A rare Friday list

I know you have missed these almost as much as I have missed having Fridays off from work. ūüėÄThis week was a bit unusual at work, with late meetings, and a fundraising event this Sunday. So, to keep my hours to 40, I am able to stay home today.

What will I do with myself you ask? Here goes:

I am doing a bit of spinning this morning, working on filling that third bobbin.

Have to go out and get a haircut, long over due. While I’m out, I’ll go to the PO, and maybe, if I am feeling adventurous, the dump. We’ll see about that last one.

Back at home, there is always laundry to get started, a few dishes and some general tidying to do.

Then knitting. There are some photos I need to take for you, if the weather cooperates. And I dug some yarn out of the stash for a sweater, so I will be working on a swatch and a plan for that. And winding lots of yarn. ¬†The yarn is Briggs and Little Heritage, picked up many years ago in New Brunswick. The color labels say “dark gray heather” “medium gray” and “light gray.”

I get the latter two, but the first looks very green to me. It looks nice with the grays, though, which is all that counts.

I even found the pattern I was going to make originally – a simple yoked sweater with colorwork in the yoke and at the bottom of the sweater. It is pretty, but I think I want a cardigan, and I don’t want a round yoke. ¬†I dove down the Ravelry rabbit hole for a while, and when I was done with that, I decided I want to make my standard raglan top down sweater, with stripes. I toyed with the idea of making a turtleneck sweater I have made before, but I realized that the one I have is almost the same color. Oops! So, I dug out the old pattern, an ancient Candide one. This is my second copy, pretty worn out, and it cost a dollar. I wonder¬†if it is still available, and how much it costs these days? It might be time for a new one.

Anyway… I also will work on the blue sock, which is getting closer to done – working on the leg. My goal is to get it done by Wednesday, then cast on the next pair, which will be knit with the Garden Center yarn I spun with an opposing ply, can’t wait to try that! Which reminds me, i might cake that today.

That’s really all I have planned for the day – not a lot but that leaves me loads of time for that knitting and spinning. And thinking about yet another sweater…that turtleneck still seems like a good idea, I wonder what other yarn I have in my stash? Add that to the list – more stash diving!




In the Midst of a Really Nice, LONG Weekend

boxes and drawers awaiting trim and beadboard fronts
A “posing” happily… which changed when I said it was going on my blog!
this geranium is at least 20 years old, and still blooms happily for me after a summer on the deck
With no frost this fall, the morning glories are able to go to town – best year ever for them, although that isn’t saying much as I never had ANY luck with them before.


cheerful marigolds look lush this year


Autumn colors surround the front deck

That list from Friday?¬† Well, I didn’t do too badly.¬† It didn’t actually get sunny out until after lunch, so in the a.m., I did the errands – PO, grocery store, hardware store.¬† Then I did some more draining of the pool, but not all.¬† I did, however, cover it so that no more leaves and water will go in.¬† I think this will be a long process.¬† I wonder what will happen if I never actually get it done and in the cellar?¬† Will that make next spring harder or easier?

I DID get the plants from the deck all cleaned up, re-potted where necessary, and into the house.  That was a lot of work, a lot of heavy lifting and carrying.  And Allie Cat followed my every move, watching from inside the living room door.

I carted a wagon load of chairs, empty pots, and general summer flotsam down to the cellar and got it put away.¬† I also attacked the railing on the deck off the bedroom – got the two pieces that were ready in place and attached.¬† Then I cut the final piece, and was going to stain it, but realized it was too wet.¬† So that sits in our nice dry cellar, and should be good to stain tonight or tomorrow.¬† Or next week…although I would like to get it complete before it gets much colder.¬† After all, it has been a year in the making!

I set the cedar planter.¬† Now to fill it with dirt.¬† I used all that we had (6 bags) and it didn’t make a dent, so I ordered as many as they can get their hands on at EBS.¬† We will see how many that is.¬† I got a bale of peat moss to mix in as well, so that should help with some good bulk. I was busy busy busy, and by the end of the day, I was exhausted.¬† Did I mention I also did laundry and cleaned the bathroom?¬† No? Well I did.

I was outside wrapping up things when I realized it was 4:55, and if I wanted to catch A before she left work, I should hurry.¬† So, I called and told her we were going out to dinner, I didn’t care where, but I wasn’t in a mood to think about dinner.¬† She took it amazingly well (as I suspected she would, since weigh in was done¬†for¬†the week).¬† We went to the Angler is Searsport – had wonderful food, which of course, I am still eating, and¬†will be for a few more days.¬† I even got bread pudding, which I love.¬† It has been my treat ever since, and I think I have one more serving left. I can’t worry about the calories that come when we eat out, when the whole meal comes home and lasts me three or four days.¬† That is the wonderful part about the gastric by-pass.¬† You really can just have a taste of something and be satisfied.

I also took lots of photos throughout the day – the colors of things seemed so vibrant in the cool foggy morning, I couldn’t resist.¬† How nice that digital is free – and instant.¬† I can see that nothing came out as I thought it would right away, instead of waiting for film – and paying for it, too!

Anyway, that was my Friday!¬† Full of work.¬† Saturday wasn’t much different – but it was different kind of work.¬†A and I went for a longer than usual walk in the morning – after we stayed in bed reading later than normal.¬†¬†I went to the hardware store, etc in the morning, and to the book store – had to get the book club reads for next month, and they had the next several months in stock, so I got a whole pile of books.¬† Is there anything more delicious for a rainy weekend?

Trouble is, it never rained. So I kept puttering away.¬† Got the guest room ready for next week’s company, cooked a chicken for supper for A, and made chicken soup for the freezer. Did more laundry. Helped A in the workshop – she is really ALMOST FINISHED with the bed.¬† I know¬†I keep saying that, but really, she is so close!¬† How close?¬† Well, it consists of three boxes, each with two drawers.¬† She has one box and drawers completely done and ready for me to paint.¬† She has the second box done and just needs to give it the final sanding.¬† The third box is all done except for the trim and beadboard¬†drawer front.¬† Since she will be left alone all day next saturday while I am at Husson doing parent weekend things with L and the girls, I think she will finish her part of that box as well.¬† I will try to get the finished ones painted this week, so that we can move them into place next weekend, while we have young, strong backs here to help move them around upstairs.¬† I even remembered to take photos.

One funny thing – remember how I said Allie Cat supervised me all day Friday?¬† Well, we did not see a sign of her on Friday night or¬†Saturday – she was passed¬†out all evening, and then went upstairs to snuggle on the futon, where she stayed ALL day Saturday.¬† I told you I walked a lot.¬† And for a little 7 month old kitten to walk the same without her usual midday naps was pretty¬†exhausting, apparently.¬† She was more alert today, and ready to play “hockey” in the kitchen this morning with her ice-cube.

Tomorrow is sailing – for real!¬† It is supposed to be cold but clear.¬† Can’t wait to get out on the ocean.¬† I know it will be months before we can do it again.