How I did with my Friday list – words and photos galore.

I did everything on my Friday list! It has been a long time since that happened.

First up – the shawl –

I finished knitting it Friday afternoon and blocked it. Today it came off the foam board. I love it! It always amazes me how lumpy thick, small pieces can be totally reshaped and come out as fabulous lace.

Remember this?

gail shawl

Well, I did this to it

nightsong blocked close up

nightsong blocked

And got this out of it!
nightsong blocked complete

Second up – a drive to the Stonington Farmers Market

I love going to Stonington. You might remember that I went down there last winter to do some free tax prep? It was cold, bumpy and desolate. Yesterday? Not so much. Here are some photos I snapped along the way – some through the windshield, sorry they are blurry.

Stonington is about an hour away – down a long peninsula with fabulous views of the islands and Penobscot Bay at various points – and some pretty flowers, too. I always think of roses and day lilies when I think of Stonington in summer. There is nothing like the smell of the flowers, the pines, and the ocean. Just heavenly.

This is a blueberry barren along the way down the peninsula – there was a lot of blue showing, but not in the photos – almost harvest time!

driving in Stonington 6

caterpillar hill 1

caterpillar hill 2


Once you reach the end of the peninsula, you have to cross the bridge to get to Little Deer Isle. (You actually can see the bridge in the third photo. It looks a lot tinier there!)

deer isle bridge

Then, you have to take the serpentine causeway to get to Deer Isle, which has two small towns – Deer Isle Village and Stonington. Stonington is at the tip of the island.


It is perched on a big hill of granite at the edge of Penobscot Bay. I just love all the wooden houses perched on the edge of the earth, and the beautiful gardens.

driving in Stonington

driving in Stonington 1

driving in Stonington 2

driving in Stonington 3

driving in Stonington 4

driving in Stonington 5

Isn’t it pretty? Even that cell tower is pretty with all the black-eyed susans blooming in the garden beneath it.

Coming home, I took a moment to snap a photo of one of my favorite places – this barren is one I drive by every day to get to work – I love that stony field with the lone tree. 🙂 Appropriate that this is through the windshield as that is how I always see it.


And oh yes, I did remember to go to the market while I was in Stonington – got some delicious cheese, chocolate, veggies and raspberries. Deliciousness.

farmers market haul

Inspired by all the summer gardens, I raided the wilds around our house for a couple of little bouquets. (Like that blue jar? My very talented sister made it for me!)
wildflowers 7 25 14

kitchen windowsill

And, lest we forget – sock knitting – I did some yesterday, and today, finished my 16th pair this year! And of course, cast on number 17 immediately. 🙂

sws 16 complete 2

Cool Friday list

Just a short one today – I am bound and determined to go to the Farmers Market in Stonington. Still have not made it there yet this summer. Their blog posts keep telling me all I have missed, so today, I will go there.

Also, want to finish the shawl which is so close to done! I ran out of yarn, so had to rip back one pattern repeat. However, because there were lots of notes to this effect on Ravelry about this pattern, I had several lifelines in, so that was pretty easy.

Not sure if I have updated you on the whole pool excavation thing lately. I have decided that this summer will be pool-free. It was a tough decision to make, because you know I love my pool, but it just wasn’t happening as it should. Instead, this is the summer of prepping for next year – I continue to work on the digging in short spurts, and hope to have everything ready for next spring. I made this decision when I thought about just how much water will go into this thing, and how long it will take to fill it – it would be September before I could use it, and September is usually when I drain it! That seemed a waste of water, so I decided to release myself from the pressure of the goal. I’ll swim at Mom’s, or Craig Pond if I feel the need for a swim.

That’s it – 2 things. More might happen, but I sure hope that I can get these two things done!

PS I might stop at the PO on the way to Stonington, as I drive right by it. But that is it for planned additions. 🙂

Friday list at the end of June

It’s a crazy list today – not sure how I will get it all done, or if I will. But I’ll get the important parts done, and the rest will live on in a Saturday or Sunday list.

I have an eye doctor’s appointment at 2:30, so I know any detailed vision work has to get done before they put those darned drops in my eyes!

I need to:
Make two wedding cards and a get well card
Weed and feed the tomatoes
Weed whack around the raised beds
Plant the mountain laurel and the potatoes. Really, this week I will do it.
Work on pool excavation, it is going to become crucial soon, I think.
Take niece B’s coat to the dry cleaner so it is ready before she returns to Maine in August. (Once I take it there, then I have to remember to pick it up again. 🙂
Finish spray painting one of my IKEA finds
Post photos and last week update. Bet you all wonder where I was and what I was up to, right?
Knit a sock… or at least a few rows of one.

I think that will keep me pretty darned busy today. I’d like to go to Stonington to the farmer’s market, but I don’t see how I can do that and get this work all done… maybe in July I will get there.

Friday List

We BOTH have 4 days off this weekend!  Such a rarity.  🙂  It means, however, that my Friday list is not my own.

This Friday is the opening day for one of my favorite local farmers’ markets – Stonington.  It is supposed to be rainy and dull, and local is a euphemism for “in my County, but an hour away” and A doesn’t really enjoy farmers’ markets, so I will hold off on going to that for another week or two.

I desperately need to pot the pansies I bought.  As pretty as they look in the 6 packs on the doorstep, I know they will look prettier in the pots. I can do that in the rain…

I can knit in the rain…

I can start laundry in the rain…

I can begin prepping for the pool in the rain (although, I would rather do it on a cool cloudy day than a rainy one).  Last week we bought a new pool for me, a replacement for the one that met its demise last fall. This one is deeper – 4 feet! and wider – 20 feet! so I need to expand my circle of rock-less sand in the yard.  I hope it won’t be too terrible a job. Like the expanded circle will be over the only bit that has no giant boulders under it.  I can dream….  I would love to have the new pool set up and commence filling it before the weekend is over.  It is killing me that I am missing all this rain for help filling it.

This might be the whole list, as we have 4 days in which to get the usual chores done, and A will be there to help with them.

But I might also find time to get up into the craft room/disaster area to get ready for when dear friend Crimson Crow comes over to play “Clean Sweep” with me, and help me sort out, clean up, and TOSS until it is neat and organized up there. If I am brave enough, I will post before and after photos. But it might be weeks before there is an “after”. And photos of “before” might be too scary for me.

Phoenix AZ day 3

Still hot. Still humid.

Today the workshops were pretty much topical to my work, so that was good. Lunch was even decent, chicken, but well prepared.

Once I got through the conference stuff, I ventured out, and walked about 6 blocks (on the shady side of the street where it was only about 95) to the public market, aka farmers market. It was small, but very nice. If I was staying longer, I would have bought some veggies and baked goods. As it was, I bought an Italian ice, and walked back. But I was impressed with the set up – they had a pavilion, with a cooling system (mist coming down from the ceiling, like the produce section of the grocery store) and they even had a market café.

So that was my big venture out into Phoenix, I have to say, that downtown is not a great place for a conference. I hear there are some nice areas around here, and I wish we had been dropped in one that at least had a neighborhood to explore.

Instead, I have been knitting and reading. Just finished My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice. It was like reading a letter from my best friend. She is an amazing woman, who has worked brutally hard to get to where she is today, and when I read this, I am so glad that she is where she is. Not an easy life, but an easy read. I hope she writes more.

The Pi shawl races along, since I knit on it all day long. I am on my last increase round, and a little nervous about how the yarn will hold out – I just started my third ball (out of 5) so I am hopeful I will get to a decent size before I run out. If not, then I will have to decide if it is worth a trip to Portland for one more skein… or bug my sister to run and get me one and mail it to me. Sadly, I think the store will be closed when I land there Friday night.

That’s it, tomorrow promises to e even less exciting. 🙂

But wait, I forgot the most exciting thing – they had a raffle, and I won it!!!!! a $50 gift certificate here in the hotel, so it will cover the rest of my dinners/breakfasts. Nice! It was one of those deals where you had to sit through the boring luncheon presentation and be present to win. I actually got up to leave the lunch, then remembered the raffle so sat back down. Imagine my surprise when they read my number off.

This on top of winning another giveaway here on word press – Rainbow junkie gave away a rainbow of yarn and a hand crocheted coaster, and I won that. I have never been so lucky in my life! Aside: I did NOT win the 300 million Powerball last night, but I do intend to buy a ticket.

Friday List

A and I are both starting a week’s vacation today, so she is joining me on this list.  It’s great to have her along!

 This morning we will head to Ellsworth early:

Stop at the Post Office on the way to pick up the giveaway package that is waiting there for me, from All night Knitter – can’t wait!

Then it is too the doctor to have my stitches out and learn the ramifications of “pre-cancerous” and what it means for all the similar but small bits on my back.

Following that, we go to breakfast somewhere – of the take out variety, on our way to Stonington. I haven’t been to Stonington yet this summer, and I love their farmers market.  I think today is the last one of the season, so I put it on the must do list. It was harder to convince A that this is what she wanted to do, I had to promise a really good lunch.  Luckily, there are many choices down there this time of year.

After lunch, we wander back up off the island, up the peninsula and into the real world.

Stop by the vet’s to get some wormer for Tigger, who sadly has shown some signs of worms.  The downside of being a good mouser.

I’ll also need to either go back to the PO or stop at the one in Ellsworth, to mail off the package to my give-away winner.  The goodies are all made, wrapped and boxed.  Just have to get to the PO when the desk is open.  Gets tough in rural America with all the cuts, but that is another story.

Somewhere in here we also have to call Down East Toyota rentals and see if they have a truck for us to rent for the weekend, and if they do, we then have to run to the town office in Bucksport to get a temporary dump permit, and then to Bangor to get the truck.

 I’ll have my knitting with me, never fear!

So it will be a day of mixed messages – chores and vacation activities.

Friday List

Friday should be a pretty good day –
I have to go to Southwest Harbor to the Farmers’ Market to pick up some cheese being made just for me – how lucky is that?

I have a niece working in Northeast Harbor for the summer, so I hope to connect with her while I am on the Island – maybe take her to lunch? Explore a few shops?

Then it is home in time to grab A and head out to the China Dinah (only in Maine do “China” and “Diner” rhyme!) to meet her sister K for dinner. We don’t see K too often, so that should be a lot of catching up over good food.

As A will drive to the China Dinah, I will get to do some knitting on the purple scarf. Maybe this is the weekend I finish it…

Friday list early

I am getting so excited about this weekend that I thought I would post my little to do list early.

FINALLY, it is a knitting Friday with Mom and sister C. Little niece E will be along too – her first day of summer vacation after her first year of school. She will be quite energetic, I know, with the big change to her schedule.

As a result, we have a hodge-podge knitting day planned. Usually we go either to Mom’s or C’s house, but this week, we think we will go to Belfast (Maine, USA – see, I am learning to be a bit more specific!) which is a glorious treat for me as it is only about 40 minutes away, and it is farmers market day and my sister wants to buy fabric so we will surely end up in that cool fabric/craft store Mom showed me. C has been researching parks, so that E can run around while we sit and knit, and there are many places that are delicious to lunch. And maybe I will get them to the fancy juice place. An exciting day!

But before I get to do that, I have to take the cats to the vet. Although they were just there a couple of months ago for their shots, they now need to be vaccinated for feline leukemia. Why? They don’t go outside or see other cats, ever.

Well, because NEXT Friday, we are acquiring a sweet two-year old cat from my brother, C (so many C’s in our family!). Tigger is a small gray tiger cat who just doesn’t like my brother. I think I know why, but that is for another blog post. Anyway – Tigger has always been able to go out, so if we are to take her, our girls have to be vaccinated accordingly. Tigger won’t be going out again, once she moves in, so hopefully, this won’t have to be done forever. I am sad my brother can’t keep his commitment to care for Tigger, but glad that A agreed to take a third cat and upset the balance of our little family. I hope Tigger will settle in nicely. She might even be cuddly, eventually (pick up that hint, Zumba and Allie!) and I already know she is not afraid of me, and will play with me and with A. No cat ever could resist playing with A….

That’s it. 2 things for Friday. Wanna hear about Saturday?

I am treating my dear A to a surprise adventure that I think can ONLY be done in Maine. We are going to the Whoopie Pie Festival in Dover-Foxcroft. What the heck is that? Well, I will be able to tell you better Sunday, but it involves lots of whoopie pie samples. If you don’t know what a whoopie pie is, it is basically a cake sandwich. Two pieces of cake with frosting in the middle. traditionally, chocolate cake, white frosting, but they grow ever more adventuresome. It is A’s favorite treat, and we have never gone to the festival. I think she has forgotten it is this weekend, I told her just to be ready to have fun, and that we were going for a drive to a surprise destination. It will be interesting, as she will be driving (I will be doing what? Crocheting, if I can figure out how to get the CAL directions printed before we head out.)

So not too many chores, perhaps a trip to the Post Office, but not much else. It is summer, after all!
And we have the internet, and we will hopefully have hot water when I get home tonight. Life is good.

weekend update

As you may have guessed – no Friday list – it was tax day. I was in Milbridge, and had a busy day – all good!

Friday night I went to a fundraiser for a local non-profit. It was a GREAT way for an introvert like me to help out. For two $20 tickets, we each got a handmade pottery bowl and a take out cup of homemade soup. I basically bought the tickets, chose the bowls from those available from local potters, and picked out two to go containers of soup. I chatted for a few minutes with a few ladies I know, and came home, heated up the soup and had supper. It accomplished a few good things – supported a local non-profit, did a bit of networking, got a yummy supper AND we now have two pretty blue bowls from one of my favorite local potters.

Saturday was a funny kind of day – we had to stop at the bank and sign a few papers for our refinance – YEAH!!!, then we went over to EBS so I could show A the tiles I would like to use for our backsplash, and we puttered around the store looking at things. I got a few seed packets, always optimistic that spring will arrive.

We went to Martha’s cafe for brunch, and then to Home Depot for more aisle wandering. Still looking for the perfect lights for our headboard which exists only in my head. A found something she has wanted for a while – battery operated skill saw, and some kind of sealer for the table saw deck. From there, we went to Marden’s, and wandered a bit. I found a few spools of ribbon, but not much else. I really have a hard time with salvage style stores. It just all looks like junk to me sometimes. Other times, I am full of creativity about what I can do with these things in the wrong colors and shapes. Saturday was not one of those days.

All of this shopping was a way to kill some time, until I met up with one of my coworkers, to go to the local farmers market annual meeting. They had asked us to come and talk about ways to raise funds to support their “double SNAP” program. We were glad to do that, as we have worked with them for years to offer the program with grant funding. That funding is nearly through, and we want the program to go on. So, we did that, and then she dropped me back of to meet up with A, who, although I thought she would be shopping without me, actually was taking a nap in the sun in the parking lot. Not a bad way to spend a beautiful late winter afternoon.

Today is a low-key home day. A did some work up in that big closet of hers, getting the insulation in right. I finished reading a suspense novel – a Lisa Gardner, titled Catch Me – that I could NOT put down, even though, it turns out, I had figured out who did it, and even why, before the end. It still was really good. This afternoon, after I get offline heeheehee I will head up to clean up the craft room. Two reasons. I do need to start making the easter cards for the family, and think about the April birthday cards. But also, next weekend, I want to get painting the loft, and so there needs to be a place to put the things that are there. I think that will be the craft room. I am getting excited about getting that room done – and the books unpacked. I will get to see my old favorites, and maybe some I have forgotten I have… it’s weeks away, but in the foreseeable future.
new pattern idea
Somewhere in there, I finished another hat. I have a vision of a new hat in my head. This isn’t it, although it has some of the elements I want in it. Same basic shape I always do, but I want to figure a way to make it a little more feminine, without going overboard. So the roll brim is supposed to be more like a ruffle – I will work on that – and the cable cuff is supposed to show more. That it doesn’t is my fault, I didn’t worry too much about what yarn I used, and the tweedy combination made by a thread each of gray and green wools makes details hard to see. I plan to work on this pattern again in some plainer yarn, and see how it comes out. I’ll keep you posted, and if it ever is worth sharing, you will be the first to know.

I am almost done with the sweater I am working on for a coworker. I will need her to try it on to make sure I have the lengths of things right, but I might get it done, other than that, today, which would be great! After that, it is on to leg warmers for niece C. Then, I think socks for me, or maybe back to the big red sweater. Also for me. With hats in between. Not for me. And somewhere in there is the blue-green cowl with last weeks yarn. For me. 🙂

So. Tomorrow is Monday, start of another long work week. Next Friday it’s taxes in SW Harbor again – so no fun Friday list. But I hope to remember to get before and after pictures of the painting project to share with you.

Friday list

Well, all I can say is, I made it through the week. Got the reports done, closed a loan, took board minutes, had a loan committee meeting, went to a business support meeting, and did a million other things. Did mess up one appointment time, so I don’t get an A for the week, but I have to say I am so glad January is over! I also could not have done all the things that got done this month without a huge amount of help from my coworkers. I get frustrated about things at work, but rarely about them, everyone is super. People make the work worthwhile.

Now It’s heavenly Friday – the only one I will have free in February. So what to do, what to do. 🙂 I have a long list of things I WANT to do… and some I will do anyway.

– go to the craft room! Have Valentines to make, as well as a get well card for a coworker who was in a bad accident last week. If I have time to do a little quilting on the table runner and placemats, I will.

– to the hardware store for some stove lighter gel and a wire suet bird feeder basket. In the last windy storm ours disappeared. Really. The snow is gone, I still can’t find it anywhere. That was some storm!

– to the dump – trouble with a January thaw? the trash thaws. I love winter, when we can go to the dump only when the barrel is full, but if it isn’t freezing, then we have to go once a week. Bummer.

– to brother C’s to help him with his taxes

– to Bangor for dinner at Kobe Steakhouse (never been before), and hopefully the movies to see Lincoln (can not wait!!!). This is to celebrate our 11th anniversary which was Monday (and I had book group on Monday, so missed the whole thing!) Sister L will join us – it’s kind of a joke for us – we always have a family member along for our special “romantic” occasions – Mom was there on our first date, A’s mom there for many other occasions.

Not very eventful, but I will enjoy it, and get things that need to get done moving along. I might clean the bathroom in there somewhere, and of course do some knitting – I am almost done with the blue lace shawl – I am determined to finish it this weekend, and block it so I can give it away. Then I can concentrate on the red sweater, which I am almost halfway through! Of course, I still do hats (they are more mobile than lace and sweaters) and I heard yesterday that the winter wear project is once again out of hats. So while I was filling my bag to send of to Nest and Root Cellar, I might raid it and give some to Winter Wear. I’ll see what ones she wants, I seem to have lots of boy colors done right now. So between lace and sweater, I should whip up a few hats.

A says I also need to play with the kittens, which will be a real chore NOT! Right now Zumba is asleep on her chair, and Allie is in her basket taking a bath. She won’t sleep while I am home and might do something that requires her supervision. Zumba rests up until I actually do something, she trusts that Allie will wake her up if she is needed. One thing I noticed when I got home from the Farmers’ Market Convention that they are big girls now. I hadn’t really realized it until then. I think they are about full-grown, but of course, they still act like kittens. They will be 11 months old tomorrow, which seems amazing, doesn’t seem like we have had them that long. While they aren’t very cuddly, they are very good companions.

Well, I should get going, or I won’t get up to the craft room in time to make the card I want to mail today.

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