Friday list

Not a very exciting list –

early appointment to get my stitches out (results are in – one benign, one precancerous. Appointment with a dermatologist next month to look at everything else)

stop by Agway to see if they have any composted manure and chopped straw mulch to put on the asparagus for the winter.

Stop by the pellet stove place to schedule the annual service call.

Finish Halloween cards and pack up the college kids packages
PO to mail them.

Then, sadly work. Lots and lots of grant and report deadlines this month, not sure how I will get through it all, but it means working some on this long holiday weekend. Maybe lots. 😦

Small world!

So. Friday I was at the doctor. She was injecting my back with Novocaine, and chatting with me to distract me from the hideous burning sensation.

We were chatting about our summers. She mentioned that she went to CT to visit family. I, of course, perked up at that, and said “Where in CT?” She replied “Milford” and I told her I went to high school there. Turns out she did, too. Turns out we went to the same high school. Turns out we were only a year apart, so were there together. I didn’t go there the whole 4 years, but we went to school together for a year and a half. Neither of us remember the other one at all. That is pretty strange since it is a small school – only about 400 girls then. But we both remember the same teachers, of course.

I have been going to this doctor for probably ten years now, and we never had a suspicion that we had this connection nearly 40 years ago.

Pretty funny, and when I unpack those boxes of books and come across my yearbook, I will take it in to her. That may be in other 40 years, of course…

PS she only took off two of the three spots, and is sending me to a dermatologist to check everything out. She thinks there are more to worry about. But the two she got are at the lab now, and I’ll have results in ten days or so. More stitches to fuss with and labs to worry about. I have a feeling this is my new normal.

Friday list

This week I have a mixed up list.

I have an appointment with the doctor at 11 to get three more spots taken off my back. Not looking forward to all those Novocaine shots, that is for sure.

I also have more yard work to do, as of course, I did not finish it all last weekend. I have never finished it all, I do not think it is possible. Although the pool is gone, the ladder, floats, etc. have to be put away, so that is easy and maybe I will do it.

I want to get some good photos of the cosmos blooming in among the asparagus, so I can share it with you, it looks just like I imagined! How often does THAT happen?

There are the usual household chores: laundry, grocery shopping, the Post Office.

I have some new knitting and crafting going on, I want to share that with you as well, so more photography should happen.

I might get up to Hobby Lobby, they are celebrating their grand opening today. I invited my sister in law, S, to join me, and she said she can’t go, but is surprised that I am, because of their politics. So now I am wondering – what politics? Does anyone know anything about them?

Not sure what else I will feel up to – or even if I feel up to all that shopping, etc., but I will give it my best shot!

Bad week on the weight loss front, as I GAINED 1.4 pounds. Oops…

Friday List

A and I are both starting a week’s vacation today, so she is joining me on this list.  It’s great to have her along!

 This morning we will head to Ellsworth early:

Stop at the Post Office on the way to pick up the giveaway package that is waiting there for me, from All night Knitter – can’t wait!

Then it is too the doctor to have my stitches out and learn the ramifications of “pre-cancerous” and what it means for all the similar but small bits on my back.

Following that, we go to breakfast somewhere – of the take out variety, on our way to Stonington. I haven’t been to Stonington yet this summer, and I love their farmers market.  I think today is the last one of the season, so I put it on the must do list. It was harder to convince A that this is what she wanted to do, I had to promise a really good lunch.  Luckily, there are many choices down there this time of year.

After lunch, we wander back up off the island, up the peninsula and into the real world.

Stop by the vet’s to get some wormer for Tigger, who sadly has shown some signs of worms.  The downside of being a good mouser.

I’ll also need to either go back to the PO or stop at the one in Ellsworth, to mail off the package to my give-away winner.  The goodies are all made, wrapped and boxed.  Just have to get to the PO when the desk is open.  Gets tough in rural America with all the cuts, but that is another story.

Somewhere in here we also have to call Down East Toyota rentals and see if they have a truck for us to rent for the weekend, and if they do, we then have to run to the town office in Bucksport to get a temporary dump permit, and then to Bangor to get the truck.

 I’ll have my knitting with me, never fear!

So it will be a day of mixed messages – chores and vacation activities.

Friday to-do list

Good morning! Today my list is more like a normal one, with one little exception. But it has pool, it has crafts, it has chores – life is good, because it has SUNSHINE ALL DAY. 🙂

Without further ado, here it is!

*In the garden:
*Pick last beans and peas, first tomatoes.
*Pull a few weeds

In the yard:

*Wander around with the grass clippers, and check on flowers, weed and water, clip here and there.
*Start gathering first blackberries, and last raspberries for freezer, future jam and jelly!
*Scoop pool

In town:

*Grocery store for a few things (as opposed to a killer trip to restock)
*Doctor’s office to get that annoying spot off my back – fingers crossed that whatever nastiness it is, they get it all. I’ll know in a week or so.
*Book store to pick up the book for this month’s book group – dangerous stop! There is no telling what else I will pick up there. We are reading the Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout. We have read her novel Olive Kittredge, and I really liked it, so I am glad to have this one on the list.

In the house:

*Clean the bathrooms
*Change the guest room bed
*Never-ending laundry
*work on art project left over from C’s visit
*blog last week’s CAL rows!
*rest and recover
*play with the cats (Tigger caught her first basement mouse, I am so proud! Allie and Zumba watched, so maybe they will pick up this skill.)

Then if I feel up to it, I will head back to Ellsworth for a volunteer appreciation supper with the good folks from Down East Aids Network. It is put on by the board of directors, and there are some amazing cooks on that board, so it is very tempting… even if they weren’t a fun group to spend time with, which they are. 🙂

This seems like a full day, doesn’t it? I’d better get moving.

Friday update

Yesterday I did everything on my list. 🙂

First the good: I got to R’s wonderful family cottage just after lunch. Her mom and uncle were there as well as her husband T and two boys, C and A. It was hot, but really beautiful day. we spent a lot of time on the rocks watching C run around finding shells, crabs, etc. A was the smart one, he wanted to be inside reading. In the cool house. Mom and Uncle left around 3, and then the rest of us went for a short kayak/canoe ride out to the ledges that are only visible when the tide is out. T, A and I wisely did not get out of our boats, while R and C roamed through the mud and shells. believe it or not, that was my first ride in a canoe! We made it back safely, then T and C went off exploring a bit, while R and I sat on the porch drinking water and catching up on two years worth of news.

When the tide came up enough, we went for a swim until we got chilled, by which time, it was supper time, and I headed out. It was a peaceful, quiet uneventful day. Perfect summer day!

The not so good part: The doctor visit in the morning was my annual physical, and I passed on pretty much everything (or, nothing new I should say), except that a mole on my back that she has been watching has grown since last summer, so it will have to come off. I got the sun lecture, pretty effectively. On the way to R’s I stopped home and picked up a hat and long-sleeved shirt, then stopped at the pharmacy and got a whole array of waterproof sunscreens. I wore that hot hat all day, and the long-sleeved shirt and sunscreen when boating. I drew the line at swimming in it, though. But, I will have to get something I can swim in, because you know me, I LOVE to swim and then float around in the pool. I love to lie in the sun, and am completely convinced I look nicer with a tan. I’ll have to check out sun-free tanning lotions, I guess. Last night I was trying to think of a way to rig a shade over the pool…which would help keep the water from heating up so fast, too… so that would be a silver lining to this cloud. I even wondered about setting a market umbrella up in the middle of the pool – it isn’t a big pool, it could work! Anyway… like everyone else my age, I spent my childhood summers blithely unaware that I should be worried about the sun, and by the time I was in my thirties and people were really seriously talking about sun damage, it was apparently too late. I do try not to get sunburned, but I also do like to spend time outdoors, and I hate the heat, so I prefer no hats, no sleeves, etc. time to change my ways.

A dear friend of mine used to stay inside from 10-2 every day – this while living at the beach all summer! And I never understood it, but I guess now I do. 😦

Another good thing – the new Dritz hem marker came, and it works fine. And as I diagnosed, it has a large opening between the chalk container and the vent. So the problem lies with Dritz and quality control. Which stinks for all of us who have limited access to notions, and Dritz is the one we can find everywhere. BUT! Nancy’s Notions did a GREAT job on the customer service, and sent me one that works, and as I asked, they tried it first, I could tell because it has chalk in the container. I do wonder how many they had to try to get one that worked? I shipped the defective one back to them today, with a note of appreciation to the staff who were so good at helping me. So. Even though it was very frustrating to get the dysfunctional equipment, I have to say I would never hesitate to shop at Nancy’s again, the customer service was excellent. NOW I can hem those skirts.