Friday list – vacation

Today is a day of finishing up some odds and ends – putting the house back to rights, usual errands.  My day will look something like this:

Get photos off camera and show you what I have been up to this week, craft wise.

Spend an hour in the yard shoveling.

Load car full of things to bring to Goodwill, then head off to Ellsworth.

Along the way, I will go to the Post Office, stop for lottery tickets (my early retirement plan), and swing by the office to see what I need to carry to the veterans resource fair tomorrow.  Can’t get a straight answer out of anyone on that score.  

I will get to thoroughly check out Goodwill as I will be there alone (A isn’t too fond of shopping and absolutely hates thrift stores, so does not understand the need to check out every little thing  and consider how it could be used/improved.) Since I will be on that end of town, I might also check out the ReStore, sometimes they have nice things.  Of course, they don’t go for thrift store prices over there….

Then, on the way back across town, I will stop at Reny’s to see if they have a laundry basket or two, we seem to always be short (they turn into cat beds around here if a cat even looks like it might sleep in it)  and last stop – the flea market yard sale thing that is in that little building I love.  I have stopped there once before, but I think it need re-examining, to see what is new.  They also don’t believe in thrift store pricing, but if they have the perfect something, then that is OK, right?

Once home, I will wait to see if A really is able to only work a half day today, and if she is, we will head to the plumbing showroom in town and see if they have the perfect toilet for us.  Exciting, huh?  We want to change out our builders grade toilets fro ones that are taller and use less water.  Not sure if that will happen any time soon, but we are starting to look around.  We hope that the plumber will install it at the same time they come to do the annual service on the water system,but not sure if that is when we will have the money, as we have a bunch of big, expensive things happening this time of year (more exciting things like property taxes). 


Now doesn’t that sound like an exciting morning?  

After the plumbing showroom, we will get lunch at Crosby’s, our favorite take out place which is only open a few more weeks!  😦  Then I will get to sit down and knit a bit before I start thinking about where to put the leftover bits from the guest room.  they will NOT be stashed in the craft room is all I know for sure.


I’ll post later int eh weekend and let you know how that all came out!  Now, off to get the camera and get cracking on this list!

Friday list

Good morning!

Today I have a bit of a different list.

I am going to head out to Ellsworth reasonably early, and hit the new flea/outdoor market that I pass every day on my way to work. It is in a small house that I have always loved. The shop is new, and they did a lot of work on the house before opening the shop, so not only am I curious about the shop, but the building as well. 🙂

Then I’ll stop at the pet store to get the fancy food Zumba requires. It is a bit expensive, but she is growing fur on her belly! And all three cats have much softer, nicer coats. Who knew they shouldn’t eat chicken?

Once those errands are done, I am off to Stonington, at last! It is farmers’ market day, and I am really looking forward to it. They happen to blog on WordPress, check it out – Stonington Farmers market.

Then I head for home, with a stop at the PO on the way. A officially has the day off tomorrow, due to the death of a co-worker, which means she will head to work in the morning, then the funeral, then back to conduct a webinar, then come home a couple of hours early. So if I have it timed just right, we should get home at about the same time, and begin to enjoy our weekend together.

Socks are being knit, and a shawl is showing amazing progress. Even sock yarn leftover squares are happening. Maybe I will find time in the afternoon to take a few photos to share with you.

Home again

Yeah! It feels good to be home. Cats aren’t admitting they noticed I was gone or care. They are cats. A was happy to see me.

Yesterday was one of our anniversaries, the 5th anniversary of our commitment ceremony. Amazing! Monday is our first wedding anniversary – even MORE amazing. And we have been together 12 years. How time flies.

And she still is happy when I come home. 🙂

While I was gone, the cherry trees filled out with some leaves and blossoms, and a bunch of tulips started blooming. I’ll get some photos of the little bulb patch, it is very colorful! One daffodil, 9 red tulips, and a bunch of purple muscari.

The mountain laurel and lilac I ordered last winter arrived, I will have to figure out where to put them until the siding gets put on the porch. When I ordered them, I thought construction would be done by now hahahahahahahaha. I’ll probably pot the laurel and wait, but find a different home for the lilac and get another next year.

The cushion I ordered for the porch swing also arrived, so I will now be able to make the swing. I am making it out of pallets, and wanted to have it and the cushion match. Seemed easier than finding a cushion to fit, later. Maybe I will get to work on that in the next few weeks.

Since yesterday was a road trip day, today I have many household chores to do, and a work bowling thing to go to this afternoon, followed by a trip to the grocery store in Ellsworth and a dinner out to celebrate all of these anniversaries. Kind of an eclectic day! And yes, there will be knitting. Since I finished those challenging challenge socks Thursday night, I have knit almost a complete sock in my old standby pattern. Photos of all to come later on this weekend. 🙂

A random post with a Friday list in there someplace

I know it isn’t Friday yet, but I also know how absolutely crazy things have been lately. So, I am writing it now, and am taking a moment to get you caught up with this negligent blogger!

Crimson Crow did come over last Saturday for a craft day. We mostly talked, but we did work on things – she made a really pretty star-shaped book, and some cards. I worked on a collage that I don’t think I like. I might scrap it. But I might not. It was great fun to sit and mess about while we talked and talked; and A had women’s basketball on the TV.

Sunday was stormy (rain!) and so involved more crafting, alone, and watching basketball with A. Good weekend! I got some new spellbinder’s dies at AC Moore last week, and am using them to make some thank you cards for my tax volunteers. I’ll try to remember to get photos before I give them out.

Then the crazy week began, and it has been wild, including another danged snowstorm, which was completely unpredicted and so caught a whole lot of people by surprise in places they would rather not be. I got caught in traffic on the way home (if you have ever been here, you will know how very bizarre this is) caused by a fatal car accident. The roads iced up fast and DOT was not able to keep up. Some poor kid spun out and was hit broadside by an oncoming car. Horrible.

Lots of tax appointments this week and next, and then I begin to catch up on all that I have let slide over the last several weeks… which brings me to my Friday list – taxes in Milbridge with two other volunteers. It will be a long day, but it is our last one there. In fact, it is my last “remote” site visit for this year. After this, all my tax days are in Ellsworth; at the office and the library.

On a more fun note – finished another pair of socks! They are cozy warm, and pretty blue with green touches. Keep on loving Tosh sock yarn, but only have one more skein…

sws#5 complete

sws#5 complete a

…and here it is! This pair will be a bit different, the tide pool pattern pictured on the front of the book. I am using the color denim, which is a soft pale blue, no bright stripes like in the picture, but I think it will show the nice lacy pattern.

sws#6 at the start

After this pair, I might make something with this great, bright yarn I got from Dyeabolical yarns, using a discount theknittingsarah got for the Sock KAL. Or, I might make something with the dark gray I got last week. But I am guessing it will be the bright. I feel a need for colors….


Also been working on rippled necklaces – finished one in soft beige silk with amethyst colored beads. I hope to get a good photo of that to share. Now I have one started that is black and gray. Sounds boring, I know, but it looks really nice.

How will I ever sell all of these necklaces? I love them all. 🙂

I also finished Mrs Beeton’s beaded ruffled mitts. Not sure I will really use them like I thought I would, and the pattern was a pain in the *** to follow, but now that I have it figured out, I know I can make them again and adapt them into something I am more likely to wear. I’ll try to get a photo of these, as well.

Saturday, Mom and I are meeting in Camden, where we think there might be a yarn store we have not yet discovered. How could that be? 🙂 If it is true, it will be a good thing, as it means that between Mom and me there are three LYS, plus one alpaca farm which does its own dying. Very expensive to go see Mom!

So that’s what I have been up to – how about you?

Friday list

Short list again this week – but I think you should see my Saturday list!

Friday is tax day in SW Harbor, so I will meet my tax buddy at the LL Bean parking lot in Ellsworth at 8, and we will drive down to the Island, do taxes all day, and he will drop me back there around 5. I might get Finelli’s pizza on my way home (yum!), then I will crash on the couch with my knitting.

But Saturday?

Saturday, we are having breakfast in a new little place A found in Brewer. Then we will head off to Bangor to the bead store, where I will get some more supplies for knitted necklaces, and sign up for TWO classes – only $120 each, plus supplies. They will be on 2 Saturdays in March. I am excited as I have wanted to take classes there for a while, but it never worked that I found out about them in time.

Ahh, good food and crafting. And then, of course, all the chores I won’t be doing on Friday – groceries, laundry, PO. 🙂 Life is good.

And Sunday, perhaps I will get up to start cleaning the craft room a bit more. Tiny steps.

Weekend Update

bird feeder and squirrel
The view from the couch – not that I spent a lot of time on the couch this weekend – yea! When I cleaned out the bird feeder the other day, I dumped the old seed out on the railing, thinking the mourning doves would like that. Don’t know if they do or not, but this fellow joined the chickadees. He spent some time trying to break into the suet and the feeder (unsuccessfully), but finally went with the low hanging fruit.
meanwhile, Zumba
Meanwhile, Zumba kept a close watch on him. Not sure what she would have done if I let her out, but I suspect he would have survived.

… Yesterday was planned to be a typical Saturday with some chores, some crafts, some Olympics. But a call in the morning from our dear friend B (aka Crimson Crow) changed that, and we met her for a late breakfast at the Riverside Cafe in Ellsworth, then she came over for a visit, to see what’s new here and play some games. It is always good to see her. And as she follows this blog, she and A were teasing me about it, and why I think anyone cares what I do each day. I am not sure why you all do, but I am glad you do! But as promised, B, you are featured here again. And you didn’t even have to rescue me from a dead snake.

Knitting progress –

The light still wasn’t great Friday, but it was on my list, so I took some photos. Zumba helped, as you can see. Here is the vest in progress, and the completed pair 3 of Socks with Sarah. Pair number 4 is in progress, but I frogged what I did last week, and redid it in a smaller size. The yarn, Cascade Heritage, was a lot looser than the Tosh Sock. I am quite happy with the new size now, and have made good progress, just turned the first sock heel. Only 48 stitches in a row – they fly!

lopi vest

sws #3 complete with Zumba

Today I spent some time up in the craft room with Allie and blue paint while A vacuumed (we all have our chores, hee hee hee). I am playing with a tray I want to do in a mosaic tile/sea glass. I keep changing my mind about it, so mostly I just keep painting it. 🙂

I also am thinking about a few more of the collage pieces like I did this summer with niece C. I like how mine came out, and I wonder if they would make nice gifts? I need a housewarming gift for my brother this spring, and so am toying with what that would look like. Also, spring birthday season is nearly upon us, so I need to make a pile of birthday cards.

Last chore up there was to start the clearing/cleaning/organizing. I made a tiny bit of progress today – got the last of the Christmas card rubble cleaned up. 🙂 I know it will be slow progress, because it is overwhelming, and I don’t have systems in place for everything, which is why it looks like it does. I need to really see what is there and create the organizational systems to deal with it. But as I clean, I get distracted, because I find things I want to work on.

Snow? On Saturday?

oh-ho, Mother Nature, you messed up your calendar again! Of course, you realized it, and so tomorrow we will get more snow showers. Thanks a bunch.
Yesterday went pretty much as planned, I drove all the way to Calais (100 miles through beautiful wilderness) and only was about half way there when I realized no passport, so – no chocolate. Very sad.

Did the work I needed to d and was home again by about 3:30. A was already home, feeling like she was coming down with a cold. But she was still up for the fundraiser, so we headed to Ellsworth, collected my boss and went to Governor’s for some pie before the event. We can always count on J to join us for a meal or dessert. 🙂

The fundraiser was very well attended – we stayed until intermission, and I loved the music, although I could have done without the staged bantering that happened between acts. I’ll find out next week how much was raised, but it was close to $10,000 when we left. Not bad!!! I also could have done without the person near me who was doused in perfume – when we left I had watering eyes, a stuffed head and a sinus headache, and it wasn’t all because I am catching A’s cold.

Today is a slow day, A’s cold is here in full force, and I can feel my head filling up. I am swallowing lots of juice, vitamins, etc. She is swallowing lots of cold medicine, and sleeping a lot, which is good. I suspect I will be doing the same tomorrow. Not that I was a ball of fire today…

I (Finally) made my niece B her birthday card, it was a lot warmer in the craft room today, so I took advantage. The required glitter should be dry tomorrow so I will drop that in the mail to her.

I stayed in bed late today, and read a whole novel – been a long time since I did that – Lisa Gardiner’s Touch and Go. Her stories are creepy scary but fast paced and good reading. I love that she has contests to name her victims after real people. I can’t think of anyone I want to kill off, so I have never entered. But it is fun to read about them in the notes.

Of course, I did a bit of sock knitting, a couple of rows before I went upstairs. And now I will go do a couple of rows on the red sweater. I am determined to finish it before it is too warm to wear it. 🙂

Late friday list

crazy morning!

Shopping list made by 7:15
Contractor here by 7:30
Exterminator here by 7:45 (regular maintenance)
lights on tree by 8:00, at least all the lights I have.
some presents wrapped by 9

Still to do:

meeting at the library
grocery shopping
Cat food and pet presents
Yankee Swap gift to buy
more lights to buy
more presents to wrap
Collapse on sofa

I think I can do all of that and perhaps a little knitting, too. 🙂 Stormy weekend ahead, so I do hope I can get all the errands done today and stay put over the weekend.

Stay warm and dry this wintry weekend!

weekend update

Sunday afternoon already…. where do the weekends go?

Friday I had a nice time at Mom’s, although it was short – we had lunch at a place in Rockland, and then headed back to her house to knit and chat for an hour or so. Here’s the really amazing part – she said “Do you NEED anything at Over the Rainbow?” (that’s her LYS, and I love it there) and I said “No, I am set.” Can you believe it? I must have been feeling ill or something. 🙂

Anyway, after I left her, A and I went to Ellsworth to have supper at Finelli’s. They make the best pizza in Ellsworth, maybe in Maine.

Our next stop was to be the World AIDS day event that Down East Aids Network help at the Library. But as we had an hour or so to kill, we went up to Home Depot to walk. Why we think we can just exercise there, I do not know. We got a lot of interesting things while we were there.

We did get to the DEAN event, where we visited with a few people and I was able to check out my silent auction bids, and up one a wee bit.

Saturday A and I split up and she headed up to Bangor to get the car serviced, and have breakfast with her sister. I headed to Ellsworth for the craft fair and to do some Christmas shopping for our “secret” family. This was my last chance craft fair, and it was the best yet, but not great. Two good things – there was a lady selling knit things, and her hats were priced at $30 – yeah! – and a papercrafter I have known for years was there, so I bought a few things from her, and a few handmade glass beads from another vendor. I got out of there in time to cross town before the 11:00 Christmas parade. Whew! I hit Reny’s to buy Christmas gifts. A and I always volunteer to provide gifts to a family who calls our work Christmas program. This year, we got a family with three small kids. It always gets me when they ask for warm clothes and simple toys. These kids did, so I got each one an outfit and a few toys, which of course meant I spent more than I had planned. BUT I did take long enough that the parade was over when I was finished and I was able to get home again.

Since then, I have been spending my time gluing and glittering, I think I will get the cards that have to be mailed finished today, and will just have a few more to do for hand delivering. Then I must knit… I mostly do that while glitter dries.

Update on the lips – the eighth treatment is when I really started noticing the discomfort and blistering. I’ve got ten done now, and it is really nasty. Not sure I will make it to 14 but I am going to really try.

Am I getting too fussy?

I stopped at two craft fairs today – both were really disappointing. One was a church craft fair, and I was sure the ladies would have wonderful stuff – but it all looked like they bought it at the dollar store and added red and green paint to make it “handmade”. The other one was to benefit the fire department. At least this stuff was handmade, but it really was cheap and icky. That is the technical term! All I bought was some whoopie pies for A, and she said they weren’t very good. Not even tha baked goods pass muster.

It seems like this year, the craft fairs are just not up to snuff. In past years I have seen wonderful handmade products, pretty and creative. I always was able to buy several Christmas gifts at these shows, but not this year. It’s disappointing as I love to check out other people’s creative work. 🙂

I also stopped at the ReStore to drop off a bucket of nails and saw several pieces I could imagine bringing home, painting and using. But we don’t need furniture… we don’t need furniture…we don’t need furniture.

I also went to the local craft store for two things – paper and Stickles glitter glue. (I told you the Christmas cards have glitter. 🙂 ) They had the paper, but not the glue, so, sadly, I had to go online to get that and of course, got a few more colors than I exactly need. Have to get that “free” shipping, right?

Other than time spent running around town, I was in the craft room all day, getting Christmas card pieces together. I think tomorrow I will be able to churn out lots of them – until I run out of glitter,that is. 🙂