We survived college move in day!

The girls did arrive late Friday – long but thankfully uneventful trip. Saturday we went to Brewer and Bangor to do the last of the shopping, which grew into hundreds of dollars worth of “necessary” stuff.  Saturday night, Mom and B came over, and brother C, we had a nice picnic supper on the deck.  I think it was good for everyone to see B in a low-key setting before she set off on her “new” life.

Sunday dawned way too early – we were on the road a little after 6, got to the dorm right at 7.  Room is on the 7th floor, no elevators.  We were not looking forward to that, with 2 cars full of stuff!  But it turns out the way it is set up , each floor is in a different wing, and so seven is really three.  We got her stuff moved in in record time, and niece C had fun putting the room together with all the new things for her sister.

A and I left around 8:30 to leave them alone to settle in (and told Brother C to stay as long as B wanted him there, which turned out to be for the whole morning – very cool!) we headed to the bookstore, which was closed, so we ran a few errands and came back to get a t-shirt for me and a sweatshirt for niece C who had come to Maine without a jacket or sweatshirt!  Guess it is still summer in CT.  🙂

On the way home, we stopped at sister-in-law L’s to leave flowers and a treat to celebrate her last day of work, then we came home and chilled out, waiting for the girls to get home.  I wasn’t sure how their mom would be, but she handled it like a trooper!  Even went with me and niece C to the Blue Hill Fair in the evening!  We had fun – rode on the rides, ate a little food, saw some cows.  Very low-key trip, good for distracting mothers who just dropped their oldest child off at college.  🙂

The girls headed home this morning, and then A’s sister and brother-in-law M stopped by for a few minutes, and for M to see the kittens – hard to believe he hadn’t seen them yet!  Zumba played nicely, but Allie did what she has done all weekend – hid carefully so that strangers in the house would not find her.  Once they left, things settled down to normal, We did some laundry, I took a long nap on the couch,  It is wonderful being host auntie, but it is tiring, too!

No alarm clocks tomorrow, vacation really begins… you know, moving pellets and fun stuff like that.



More lobster? College?

A is really enjoying the family festivities these last few weeks – lobster everywhere we go!  Last night we went to her sister S’s and brother-in-law M’s for a family picnic to celebrate the visit of nephew D and a few family birthdays. it was mid-week because that was what worked for everyone – D’s girl A is heading back to NYC on Saturday.  So, we raced over after work and got there in time to sit down to a wonderful spread – and A had at least one, maybe two lobsters.  I sit far away so am not sure. But she was a happy camper when we got home!

It was so good to see everyone – great-niece E and nephew S are getting so grown up and tall – !  I feel like a midget over there.  S is starting to think about college and where to go.  His mom is facilitating this, to make sure it happens on time, and not just by default.  I think S has some reservations about the whole thing, but I know he will blossom in the right environment. E is going to really enjoy high school, I think, she is becoming more and more mature, every time I see her I am amazed.

D is looking forward to school starting – he will be teaching 6th grade ancient history, and he lights up at the  thought of the projects he can do with the kids.  His A has another 9 months of grad school left, then they have to make some decisions about where they will go and what they will do.  Not sure it will be in NYC, but I suppose it might not be in Maine, either.  I hope it isn’t too far away.  For fun this summer, they hiked the 100 mile wilderness – I guess it is about as anti-NYC as you can get!  They did it faster than they thought they would, so had a few extra days visit with family.  They did get sister-in-law L to go with them to climb Katahdin – the day after her 61st birthday – and she made it up (and as she says, down, too!) and lived to talk about it.  Pretty cool! D is thinking that maybe hiking the whole trail is in his future. 

They are here a few more days, we may go home one evening to find them in the pool, which would be fine.  As long as there are no lobsters in it as well!