sweet Friday!

Oh, I had plans for today, when I got up – it’s mid-day, and I have already revised the list. Here’s the original:

Post office
EBS to order dirt for raised beds
Grocery store

Change bed
Start spring cleaning

Compile end of season tax stats
Complete report
Check email

Finish the darned leg warmers!
Finish red hat that’s been on the needles way too long
Start baby blanket (really crochet, but whatever)

Here’s the revised list:

Post office – ooh, yarn winder delivered, AND first ever Webs order.
Wind new yarn
Resist winding all yarn in house, because it is so fun to do.
EBS dirt order placed. To be delivered Monday or Tuesday

Change bed
Laundry – there is no escaping this one

All those same things

Knit and knit and knit

Notice the groceries, the dump and the spring cleaning are gone.
I should have remembered that since this is the first Friday at home, I would be really slow to get going, with little or no energy, in spite of the really long list of things that are calling me. I think knitting will get the rest of my afternoon. Maybe I will clean the bathroom so that tomorrow is a more pleasant day. But maybe not, too.

the new yarn winder distracted me. I have read blogs and reviews from people who just couldn’t stop talking about how great this tool is. I have been knitting for more than 40 years, winding balls by hand, and really thought they were all a bit overboard. But I won that basketball bracket bet, and so got my own winder, and now I know – they were all understating how great this thing is. My word, in MINUTES I can wind a whole skein of yarn! It is neat, tight, the pull out yarn is easy to find. WOW. I love it. I already had a swift, and thought that was all the help I would need to wind great skeins. Was happy with it for many years, but now I know, it was only half the solution.

ps the cats love it too, they were fascinated, sat and watched the whole process. Which is good – better than them helping. 🙂

October friday

it’s Friday!  It always seems so long getting here, and I am so tired by the time it arrives but I still love Fridays and book them too full.


As the sun is supposed to shine, I want to focus on the outside chores.

Need to finish putting the pool away.  Can you believe it has rained every day that I have been home since I pulled the plug on it?  Need a dry day to finish the job.

Set the planter box and then get it filled with dirt.  I want the compost and manure well settled by next spring when I put the asparagus in it.  (Did I tell you the Fedco “tree” book came – omg I want it all!)

Put away the umbrella and lightweight chairs for the winter

Move the snowblower up to the top of the driveway

Clean out the raised beds – except the marigolds – they are blooming their fool heads off still.  Amazingly cheerful this year, not sure what I did differently, but I love having them. So they can stay until they quit.

Pull some weeds, work some soil.  Not sure how much of that I will get done, but there is plenty to do.  It feels a little early to bury the rose-bush, but that has to be on my list in the next few weeks, I guess.

Inside chores –

laundry, of course.

Maybe clean the kitchen.

Maybe play with card making in the craft room.


PO – mail college freshmen their holiday packages, get the mail

Hardware store – oooh, I love going there.  Ours is the best.  I need a hook for the screen door and dirt for the planter boxes.  But what will I really get?  Only time will tell.

Grocery store – ugh, sigh.  Gotta do it.  Even though we are dieting seriously, we still need to have SOMETHING to eat.

So I wonder what I will REALLY get done?

watching Allie sleep

She is sprawled out on the floor in the sunshine…her stocky little body positioned for best breeze, lazy viewing of hummingbirds if she opens her eyes, AND protectively guarding the scratching post.  A little multitasker.  And somehow, she looks comfortable.

I love quiet Fridays!  Already been to town to the doc (freckles and sunspots on back are just that, and don’t need to be removed, but checked annually.  Yeah!), ordered the countertops for A’s office and the alcove in the craft room, very exciting.  They will come while we are on vacation, so I assume they will get installed sometime before Christmas.

Still have to:

  • Make phone calls for Down East Aids Network fundraiser
  • Make Lasagna for game night
  • Go to game night
  • Play with kittens
  • Do laundry

not in that or any particular order… except, with luck, I will make the lasagna before I leave for game night!