If I were counting down…

I would be down to point five!  Vacation in less than a full day of work!!  It is another stay-cation, and that is fine. I feel so stressed out that I can hardly stand it.  I need some down time to putter. And they promise absolutely fabulous weather until Tuesday when we get the remnants of Isaac. 

I watch the news and listen to the radio, and I think that I am so lucky to live here in the very northest and eastest of the country – we have had a fabulous summer, weather wise.  Maybe not enough rain, but certainly not a drought. Not hot.  A little muggy at times (OK, OK a LOT muggy, and I do hate that), but nothing like the rest of the country has had to deal with.  And now, when all eyes are on the tropics and the Gulf – we are having clear dry days and nights in the 40’s. I know to count this blessing, that is for sure.

Other blessings to count?  I have a job.  Yes, it is stressful these days, and the new work is not always fun, BUT it is a job, it pays well, it has great benefits, including  4 day work weeks and lots of vacation. Count it.

I live in a beautiful house on a nice piece of land with neighbors who are friendly and quiet and not too close. Count it.

My family is close enough now where I can get to see most of them in a day trip, easily.  Count it.

Nieces are arriving tomorrow night for a quick visit, but B is staying for 5 years right up the road at college.  Count it.

My kittens are cute and cuddly and playful, and on chilly nights, cuddly.  Count it.

A is the best partner a woman could wish for – fun and patient and supportive and loving, and she doesn’t mind vacuuming!! Count it multiple times.

Counting down and adding up – it helps keep me sane. Lots to be thankful for, and only one more day to get through before I have a ten-day break (which only draws down 3 vacation days, gotta love Fridays off and holidays!) I can do it. I can get there.