Friday list

Last day of tax prep in Milbridge! It is going well, our last customer is here now. Long season, it seems, but the end of tax season means spring is here. Right?

Anyway… since work is on the list, not much else is.

I have to stop at the grocery store on the way home, and then will be making shrimp alfredo for supper.

Then I will crash on the couch with the knitting and the cats and chat with A.
Tomorrow is a different story, so maybe I should be doing Saturday lists? Well, tax season is over, so it is too late now. ๐Ÿ™‚
We have to get the snow tires off tomorrow – did I say, spring is here? Yes indeed. Good bye noisy studded snows and lousy gas mileage.

Then we will go over to one of our favorite take-out places (pre-season) – Jordan’s – another sign of spring, they are open. It isn’t spring unless you are standing around outside in your jacket, hat and mittens, waiting for your take out food and ice cream. And it IS spring.

Since we will be taking 2 cars, I might get to sneak over to the Craft Barn, who knows? I think I want more of that pink yarn…


Started this yesterday but never finished it. I did go to the grocery store, hungry, big mistake, but now we have all sorts of interesting food. lol not of the healthy variety

Spent the whole morning knitting at Harmon’s Tires, where Heather works the counter. She is the world’s best customer service person – lots of fun and efficient, too. We enjoyed a long visit with her and now have two cars with no snow tires and most of a hat done. Got new tires on my car – “green” ones, which should reduce my gas mileage. I track it, so will know. Certainly, the car is so much quieter – I had to turn the radio down!

We did get lunch at Jordan’s – FREEZING cold. We ate inside, but it was great to eat juicy burgers and freshly made fries.

We stopped over at the Orland School Open House – big book sale at the library – I spent 4 dollars and got 16 books – a variety of things – some from my childhood, some for little niece E to dust off for years to come. ๐Ÿ™‚ The school is great – it’s closed now, but the classrooms are available to rent for office or studio space. The town is really committed to making the building useful, not turn into a mouldering ruin. Makes me want to start a business or have a huge studio or something.

Anyway, no trip to the Craft Barn, but I did get home and figure out that I won the bet with A on the women’s basketball tournament – A can not catch me. Add $50 to my craft stash! So, I hopped right on to Halcyon and ordered the ball winder I wanted. And as long as I was paying shipping, I ordered a couple of skeins of bulky Lamb’s Pride. I am collecting a pile of random blues, grays, and purples to make a blanket. And there is a crochet-a-long I want to participate in coming up, so I need to collect faster rather than slower on that score. ๐Ÿ™‚ check it out at about the CAL & some yarn ideas.

I have never participated in a kal or cal so I am looking forward to it. Been wanting a big warm blanket on the couch, so I will be making one. And crocheting one is a whole lot faster than knitting one!

saturday in my life

My brackets are doing pretty well. Maybe not fantastic like win a trip to the final 4, but good enough to stay ahead of A in our big home challenge. Glad UConn pulled off the win against Maryland, but gosh, I hope all the injuries heal fast and well. They looked a little beat up. And what were the refs thinking int eh first half? Really? Are they blind?

Yeah, I get excited when “my” girls play. ๐Ÿ™‚

But not too excited to knit – I am almost done with the first ultra long leg warmer, and will cast the second on tonight, I think. I hope C likes them – they are going to be quite warm – too warm for summer ๐Ÿ™‚ but good for next year.

Yesterday I did get to the Craft Barn in Ellsworth after taxes, and was able to pick out some soft acrylic yarn for a baby blanket. It has been a while since I worked with that kind of yarn, not sure how I will like it, but I know it is practical for a new baby to have really washable things. I’ll work on that over the next few months, A’s co-worker will is due in July, and I will be crocheting – much faster to get done! I hope to also knit a pair of little booties using a;s mother’s favorite pattern. She was well-known for knitting the booties, and we try to give all new babies we know a pair of them.

Today between games I got into the craft room and worked on what were the Easter cards, but due to a lack of time on my part, are now the “welcome spring” cards. Sigh. Just not enough time in the week to get everything done.

Strange thing happened to me this morning. We had a slow morning, and after breakfast, I went out to the PO and to get a haircut. I get my haircut at the barbershop – can’t beat 8 bucks, and a haircut is a haircut, after all. Actually, the barber, Michelle does a good job. Anyway, I got there and there were probably 4 guys waiting, and a little kid in the chair. I sat doing sudokus on my phone (the only downside to the barber shop is her magazine selection stinks) a couple more guys came in while I was waiting my turn, and the dad of the little kid got his hair cut. The little boy decided I was safe, so he chatted with me while he waited for his dad. Then they left, and I waited through a few more haircuts. Finally it was my turn. I stood up, and so did the guy who had come in after me. He walked up to the chair and sat down while I was taking off my sweatshirt. I was surprised, but figured I could wait ten more minutes. The barber looked at him and said “I don’t think you are next.” He said he was, and she said “I don’t think so. She’s next.” The guy looked at me in total amazement and said “Sorry, I didn’t know you were getting your hair cut.”

Really? Why did he think I was sitting there? Believe me, a barber shop is not such a wonderful place that people go there to just hang on Saturday morning. I honestly think that he somehow figured I was there with the kid, but as the kid was gone, I am not sure why he thought I was still there. But clearly, he did not think that a woman should get a haircut at a barber shop. I would not have been surprised if this guy was old, but if he was 35 I would be astounded.

So it got me wondering when this world will ever get over having such strong stereotypes? Stop making judgements about things based on them? Please don’t say never.

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