Up until this point we have had a fairly quiet winter. Our storms were of the warmer variety, which I don’t like- more icy nonsense than snow.

All of that changed this week. No more warm days between storms melting everything.

Starting Thursday I had three days of taxes scheduled. Volunteers lined up. Appointments filled.

Thursday the weather prediction was for a big snow, more snow the farther east we were. But not starting until 11 or so.

Sure enough, at 11 the first flakes fell, and the boss gave us an early dismissal, which was great, but meant canceling a slew of appointments and rescheduling them for next month.

We got about 6 inches at our house, but the location of the Friday tax clinic got 18 inches! So, we cancelled all the morning appointments and got there at noon. It was a crazy day, the schedule got all out of whack as people came late or early depending on their drivway situation. Instead of getting out at 4 as planned, it was closer to 5, followed by a long drive home.

Saturday was predicted to be light snow, 1 – 3 inches. I trucked up to Bangor for Super Saturday tax clinic. It’s held in an empty storefront in a small mall, and we worked hard all day, but did notice our numbers were down. Found out why when we left at 4. Way more than 3 inches – it had been snowing steadily all day! I went to the grocery store right there and headed home through some heavy snow on messy roads, so it took forever. Got home to find the driveway unplowed, and that’s when I realized how much snow we had. My mighty Prius plowed up the hill no problem, shooting snow everywhere! A had cleared out my parking space, which made me so happy as I just had sneakers on. 😀 We had 8 -9 inches and it kept snowing a few more hours.

So I got through the busy week, in the end made far less busy but no shorter by the snow.

Today is a combo day – pajamas and snow pants. We have to get out and clear vents and decks and driveways (plow guy came last night, yea!) this morning, then we will totally chill. Because this afternoon, guess what?


We are forecast to get 18-26 inches (depending which channel one watches) in 24 hours, starting late this afternoon. Strong, sustained winds as well.  I fully expect to get the call canceling work tomorrow – that will be my napping spinning knitting day. Of course there will be intermittent shoveling as well to keep ahead of it.

And I hold out the tiniest bit of hope for at least a delay on Tuesday morning. 😝

So I should have finishes to share soon, and pretty snow pictures.

Oh, and our forecast after Tuesday? Storm expected on Thursday which they won’t talk about yet. But significant something.

Guess winter is hitting us full force this month!

A different kind of blizzard

It seems our storm went a little bit south and a little bit east, and so we are getting frigid cold, extremely high winds, and a few inches of snow.

It is fun to watch the weathermen do a fancy dance that somehow winds up with them having predicted the weather accurately – as in, Friday night, after 20 minutes of dire predictions and warnings about the 2 feet of snow, whole gale winds and sub-zero temps headed our way, they threw in a quick line “if it goes a bit east, we will get much less, if it goes a bit west, we will get a lot more.” So, they got it right.

Whatever.  I am still not going outside.  Because they did get the wind and temperature right.

I am knitting and watching the birds on the feeders (mostly easily identified chickadees, so far.) And the TV is on, CBS Sunday Morning, lots of feel-good love news. And jewels.

We had a nice Valentine’s Day – went out to dinner Friday night, because of the impending doom. A got me a card and a bag of heart-shaped peppermint patties, I got her a card and a small box of goldfish crackers (can’t afford real gold.) 🙂 and we are both happy. Because it isn’t about one day, it is about every day. So no jewels or gold, just lots of love.

2:00 pm and the first flakes are falling

The next big blizzard is starting.  We are as ready as we can be.  All paths and decks and driveways are clear, bird feeders are full, house is warm, chores are done.  A has even charged the batteries in her power tools so she can do her wood working if the power goes out.

Let the knitting commence!  I finished the blue sleeves, and will block them this afternoon.  The blue lace only needs 2.5 pattern repeats.  Progress is finally showing!

Can’t quite fathom what we will do with 2 more feet of snow. ( I never did find a better forecast.)

Friday list

Friday list once again not too exciting… taxes at the Southwest harbor library in a “mixed” storm. Sigh.

Wednesday’s blizzard turned out to be just very light snow with howling wind where I live. A plus! Another plus? the boss closed the office based on the forecast (which was the right thing to do , as we were supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow). They did get tons more Down East, but you just can’t trust the National Weather Service sometimes. He will probably never close again. Make sup for the day a few weeks ago when he should have closed and didn’t, I guess.

Anyway – A took the day half off as well, so it was fun. Felt like a Sunday. Which made Thursday feel like a Monday. Ugh. And it was tax day in Ellsworth. Only three more weeks… then life returns to something like normal.

Saturday friend Crimson Crow is coming over for a crafts day. I wonder what we will do? More importantly, I wonder where we do it? I had better clear a flat surface off before then…