I promised photos, or Goldilocks knits.

We took LOTS of hat photos!  I haven’t cleaned them up yet, so you will have to settle for this shot of what I accomplished this weekend.

Three times I cast on Maluka.

Twice I ripped it out.

First try: The silk alpaca lace weight held double was too soft. But pretty.  I will use that 600 yards of loveliness elsewhere.

Second try: The rayon chenille was too loose (what was I thinking, anyway?) and hard to work with – absolutely no give.  Any ideas what I can make with about 800 yards of the stuff?  It is pretty colors, and I think will make something soft, but what?

Third try: This brand spanking new skein of wool/alpaca that I got on Thursday at the source (Good Karma Farm in Belfast Maine USA) was just perfect.  The wool gives it enough body to hold the pattern beautifully, the alpaca makes it super soft, and the wonderful aqua with hits of clear blue make my heart sing.


This one is just right.


Sorry about the plaid skirt – it is what it is.  🙂