Sunday card making

Today is a slow and easy day, as I think Sundays should be.  We slept late, I cleaned the bathroom while A went to the dump.  Then I headed upstairs to the craft room.  I wanted to make a few things for the wellness bulletin board at work, which I have to change for October… and while I was in pumpkin mode, I made a few Halloween cards.  Then, I made a few “thinking of you ” type cards for a couple of people I love who are going through a hard time.  Nothing fancy, but it felt good to be creating cards.

I can’t show you the Halloween cards yet, since they are to go to our college kids, and they might see them here before they get them in the mail – can’t ruin the surprise!

Been busy

When last I wrote, we were planning on going sailing Friday from Rockland. So A, L and I got up early, headed out.  It was very foggy, but the weatherman swore it would burn off in late morning.  We got to Mom’s, and the sun was shining.  We headed into Rockland for lunch at the Brass Compass – delicious! Then, as we had time to kill, we walked along Main Street and into a few shops.  As we were walking down to the boat, we noticed wisps of fog blowing across the street.  By the time we got down to the dock the harbor was covered in pea soup fog.  The Captain gave us the option of going anyway, but indicated that we probably would not find better weather, and that there wasn’t much wind, anyway.  So we opted not to go then, but another day.  With time to do whatever we wanted, we headed up Mt. Battie, where the sun was shining, and a gentle breeze blew.

Why we didn’t go sailing

However, from the tower, it was clear to see, Penobscot Bay was covered in fog, it had only burned off over land.  we visited a few other shops along the way home, and got home at about the same time as if we had gone out sailing.

Yesterday, I somehow was motivated to get things done.  I got up fairly early, and made blackberry jelly with the juice I made earlier in the week.  (Don’t ask me what I think about Ball’s dissolvable labels – it says to store in a cool dry place.  I live in Maine – there is no such place here this summer.  I had to dry them out in the oven, and they turned a toasty brown color.  But the glue stuck, so I guess that is what I will have to do with them until winter and heat dry out the house.)  And I worked on organizing the craft room, in preparation for installing the countertop in the sewing corner. I forgot how long it takes to move a desktop computer!

blackberry jelly

We left around 1 to go to Orono to A’s great niece’s and nephew’s birthday party.  They are 16 and 18 now, amazing!  Saw A’s immediate family and had a nice afternoon, ate good cake. The kids were nice enough to say they liked the cards I made.  Speaking of which – I sent cards off to our three college freshmen last week – and today, N wrote to thank me for it – she likes to get mail, and she appreciated us thinking of her.  That was a nice surprise for me.

Today I worked more in the craft room – after lots of fussing, I got the new countertop in place.  We will need to get some support under the front half, since the studs in the side walls aren’t in the right places to adequately support the countertop.  I still haven’t built the folding box I want under there, to hold the sewing notions, and that will help to stabilize it, but I know I won’t get that done for a while. A is working on some ideas to handle it in the meantime. So it was a good weekend, working on projects, visiting with family.  Great way to wrap up a vacation.