Best Christmas present ever

t’s been a long two days. Power went out Monday afternoon. Ice storm didn’t really stop until Tuesday morning.

We chipped out the cars, kept the wood stove in the cellar going, which kept the house up to about 60 degrees, until the wind and bitter cold moved in. then it was rough keeping it up to 60.

But the cellar was warm, so we knew we were OK, even though we don’t have a lot of firewood.

Everywhere we went Tuesday (for hot coffee, the mail, etc) we heard the same word from the power company – no lights until Friday!

So, we packed the contents of the fridge and freezer into coolers and buried them in banks of ice, melted ice on the wood stove, and hunkered down.

A had the brilliant idea that we should open our presents to each other early, so we could see what we got in daylight. We decided to do it where we could be warm, so we carried everything down to the cellar, and what a picture!

Presents piled on the workbench, us very grubby sitting in lawn chairs in front of the fire. Only in Maine!

The sad part was that we each got the other a nice big present that required electricity, so it was a bit anticlimactic. I got her a digital camera that has rechargeable batteries, and she got me a TV with a dvd player for the craft room! Very exciting, as I like to watch movies when I sew, and haven’t been able to since we moved in here.

Today with the bitter cold, I went to Mom’s alone, A stayed home and tended the fire, then, in the middle of the day headed up to see her sister L for lunch, and snagged a shower, too.

I showered at Mom’s, and had a nice day with her and B, my brother C and sister, brother-in-law and niece little E. My other brother N and his family stayed home because N and his son are sick, and they have no power, so he didn’t want to leave the house that long, and the girls decided to stay home with him. So we were a quiet group, with plenty of food to eat, and E got lots of attention as the only kid. 🙂

I left there around 4 and headed back, and as I got closer to our house, I noticed lots of power company trucks and tree trucks around, and houses with lights. The closer I got to home the more excited I was to see lights on. And I turned down our lane and saw it – a light on at our house!

I came in not to a cold dark house as I had imagined, but to one where the dishwasher was running (yeah!) the pellet stove was fired up and the tree lights were on.

Yahoo! Wonderful Christmas gift! Thank you, Central Maine Power Company! I don’t think I could have stood no coffee for two more days. And the dishes were piling up in the sink.

And I have a new TV and lots of movies to watch!
Which is good because, unbelievably, it is going to snow tomorrow and into Friday.