I’m ba-a-ack!

Sorry not to post my list today as usual – life is complicated this week!

Power came back on – beeping and clicking and flashing lights woke us from a deep sleep in the middle of the night Tuesday – you know – a little before 8. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Once we were sure it was really staying on I leaped up, turned on the dishwasher and pellet stoves, flushed the toilets, washed my hands, plugged in the DVR to record NCIS, and went back to bed. ¬†Since then, we have played catch-up.

It has been warm, so the snow has almost melted, and all the dishes are done, laundry is back under control Рamazing how 3 days with no power can create havoc!

Today I went and got the snow tires on the other car, and met Crimson Crow in town for a fun morning of errands and chatting (you knew you would be here, right, CC?) and a good breakfast at the Riverside restaurant.

After I left her, I stopped in the office to drop off my time card, then came home to clean out the¬†fridge. ¬†Very exciting. ¬†Got to throw is all away, then scrub shelves, etc. ¬†Haven’t opened the freezer yet, but all of that will be tossed as well, and that will get cleaned this weekend.

Then I made some cheesy artichoke dip, and¬†shortly, I will leave for game night at A’s office. Of course I will bring that sock I have been working on all week. ¬†ūüôā

I’ll post later this weekend about the other fun things we have planned, but for now, know that we are safe, have lights and water again, and knitting is happening again.

Saturday morning camera cleaning and list update

I woke up early this morning so I could do a load of laundry so I could get dressed. ¬†I have found the season for which I don’t have a lot of clothes – sum-tumn. ¬†It starts cool, gets warm, gets cool again, What to wear? ¬†I like cropped pants, a t shirt and light sweater or sweatshirt. ¬†Turns out I haven;t got many pairs of cropped pants. ¬†So, I have to wash the ones I wore yesterday before I can get dressed. ¬†And so I have to sit in my nightie on the couch and cruise the internet while I wait for the dryer. ¬†How very sad for all of us, huh?

I can’t go back to bed because there is a big spider there. ¬†We tried to catch it when it made an appearance beside the bed but it got away. ¬†Not sure I will be able to sleep there again. ¬†That sucker¬†was big and on my side. I REALLY hate spiders.

So, I cleaned off the camera, and amazingly, found a few things to share with you!

First off – a few more of the hats I made last week. ¬†These need blocking to get the edges to lie flat, so here they are, drying in the sunshine in the¬†craft room. ¬†These are Alpine Toppers, using Lamb’s Pride Bulky. ¬†On the light gray one with stripes, I modified the pattern by decreasing one stitch in the body so that the pattern flowed without a jog. ¬†Truly, I wonder why the designer didn’t think of this – if you do it as designed (the black and white one is as designed) every 4 rows you have to of the color B (in the¬†black and white hat, this would be white) next to each other, and it really shows. ¬†If you decrease the number of stitches by one, this does not happen, the pattern just flows around that hat. ¬†Much as I like this pattern, it tells me that the¬†designer wasn’t really paying attention to the¬†diagonal hat when she wrote this up. Her directions work very well for¬†the traditional version (alternating rows of the highlight color, my medium gray and red version)

3 alpine toppers                   small alpine topper

Anyway, it is a fast knit, and very warm and cute.  I suspect I will make a few more of these in my life time.

While I was in the¬†craft room, I thought I had better make those two cards I needed for today. ¬†I wasn’t feeling HUGELY inspired, and¬†I didn’t have a lot of time, so they are very simple ones. ¬†One of them I forgot to take “during” photos, and the other I did, but really, how easy it is! It looks kind of lame to bother with anything but the finished product!. ¬†I know you could have figured these out without seeing the parts. ¬†ūüôā

quick card parts

Card stock is from a pad named Tradewinds, I can’t remember by whom, off the top of my head, but Die Cuts with a View would not surprise me.

another quick card

Card is my usual 5.5 by 4.25 card on white card stock.  I shaped two of the corners of the solid piece, stamped happy birthday in gold, swiped the edges with gold ink pad and stuck it in the middle of the roses piece, attached it all to the card.  Done.

one quick card

This card didn’t photograph as well, when I used the flash it got all crazy looking, without it, we have shadows – sorry! ¬†It wasn’t much harder, actually, just involved cutting two pieces with my beloved Spellbinders dies, and spritzing the back of the blue one with gold shimmer spray, so that when I folded and tucked it, there would be some shading. ¬†I hit the whole pink rectangle with the corner shaper punch, and then did the same things as on the previous card – stamped in gold, swiped the pad around the edges, stuck it all together.

Et voila Рtwo cards in less than an hour.  Not my preferred way to do things, but it got the job done.

Now. ¬†What else was on the camera? ¬†Well, the stuff I picked up at Good will last week! ¬†All of this for less than ten dollars! ¬†I have been wanting one of these wire basket things for the porch – to hold silver ware or flowers or whatever – and was THRILLED to pick it up for like 3 dollars. ¬†I was not looking for any of this other stuff – but I can never resist candle holders, adn these retro stars remind me of ones we had when I was a kid. ¬†They have been tucked away with Christmas linens to surprise me in a few months. ¬†the placemats will not remain orange, but at 74 cents each, who could resist? ¬†I’ll be either painting or dying them some colors that better match things around here. The frosted candle holders might be altered and turned into Christmas presents.

So lots of potential DIY fun craft projects for me.  A just rolled her eyes.

Goodwill haul

That’s it for the camera!

On the Friday to do list, I made good progress on some things, not on others. ¬†Went through another bin of magazines and clippings in the craft room, but only tossed a few things. ¬†I sorted all the Vogue Knitting and Interweave knits by date, but did not¬†otherwise edit them. ¬†Not sure what to do about¬†them. ¬†I have them back into the early 90’s (what huge dropped shoulders we wore then!) and while I might never make the actual projects, they both do such a good job of teaching in the patterns and articles that I don;t feel like I can be selective in what to keep or toss with them. ¬†So for the moment, I am keeping. ¬†And clearly, as I do have them back to at least ’92, I have felt this way for a long time. ¬†ūüôā If you ever need one as a reference, let me know, I am glad to share.

Started another hat (for sale) that isn’t colors I am in love with so I find it tedious. ¬†But I know that some people like colors I don;t and I want to have a good range of products, so I am doing it. ¬†Ugh. I need to find a craft fair catering to people who love blues and greens with dashes of reds and pinks and purples. ¬†lol.

Socks are coming along Рlast night was game night, so I got a lot done.  I should finish sock 1 in the car today, and start the next.  I even did a bit of hitchhiker knitting, AND NO I DID NOT SIT AND KNIT ALL DAY, but what else is there to do while the plumber is crashing about?

Speaking of which – GRRRRRRRRRR. ¬†He was about an hour late, and installed¬†the toilet just fine, except there is a nick on the seat. ¬†It seems minor, but we paid hundreds of dollars for the darned thing, and so I will call and ask for a replacement. ¬†I hate having to do that kind of thing, it feels petty, but it isn’t, really. ¬† ¬† Then he told me he was taking a lunch break and would come back afterwards. ¬†tow hours later his office called to say he got called away for an emergency, and could he come back on the 23rd? ¬†Sure, what the heck, we won’t be home, but we can let him in the cellar and he can do his thing. I was getting cranky about¬†that until I remembered that when WE had plumbing emergencies, they always came right away and fixed it, so I guess someone else got bumped then. Still, it makes me happy that we set up things so that the cellar can be locked from the¬†upstairs, and plumbers can come and go out the basement while we aren’t home.

Well, the laundry is done and I have to get going – I’ll catch¬†up with you later!

PS played a GREAT game last night РTImeline!  Have to use your brain and random knowledge and logic and still have fun.

Quiet Sunday

Friday night was game night – late night (for me!) I got home around 10:30.¬† A left around 7:30, so she had a normal night.¬† It is fun to play games with the people at her job, I think, but she has a short attention span for it.¬† So I go, and she stays for a while.¬† Luckily, because of the logistics of playing after work, we have two vehicles there. but we played two games that were quick, and that she liked – one was Zombie Dice, and I can’t recall the name of the other one.

Saturday I was exhausted¬†– not sure why, I wasn’t out that late!¬† But it felt almost like I was coming down with something.¬† Time will tell.¬† I did a little work on my reports Saturday – very frustrating, because none of the files would open, so I had to run to the office to load them from the¬†server onto a thumb drive.¬† Came back, they opened just fine, no thumb drive needed.¬† Ugh.

We went to Brewer to have “lupper” with A’s sisters at Kosta’s¬†– it was yummy, and I will be having leftovers for supper tonight. Then we went to Lowe’s – made ourselves walk every aisle, as we had not really exercised in a few days.¬† It is a n expensive way to exercise, as there are many many¬†things we want from¬†there.¬† L went with us – she had never been inside a Lowe’s before – only in the garden center.¬† We could not believe it, as it has been a huge part of our lives for 4-5 years now! She was amazed at all they had, but probably won’t go there often, as she rents from a landlord who takes pretty good care of her place. I got some craft supplies (which others might think of as building supplies) and some Christmas decorations – yes they are out already! and some magazines.¬† We also got a birthday present for little niece E who will be 6 next week.¬† And a bunch of other stuff. A¬†got some router bits to use on the last of the trim on the bed.¬† She said she “needed” them.¬† As I often “need” things like yarn, I could not argue.

Today we are still low energy – but we had to get ready for a visit from Sandy – brought in the lighter porch furniture, put the trash barrel up on the porch, that kind of thing.¬† We don’t expect a big hit, but it seems the forecast calls for three days of heavy rain and high wind.¬† So, we will make sure nothing we own can go blowing around, and hope that the trees stay put. We are high enough that flooding from the astronomically high tides and rain should not bother us – although, if it is really bad and timed right (wrong?), we will have to stay home, as the road has a low place near the marsh/river.¬† Now that would be sad, given how much I have to get done next week.

Book group has already postponed our meeting. I will be glad to not have to drive in the storm after dark, although I like going to the group.  I wonder if we will move our annual meeting?

So.¬† Did a chore (or two) and wrote a blog post, so I now I get to go watch a show and do some knitting.¬† Life is good. As long as we do the opposite of Scarlett O’Hara – don’t even think about tomorrow – at Tara or anywhere else.¬† Just focus on today, a pretty warm autumn Sunday.

watching Allie sleep

She is sprawled¬†out on the floor in the sunshine…her stocky little body positioned for best breeze, lazy viewing of hummingbirds if she opens her eyes, AND protectively guarding the scratching post.¬† A little multitasker.¬† And somehow, she looks comfortable.

I love quiet Fridays!¬† Already been to town to the doc (freckles and sunspots on back are just that, and don’t need to be removed,¬†but checked annually.¬† Yeah!), ordered the countertops for A’s office and the alcove in the craft room, very exciting.¬† They will come while we are on vacation, so I assume they will get installed sometime before Christmas.

Still have to:

  • Make phone calls for Down East Aids Network fundraiser
  • Make Lasagna for game night
  • Go to game night
  • Play with kittens
  • Do laundry

not in that or any particular order… except, with luck, I will make the lasagna before I leave for game night!

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