On top of the world, over the moon, ELATED

Doc says I am fine.  Changed the meds, the rash is better, the iron levels are better, the lump is nothing – woot hoot.

JB Atlantic in Ellsworth took every last bit of jewelry I have made on consignment, recommended higher prices than I would dream and wants me to make more.  Good I got all those beads, right? And already strung them.  🙂

They took 4 button hats – the ones with buttons with local ties, but said no more hats until the fall or these sell.  Turn off the hat making machine and engage the jewelry machine.

Life is good tonight.


Blessings?  Down?  Maybe some of both.  I try not to blog about work because I do not want my life to be defined by it, and I find if I focus on the other things I do, it reminds me that I am not my job. But I have a stretch I’m in the midst of that is just overwhelming, all-consuming and it is WORK.

So, the blessings are that we are hearing back on grant proposals we did at the end of the summer, and so far, the news is good!  This is especially important to me because of some internal strife about whose program is more worthy of some of the funding opportunities  – NOT instigated by me, I might add – which kicked my competitive spirit into high gear.  Of those, we have heard back that my proposal was funded, and the other project was not.  We have one more of these to hear from, then hopefully things at work will settle into an even keel on the internal funding struggle. And I would be thrilled if the other result is the same as this one!

We also are close to bringing a new funding partner on board – which will make me very happy.  We have been working on this one for YEARS.  Should hear more today.  But I am not at work.

One of our business clients is featured in a documentary that I will get to see Friday night – Betting the Farm – if you are anywhere near where it shows, please go see it – pretty interesting story about the start of a milk cooperative, Moo milk – doesn’t sound exciting but it is !  All about local farms surviving, and that is important to the whole country.

On the count down column – I have THREE federal quarterly reports due by Wednesday.  to do them, I need numbers from our Finance division. But this is year-end AND we have new accounting software, and so although I keep asking, until I am screaming, I am not a high priority for them.  I understand this, but it is still stressful. I hope to get my numbers this afternoon so that I can work on the reports this weekend.  Ugh.

And the reason I won’t have much time to do them early in the week – our annual board meeting is Tuesday night, and a very special project that I have been working hard on is happening on Thursday and Friday – a huge business conference. These two things will take up my whole work week and then some, even without the reports.  So I think I am looking at a 60-70 hour work week.  I am tired already.

More on blessings – these of the NOT work variety…

Monday night is book group, and I loved the book we read – Anne Quindlan’s Lots of Cake Plenty of Candles.  She is just very funny and clear in her real life observations about how women think, grow, change, survive. I can’;t wait to get with the ladies and see what they thought.

I spoke to my Dad last night – my grandmother has made a good transition to assisted living – seems to have perked up and is much more responsive, is slightly more vocal, moving around more.  I think that being with people is a great antidote for whatever was ailing her (I suspect some real depression, but hard to tell when she doesn’t respond anymore).  And, I made arrangements to do the one thing I really never look forward to – driving to CT.  But in a couple of weeks, I will head down to visit Dad and see Ma in her new digs – and celebrate her 103rd birthday!  It’s this week, but I can’t get down there this weekend – see above! Can you imagine?  103 years old – there is some serious counting.  The stories she has told me about being a little girl, and young woman back in the early part of the last century – sounds so long ago, but it wasn’t really.  And HER grandmother met Abraham LIncoln.  Mind boggling. I will see if she can tell me some  more when I visit – not sure she is talking THAT much, though.

Anyway, with that move for her, Dad has a huge load off of his shoulders.  So maybe he will get to relax and enjoy life more than he has the last few years. That will be good!

Here’s another blessing, remotely work related – the drive to work and back this time of year happens just after sunrise and just before sunset – and the scenery has just been gorgeous all week.  We have golden light -the kind that reminds me of the Hudson River Impressionists – and fog in the valleys, and beautiful foliage colors the whole way. It’s a wonderful way to start and end the days.

Today has hardly any chores – so I will get to go to the craft room! Lots of November birthdays to make cards for. So sad. 🙂

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