Holidays at work

I work for a non-profit with little cash for things like employee moral.  We work with people who face really hard times, and so at times our work can be quite draining.  Thus, we have to make our own fun.

Each year we have a door decorating contest – prize is bragging rights only.  Last year I was housed in the Finance Division, and we created this masterpiece:

Finance door

It was great fun to do and we did win the grand prize.

This year I am in a smaller office, along a hall of similar spaces.  This is what my next door neighbor created this year.  She is a wonderfully up-beat person who always has a smile and a kind word.  The photos of tots being not so good are very funny, and I wish you could see them more clearly in this photo.  I know her clients will enjoy seeing that door.



I currently share a small over-crowded office with a big-hearted but curmudgeonly fellow who has the job of making sure we all have funding – a job that requires him to smile and be genial all day and evening long.  It is a job filled with highs and lows, frustration and moments of glory.  He and I share a dark humor that helps him smile when he really wants to say  “WTF are you thinking?” many times a day.  He is NOT into door decorating and stuff like that. He isn’t against it but has no time or energy for it.  He would give you the shirt off his back if he thought it would help, but don’t even talk to him about where to hang the tinsel.

So it was left up to me to put together a door that properly represented the two of us and our unique outlook.  Yesterday I sketched a plan, showed it to him and got a guffaw and a “go for it!”

This morning I arrived early and implemented my design.  Here it is – we won’t win any awards, but we have people who know us laughing, given that the door is a foot away from the cheerful welcoming one of our neighbor.


Happy holidays to you!