Sunday evening already?

this weekend sure flew by.  It was pretty good, too.  Did some knitting, some paper crafting, got the chores done, and cleaned up some of the garden work (although, i might be the only one who can tell.)

Anyway – I also took photos – not great ones, but they are photos.  🙂

Last year’s Halloween cards were quite elaborate to make, this year, I went a different route – found some nice pre-made plain cards at JoAnn’s (even on sale, cheaper than the paper would have been!  Then with a bit of ribbon, stamps, glitter and stickers, I made them fit the season. the colors on these are really bad, the cards are cream and dark brown, in case you can’t tell.  🙂

halloween cards

They started plain, and this is how some of them came out.  I should have taken these outside, but the wind was howling today.  So interior lighting and some flash makes these a bit odd, color-wise.

spooky house card

crow card

happy halloween card

pumpkin card

Oh, and I did some knitting on my socks – pair number 23 this year.  This is String Theory Hand Dyed yarn from Blue Hill, in Cobalt.  My first time using this locally hand-dyed yarn, but not my last, I  love it!  The pattern is business casual (third time making this, I really like the argyle effect) and it moves right along quickly.  Ravelry pattern page is here for more info.

.sws 23 one done

I also worked on the Estonian lace scarf, but haven’t got photos of that to show just yet.  I’ll try to get some of them next weekend for you.

The care giving grows easier as the patient is much more mobile.  She actually drove her car 1/2 a mile today to visit a friend,and has been going along with us on nearby quick errands.  She has to learn how to get about in public, and this is the first time she has had the energy for it.

Girls night out got postponed as one of the “girls” had to unexpectedly babysit her grandson.  So we had cookies and more time home together this weekend than we expected.

Appointment at the dermatologist went really well – there are (of course) a few spots she wants to treat with the topical chemo this winter, but nothing as drastic as it was last year – for one thing, I can cover these up, they aren’t on my face!  She thinks I did really well with sun this summer, so it was worth it, I guess.

I stopped at JoAnn’s on the way home, got all kinds of goodies on sale – they will be showing up in more than the Halloween cards above, I promise.

Last thing I can report on is reading.  Book group meets here on Monday evening, and will be discussing “Unbroken” which I have finally dug into this weekend.  I won’t get it done in time, but I have gotten through the war and out the other side.  Probably have 50-100 pages left.  I’ll read some at lunch tomorrow and fake the rest.  It won’t be the first time one or more of us have not finished the book.  🙂  However – I can say this – while it took me a long time to get into this book, and I don’t really like the protagonist, it is an amazing, disturbing tale.  It was tough whenever I really realized that this was non-fiction. really well researched and written, it reads as easily as a novel.  I look forward to hearing what the rest of the group thinks of it.

Halloween card

Last weekend while A was sleeping off her cold, I wandered up to the craft room. Among other things, I worked out the Halloween card for this year. Sadly, I did not work out how to take good photos, but here is what I took, along with step by step directions of a pretty easy card to make.

halloween step 1
Using a 5.5 by 4.25 piece of medium to light gray smooth finish card stock, black ink and a new Hero Arts stamp I recently got, I stamped the row of houses along the bottom of the cardstock.

halloween step 2

Using a dark gray spectrum noir alcohol pen, I cleaned up the light spots in the stamping. Then, using a medium gray spectrum noir pen, I made the windows darker than the base paper.

halloween step 3

I added a two-inch circle cut of a creamy pale gold paper for a moon, and used some green smooch paint to paint two of the windows on the larger house. Let it dry.

halloween step 4

Then, I cut a piece of white vellum to 5.25 by 5.5, and wrapped it around the base of the card, taping it in back.

Stamped a ghost (old stamp, I have no idea of its origin) in white ink, angled so the tail of the ghost is coming out of the green windows, and outlined the image with white glitter. In real life, the green windows are more visible than they are in this photo.

Let it dry.

Then I just attached this piece to the front of folded card (8.5 by 5.5, folded to a 4.25 by 5.5 card), and it was done.

I had originally planned to stamp a witch or a bat in front of the moon, but I kind of like this just the way it is.

This is a good card for mass production, and so I will make a dozen or so to send to the family in a week or two.

Found this card while clearing up in the craft room

This card is one I made for family last year – guess I made an extra one!

I like it because it is one of the easiest I have ever made, but it is evocative in its simplicity,

don’t you think?

halloween mummy

No doubt which holiday it is for!

Here’s how I did it:

made a black card base, 4.25 by 5.5

tore up a scrap of white fabric, like an old sheet.

cut a piece of cardstock narrower and shorter than the card base.  I think I used a cereal box for this, fairly sturdy.

taped the start of the fabric at the top of the back of the cardstock to secure it, then wrapped it around it until it was covered.  Taped it on the back to hold it.

Glued it to the front of the card base.

Glued on eyes. They were a pain to get to stick, had to finally use Elmer’s white glue

Used red smooch ink for the drops of blood.

Stuck on a spider sticker.


Voila – Halloween mummy!

Even rainier Sunday

another halloween card complete

What a weekend for getting things done!  It seems like we are sitting a lot between projects, yet somehow, another card got made, and grape juice is being strained through cheesecloth as we speak.  And the most amazing thing – the planter box is complete at last!  Of course, it was pouring rain when I finished it, so A and I carried it out to near its future home and dropped it.  Next nice day off from work, I will get it set and begin filling it with lovely rich dirt. In these photos, you can see the fine soil we have – rocky gravel.  Not lovely, and the reason for the need for the box in the first place.  Once it is filled with asparagus, I think it will make a beautiful screen for the pool.  That photo is about 11 months away, I guess.

A is planning on spending the afternoon in her workshop today – working on the infamous bed (now that I am out of her hair!) It is REALLY close to done – maybe in the next few weeks?  All the boxes are made, and now she is just working out the trim dimensions.  Once that is done, she will calculate the depth of the drawers and affix the drawer glides.  After that, she just has to attach the bead board drawer fronts, and then I paint the boxes.  Last step is to bring the boxes upstairs and then build the deck that holds it all together.  I can hardly wait!  Not just to see the bed, but to get my hands on the drawer space! And, I can’t wait to show you the photos of that project complete. The bed is a copy of the Stratton bed from Pottery Barn, and we got the directions from Ana White’s blog.  It is not as easy as she indicates it is, but maybe if we just did this for a week or so, it would be faster.  But we don’t.  We do a million other things in between long workshop sessions.  However, it is empowering A and she is now looking forward to building the bookshelves in the loft, some for her office, and picture frames.  She has subscribed to a few woodworking magazines – a couple of which are for people with her skill level (novice) and Mom gave her Fine Woodworking, which has such elegant things, but when I ask about them, I am told no, way too hard.  But still, I think inspiring, that they can be built.  So maybe I will add furniture making to my list of crafts that I love.  Certainly I enjoyed making my cedar box, which is not square or level in any way, shape or form.  I decided it didn’t matter because it isn’t like the ground is level, so I can make up for it when I put it in place.  And I thought that all the way up to putting on the last piece of trim which is NOT straight as compared to anything.  I am pretty sure the plants will hide it…  🙂


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