sweater

So, I ripped it all out, changed the bobbles to another cable and started again. This time, I am making it as long as the large size, and it will have to do because I am NOT ripping it out and reknitting it again. I LOVE the red color and warmth of it – it is Lamb’s Pride bulky, in blood-red (number 80, I think.) It works up fast, and I should be wearing it before the end of winter. (Which might mean May, I know. 😦 )

wip red sweater redux

ice storm day 2

Last night the freezing rain continued all night, and now it is raining for real.

ice day 2a

Everything is coated thickly in ice.

ice day 2b

By some miracle, our lights have blinked a few times but stayed on so far. (So yes, I am watching the tape of the Sound of Music today as I type this.)

We worked with an awl to clear off our steps and break up the ice at the bottom, so we could get to a car, which I also worked to clear off. Got half of it cleared, but could not get to the other side.

That was this morning. Since it has been raining steadily, the steps and ramp are once again coated in ice.

ice day 2

The wonderful plow guy came early and sanded the driveway, but now that is coated in ice also.

The big boss called this morning to tell me he was delaying opening until 10, because the lights were out at the office. At 9:30 he called back to say they were still out, so he was closing. He forgot I am on vacation this week. 🙂 I am so glad he made that decision. Even though I guess the main roads are fairly clear, so many of my co-workers live in really rural areas which are NOT yet clean and clear. Plus, I suspect that the driveway and walks at work are sheets of ice.

My director is supposed to be driving to New Jersey for Christmas. His family is already there. He is waiting to be sure that his power comes on and stays on before he heads out. I told him if he found himself still in Maine tomorrow night, he should come over for supper. It won’t be the Christmas Eve he had planned, but at least he will have someone to talk to. And A will bake him his favorite cookies.

A’s sister S was scheduled to fly to PA today, early. I hope she got out and there as planned, this is a BIG trip for her to spend Christmas with her son and his family. We will give her cell a call in a little while, when she should be there. She doesn’t travel much, and was very nervous about it, so having all the delays and problems with this storm will make her day very unpleasant, even if the flights are perfect.

I know how lucky we are, to be warm and dry and have plenty to eat and things to do to occupy ourselves. Lots to be grateful for this Christmas season.

drip freeze drip freeze

Oh man, I think we are in for it.

The warmth on Friday made all of our snow full of water. Then it froze. So all paths and the driveway became sheets of ice.

Then it started raining, and it rained all yesterday afternoon. Then it snowed last night. Now it is raining.
The trees are coated in ice. The house is coated in ice. The partially complete screened porch is coated in ice.

icy porch

A and I went out and shoveled off the front deck – 20 inches of snow had compacted into about 10, and had about half an inch of ice on top, so that was our aerobic workout for the day.

Now the deck is coated in ice.

As we were shoveling, we noted that “at least it isn’t windy.”

But I notice that a gentle breeze has come up and the trees are stiffly moving to the beat. I fear that soon we will hear the sounds of breaking branches in the woods, and I hope that we don’t hear any trees falling on house or drive or wires, but if that happens, we are ready. Jugs of water, cell phone charged. Plenty of activities to do that don’t require electricity.

more ice

The only bad part? Sound of Music is on tonight, and I have the DVR set to record it. Yes, I have the VHS tape, and so could watch it any time I wanted to go upstairs, get the VCR, bring it down and figure out how to hitch the old stupid thing to the new smart TV. But I would rather watch it the lazy way. 🙂 And yes, I do know it by heart – literally word for word. But I love it and want to see it tonight. So I hope it warms up a few degrees and the wind doesn’t come.

cherry tree on ice

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