Weekend plans in June

This weekend has far fewer plans than the last two did, and that’s a good thing. A has been working on finishing the bookcases for my birthday. The last one is ready to be painted, so I will work on that. It will take longer than the weekend for me to prime and put two coats of paint on.

Tomorrow I get out of work a bit early, and have to run to Bangor in the afternoon. A has to be there too, so we will connect and go to the “big” grocery store before heading home.

I have a plant I need to get in the ground, and I haven’t been sure where I want it, but I think I know now, so will try to get it planted in the afternoon.

I also need to get the pool water tested and the chemicals to put in, so I can get it really clean. If I don’t get that done tomorrow, I will do it on Saturday.

Saturday is Whorls and Purls in the afternoon, that is my only commitment for the whole weekend! Not bad.

Sunday is Dad’s birthday AND Father’s Day so I will try to reach Dad to say hello. That is more difficult than it used to be. But I’ll give it a shot!

I think step brother J arrives in Maine tomorrow for his summer holiday. Not sure when he will be able to help garden, but I need to get ready for lots to happen! I am a little bit anxious about it this year, the projects I really want to focus on are big and maybe nasty…

I hope to find a little spinning time, almost done with bobbin one of tree bark. And knitting! Plugging away on the sweater, but I can’t just knit at W and P, I need to knit on it other times or it will never happen.

I did finish a hat this week

Not sure what I will do with it (sell or gift) but it is ready to go.

That’s about all she wrote. Just anticipating a weekend filled with meaningful chores and fun crafting and DIY.

Another quick post with no photos

We had a nice weekend, but I did not get photos.  Now it is gray and gloomy again.  😦 I am thinking of bribing coercing guilting asking my niece to model some things for me, if she gives in suffers through it agrees, I will share photos.

We had a near tragedy in the house on Saturday.  Niece B has two pets – beta fish named Apples and Todd – which she of course had to bring along with her this week.  Not a problem.  They sit in their dishes on the bureau, and seem content.  But Saturday morning we were all in our bedroom visiting, and had Allie in there with us.  Zumba was elsewhere, sleeping we assumed.

A went off to get something in the other part of the house and we heard a yell “Apples is on the floor!”  we went running out to where Zumba sat, watching a fish flop around on the floor.  It seems B had left her door ajar, and Zumba had gone into investigate.  “Somehow” Apples’ dish had fallen to the floor and broken, and so the poor fish nearly expired.  There were  tears and races to get a new dish and water, and lots of anxious watching a little fish just hang in the water, one gill flapping madly.  Eventually the other gill moved, and now, two days later, it seems the fish is fine.

B will not leave her door open ever again, and Zumba doesn’t know that she was nearly a murderer.  We are thankful that A decided to go get the vacuum just then, or this might have turned into a miserable week.

B is working to get a more furry pet with four legs, she thinks the school will let her get a “therapy” hamster if she keeps it in a cage.  So her next visit might be even more exciting.

Monday Mom and Stepdad B stopped by on their way home from Bangor to have a short visit.  Since we were having a stupid spring snow thing, they did not stay long, but it was nice to see them, and for them to see Niece B. (If I were naming my family, I have to say I would not have so many names start with B and C!)

I am taking a couple of half days this week, and yesterday was one. B and I headed to Bangor for a bit of shopping, and an early supper at Olive Garden with A when she got out of work. I picked up a few foam pads to make the sofa bed more comfortable, I hope, and then we went to Joann’s.  Ahhh, a craft store with a bit of cash in my pocket.  🙂  I got a few items I hope will work as jewelry displays at the shop this summer, and a few things I maybe didn’t need for card making.  I also picked up Vogue Knitting and an Interweave Knits magazines, which I haven’t done in a very long time.  I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I opened the covers and saw all the cool projects. Even the ads are inspiring.  I made B look through them and tell me things she liked and didn’t like.  It was interesting, and not at all what I expected.  🙂

Today I work all day, and tomorrow I leave early again – that is photo shoot day (I hope) and them off to Belfast, where I will show her a SUPER fabric store, and hopefully some alpacas, as well as a whole lot of independently owned shops we can browse.  I am trying to teach the “buy the best quality basics you can afford” rule for clothing and home furnishings,  that trendy pops can be added and switched out if the bones are good. But I am not sure I am getting anywhere, it’s not a lesson a 21 year old who has never had the luxury of quality seems inclined to understand. 🙂

Friday is a tax day in Milbridge, which means a LONG day – early start to meet other volunteers for a carpool, and then a long day of tax prep and a long drive home.  We will help lots of people who need the help, and that is what keeps us going on the longest days.  Especially the ones that are supposed to start out snowy.  Ugh.  Then the weekend, and our last few days with our visitor.  The week seems to fly.

Photos next time, of something, I PROMISE.  Even if it is just of a cat sleeping and dreaming of flopping fish, there will be a photo.


Good morning!

I hope you are all looking forward to this first workday of 2016.  Yeah, me, too.


I am up early today because I completely procrastinated all weekend and did not prep for today’s tax training.  Got up at 4 am, got it done and now have a bit of time for the blogging black hole.  🙂

Yes, I said tax training.  It is that time of year again where life gets wildly busy, my brain gets used to the max, and I feel completely exhausted.  And I LOVE it.  🙂  There is nothing more gratifying than guiding someone through the twists and turns of an accurately prepared tax return.  🙂  But first I have to do the training and pass the test.

Tax training means I will be going to Bangor every day this week (weather permitting — training follows the schools when it comes to cancellations.  But the forecast looks good.)  And in Bangor, there are at least two (that I know of) yarn stores, three big box craft stores, and many many other shopping opportunities.  And  have a wee bit of cash in my stash, so there is no telling what will happen.  🙂


On the crafting front – I spent a lot of time plotting and planning and knitting this weekend – I finished up the panda snack/wurm hat.  There is a bad photo on my ravelry page here if you are dying to see it.  🙂  I started a  Peaseblossom shawl which I will tell you more about and show you later – it is going to be GORGEOUS, I think… (Thanks for sharing, Claire!) It will be for sale somewhere. I intended it to be for me, but it is coming out way more brown when knit than I expected and I just don’t do brown.

The Knitting Sarah is starting a new project with a new year – she is so good to us all!  It is the 1+1+1 project, and we had to set three goals.  Mine revolved around knitting inventory for sales opportunities, knitting shawls for sale and keeping. I committed to 4, not because I think that will be hard to achieve, but to keep me from knitting all shawls all the time, and Peaseblossom is the first one.  Hap for Harriet is definitely on the list, to keep. The last goal is to knit myself a sweater from the New England Knits book, using stash yarn.

But before I saw her new project, I saw a post from the United Way of Eastern Maine on Facebook, talking about a happiness jar.  Everyday you write down something that made you happy, and put the paper in the jar.  At the end of the year, you open them up and relive hundreds of happy moments.  I don’t usually do well with every day commitments, but so far, so good.  I even have A participating.  🙂 And guess what?  4 days and not one mention of knitting in the jar!  There might be a SQUEEEEEEEE about the bead order arriving though.  🙂


So.  Sales.  The pop-up shop is done for the year, I pick up remaining inventory and final check after work tomorrow.  I stopped in Saturday to say hello and pick up a little gifty for us, and Sonja, the amazing Sonja, told me she has passed my name on to a woman who is looking for crafters for her year round shop.  I know the shop and it is lovely, very well known and seems to do very well, so that was exciting.  Added to the fact that Sonja is going to do a two month shop this summer in Bucksport and wants me to knit more summery and baby things, it is a good thing that I got that bead order and have a yarn stash!  I am trying to find things that will sell well and not be tedious to knit.  I do want a couple of shawls ready for either opportunity, as I sold two of the three I had in the pop-up shop.  I know I won’t sell ten a year, but a shawl every now and then does wonders for the pocketbook.  🙂 I will keep doing them, between baby hats and booties and mittens, and regular hats and jewelry. I have to work to keep this manageable – so knitting remains fun and doesn’t become too much like work.


And with that, I see I should get going – have to pack my tax books, computer and knitting.  I can usually knit a hat a day in tax training – the trainer doesn’t mind me knitting through lectures as long as I do it quietly and pass my test.  🙂


Have a fun Monday!!





Last Friday of vacation😩

How quickly the week has gone!  I wonder why work weeks don’t go this fast?

Today A and I are going to be busy.  We are headed up to Bangor this morning to pick up a rental van, then it is down to Ellsworth for a few errands including the shoe store. We are both in a search for the perfect shoe (very different definitions of these shoes of course) and not having much luck. We are picking up pizza from Finelli’s and heading over to see Crimson Crow. We will exchange lunch for a bookcase, it seems a good deal! Then back home.

If it stops raining we will gather our big dump items in prep for a trip tomorrow.  Until this week our method of vehicle management has worked well. Own and maintain small fuel-efficient cars for regular use, then rent a larger vehicle or truck only when we need one. But this week that didn’t work as planned. There were no trucks for us to rent. So, we will make do with a van. Might mean a couple of trips, I guess.

When we get home, it is back up to the sewing room. I finished the bodice and sleeves of the dress. Things went really well on the sewing front.

But on the fit front – not so well.  I know the pattern said negative ease. It also said to trust it. My measurements were one the low side of the range so I did in fact trust it.  I have blocked enough things to know that if you pull a knit in one direction, it will shrink in the other, but I kind of thought that they would have planned for that. And maybe they did on a flat chested woman. Which I am not. The bodice barely comes down over my bra!

So, I look on this as a muslin or toile or test sew or future rags, whatever you want to call it. Future efforts will be wider and longer.

It’s probably just as well as I didn’t do a super job of lining up the plaids. I might be the only one to notice, but I would have.

What are you doing this rainy Friday?

A Little Update

As you can no doubt tell, we have been mostly off line this vacation.  Sorry for the radio silence!

It was wicked hot until yesterday, and even yesterday was muggy.  Which felt like hot if one moved.  So I tried hard not to!

Niece B spent the weekend as planned – arrived Friday afternoon and we immediately hopped in the pool.  There followed a weekend of playing games (she especially loves Guillotine and routinely beats me at it) and swimming and eating.  Sunday we went up to Bangor in two cars. After a flying trip to the shoe store for new sneakers for A and me, we had an early supper at the Olive Garden. I must say we had the absolutely worst service I have ever had there, and they were not busy for a change!  We actually had to ask twice for silver ware, and gave up trying to get water.  They have these new kiosk computer things at the table and we filled out a survey which will likely make them sorry they got the kiosks.  🙂

From there, we headed over to A’s office.  They got all new desk chairs, and are giving away the old ones, so we grabbed one for her dorm room.  Much more comfortable than the wooden ones provided for the kids to sit on. We left her in a steamy hot room with all fans gong.  Before we got home, she texted that she missed our cool house, poor kid.

Monday we headed over to Mom and B’s for a sail and a lobster dinner.  The sail was one of the best yet – nice steady breeze from the SW, which meant once we got away from land, it was very cool.  Had to laugh at all the landlubbers aboard who got nervous when we heeled over.  Got this great shot showing two landlubbers and a guy with more sense.  🙂  Who wears leather soled flip flops on a boat????


Fortunately, we just sat in our places from cast off to tie up so they did not have to worry about slipping.

It was a hot and hazy day, for sure – you can see the haze in these photos.


A tiny bit of heeling here – after all, it is a sail boat!


Another schooner out enjoying the breeze.


Owls Head Light in the haze.


A working boat – and one with apparently good bait, as the gulls were following closely!


Rockland Breakwater light as we came back in.

After sailing we headed out to Spruce Head for another early supper – and good thing!  The place we tried was closing for the season at 6 o’clock.  A and B had lobster, Mom and I had crab rolls.  Must have been half a pound of crab in them!  Yummy.

Then we went on a search for ice cream – and found some good stuff at Mom’s favorite place, Dorman’s Dairy in South Thomaston.  They are dear to me because they held out against Wal-Mart and did not sell their prime commercial real estate to the giant.  So there they are -a  nice little mom and pop ice cream stand (they make their own!) with Tractor Supply and Wal-Mart behind them, Lowes, Appleby’s, and a Comfort Inn across the street.  And lines filling the parking lot each and every day. May they prosper always. We did our part.  🙂

Tuesday I was determined to dedicate to sewing.  I am eager to make a dress from the Colette pattern Moneta.  I was fooled by this description “Made with knit fabric, this dress can be created in a matter of hours. With minimal pressing and just a few pattern pieces, you’ll be whipping up an army of these wardrobe workhorses.”  I had bought some gray and white window pane plaid to make this, thinking it would work well this fall and winter, maybe with a turtle neck underneath.  Of course, at the store I could not remember the required yardage, and so bought enough for the sleeveless version, not the 3/4 sleeves I had planned.  Not to worry.  I could get more or make the sleeveless version and call it a jumper, right?

Ok, folks.  First instruction – lay fabric out folded in half the long way, right sides together.  Sounds pretty easy.

I have worked with woven plaids before and it is usually easy to fold and line up the plaid.  Not so with a knit, apparently.  It moves.  You can’t see the plaid because the right sides are together.  Even though it is knit in, it doesn’t show on the back.  I spent literally three hours fighting with it. I could NOT get that fabric lined up so that the plaid ran straight.

It was hot.

I gave up and went to get a hair cut, then for a swim.

Wednesday I was determined, but I had been thinking about it all night.

Why does it have to be right sides together?  I can see the plaid if I do it wrong sides together.  Most of the pieces are cut on the fold, so it should not matter.

This time it only took two hours to get it folded and the plaid straight.  I found I had to pin it at every pattern repeat, on both the selvedge edge and the folded edge to keep the plaid together. But it worked.

Then the lay out.

It seemed like I should be able to get a sleeve out of this yardage, and I was right.  I modified the recommended layout and gained enough yardage to make the 3/4 sleeve in the fabric required for the sleeveless dress. if you make this pattern, take note, it can save you a lot of money! Instead of laying the pieces out in a long line as directed, I pinned the skirt as recommended, cut it out, opened the remaining fabric up and brought the selvedges together to meet in the middle, thereby creating two folded edges, which I used to cut the bodice pieces. That left JUST enough yardage for the sleeves.

By doing this, I was able to also keep all the pieces going in the same direction, so if there is nap in the fabric, it will all be going in the same direction.  Not sure why the directions don’t call for that, either.

I haven’t sewn a stitch yet (but have worked on this for at leas 8 hours!), but I felt good enough about the final outcome that when we went to Bangor to do errands last night, I stopped in at the fabric store and bought enough fabric for two more dresses.  Solids this time, I have learned my lesson! I’ll set up the sewing machine later today and begin the task of getting tension and stitch right using zig-zag.

It hasn’t been all sewing and sailing this week, of course.  I have done some knitting as well.  The Scarlet Tanager shawl is complete – washed blocked and dried. It is brighter than  usually would wear, but I think I will love having the summer sunshine around me this winter. The fabric is really soft, I guess that is the bamboo in it – very nice!

Here it is being blocked – I love how this shawl just opens up with blocking.


And here it is all done, modelled as always by the dining room chair.  🙂


I have been knitting away at the teal/gold thing whenever we travel – I am about a 1/4 of the way through the yarn, so at least a 1/4 of the way done with it.  Not sure I will go to the end with the yarn as it will also stretch a lot and open up with blocking. And I cast on a new project – breaking my own rule about number of WIPs.  Too bad, it is vacation.  A kindly let me confiscate her camera, so I can share photos of both WIPs with you. But the camera and I are not in agreement on colors yet – the green seems to have washed out of these, leaving them looking a bit dull.  The Millais shawl is a soft aqua.  The sweater is made with all that yarn I dyed earlier in the year – strong teals, aquas and blues.  Hopefully, I will get a better photo of these before long and you can really see the colors.



I am almost done with the border of the Millais.  I like that the longest part is at the beginning – now the rows will get smaller and smaller.  It calls for three skeins of the yarn, I almost finished with the first one.  It is incredibly light and soft, like a feather.

So that is what I have been up to this week – not much to show for anything, but I think I will suddenly have lots accomplished from all this effort.  Certainly I have enjoyed the pool this week, and THAT work was well worth it.

We have a couple more days of vacation – today I will spend swimming and sewing, and I think I will make you wait until tomorrow for a peek at Friday and the weekend plans.  I know you look forward to my crazy Friday lists as much as I do, and we get one more before I go back to work.  🙂

Sleeping outside or starting the weekend off right

I decided to sleep outside on the porch tonight. The sky is pretty, it isn’t going to rain and it’s nice and cool. Perfect night for it!

A thinks I’m crazy. 🙂

For a short week, it seems like a long time since I was here.  Not much is new, our quiet weekend is filling up, though.  Car appointments, breakfast with family while we wait, errands and chores. Then off to Orono for niece E the elder’s School performance.  Sunday a plays golf while I play in the yard. And boom! The weekend is over!

Oh how I miss my Friday’s off!

I have done some research on spinning lessons and found some nearby.  I will check out the woman next week at Fiber Frolic, so that is exciting.  Just going there next week will be exciting!  Actually there is lots going on over the next few weeks. But we will take it one week at a time!

I will try to find time this weekend to show you what I am working on now that I have finished the long scarf- something to look forward to!

A’s Birthday Friday List

Today beloved A is celebrating her 52nd birthday.  She thought long and hard about what she wanted her birthday excursion to be.  If you remember, last year we combined our excursions into a real vacation to Charleston, SC.

This year, she set her sights some lower.  After much thought, she decided she wants to go to Bangor, to Harbor Freight, and wander the aisles, picking out some treasures. Then she wants to have supper with her sisters at Uno’s. All I can say is that it is her birthday to do with what she will.  And I thank goodness there is a Christmas Tree Shop right next door to Harbor Freight, so I won’t go out of my mind.  🙂   (Just saying that my birthday excursion will be more fun – I am headed off to Monhegan Island with Mom and company in June.)

So, this morning I will bake her an angel food cake, and then we will head up to the big city for the afternoon.

I’ll have my knitting with me.  And my creative brain, because Christmas Tree Shop always has just the perfect thing if only it were a bit different.

I’ve been busy!

Mom, B, and I hit the bead store for what might (should) be the last time before she closes in a couple of weeks.  Even with the discount, I still managed to spend a bit of money, stocking up on things I know I will use, and getting a few that were not on my list.

I won’t show you everything I bought as I already put it away, but I will show you what I did with it last night and this morning.

I sorted and planned and strung beads on silk for future projects.  Today is a sunny day, so I took it all out on the deck for photos for you.

Here’s a shot of all of it, sparkling in the sunshine.

beads 1

Here’s what’s what:

black silk strung with beads for a red, gray and black bracelet cuff, and with gray and silver beads for a necklace and earrings;

beads 7 earrings, necklace and bracelet

beads 8 on the railing

beads 9 on the railing

(Note the snow still on the ground in this shot.  Jeesh!  It is melting fast, but still with us.)

gold silk strung with green beads to re-do that necklace I messed up, and dark topaz colored beads for a necklace;

beads 6 two necklaces

light purple silk strung with sparkly purple beads and coated black beads for a necklace;

beads 3 necklace

pale sea-foam blue silk strung with beads for a bracelet cuff;

beads 2 bracelet

medium blue silk strung with very sparkly blue beads and clear crystal for a necklace and earrings;

beads 4 earrings and necklace

here’s a combination for you – pale peachy-salmon colored beads for a necklace and green and gray strung for a bracelet cuff.

beads 5 neckalce adn bracelet

So, all planned, strung and put away.  Because I have some other knitting I need to concentrate on before I cast these on.  That blue linen, for instance. I think these will be my reward for working on that.

Besides beads, we had a fun day in town – Mom treated us to lunch at the Olive Garden, and then we quickly hit Joann’s where I ONLY bought buttons for the baby surprise sweater – now at last complete and listed for sale on Etsy – aren’t they cute buttons?  There were some flowers I almost got, but these were too cute to ignore.

surprise button

surprise front

We also went to AC Moore because what mom was looking for could not be found at JoAnn’s.  And for the record, I walked out of that store empty-handed!  Luckily, Mom found what she wanted.

In among all that shopping, we had a fun visit, lots of talking and laughing. I am glad we went, we only have B around for one more month before she head’s back home for the summer.  😦

I also worked on my KAL knitting, finished the week two section – amazing to me how different the two shawls are – the yarn weight is pretty close to the same, but on the blue-green, I am using a huge needle. Check it out – same number of stitches and pattern repeats:

shawls week two

One is going to be a shawlette, I think, the other will be a warm wrap yourself-up garment!

I also got final photos of the Charleston baby set – buttons and ribbons and ends woven in finished. Also listed on Etsy this morning.  🙂

charleston set 2

Niece C’s birthday present comes along in spurts – I take it every where I go and sometimes get to work on it.  🙂  I have a couple of months to finish that one.

So.  Other news – Well, I haven’t got as much to report as I had hoped.

On the employment front – can’t remember where we left off – but I saw my job posted, and so I called my boss to see if he was interested in me applying.  I would not have bothered if he didn’t think he would review my application.  He said he was, but I should know the salary was $25,000 less than what I was making.  I said I expected it would be less, as it was my actual job description, not everything I was doing that was “extra”.  But that seemed a bit much, and I said I could not do it for that.  I gave him a  number that is MY bottom figure, and he said to apply.  So I did.

I have heard nothing from him or the big boss, but I did see them all last week, just no time to talk.  Everyone was friendly.  And the HR person told me “that salary issue is all worked out.”

But it isn’t until someone talks to me and we come to an agreement, right?

Anyway, I said in my application that I was available after 5/1. I am interested to know whether that is when I go back to the office. Knowing these guys who have crazy schedules, they will call me on 4/30 to see what time I will be in.

I think I promised you medical news as well.  Still no report on anything there, either.  I went to the doc with a list, which included sore joints, lumps and rashes and the hope that I could slow down on iron supplements. Sore joints:  she recommended heat for the shoulder, ice for the foot, and a support strap for the elbow.  Rash got a ridiculously expensive strong cream.  Iron review got a blood draw, and the lump?  The lump got me an ultrasound.  That is what I thought I would hear about by now, but all I have heard back on is the iron – which apparently requires further review. The joints all feel better. The rash is changing, hard to tell if that is good or bad.  I have an appointment on Thursday, so I should know more after that.  I might call them Tuesday when I am home, but I might not, too. If I don’t know better, then it is nothing serious, right?

Thursday is a big day – aside from the doctor, I am having lunch with a coworker friend – the one who got all the necklaces in January.  She and I have fun together, and never get to see each other now that I am not in the office. AND I am taking some of my knitted things into a shop in Ellsworth that is starting to carry fiber related things on consignment.  I don’t know if my things are a fit for them, but I do know how to find out.  Be brave and carry them in there.  I was in one day last week to see a potter’s work and saw the new section, so I spoke to the woman at the counter.  She isn’t the decision maker on this stuff, but recommended I come in on Thursday.  I am nervous but excited.  Can’t know how it will do until I try, right?  I think they will like the things with local flavor more than the things with commercial fiber and trimmings, but I am OK with that.  I have a few such things in the pile of completed items.  🙂  Tuesday I will have to type up an inventory sheet with prices so I know what I have and where I put it.  What a great chore to have!

So – that is what I have been up to and thinking about these last several days, between doing tax returns.  How have you been?

last Friday of tax season!

This season seems really long, could it be the weather? Today I am filling in at the Edith Dyer Library , if you are in the neighborhood, come on down and say hello.  🙂

This week was LOOOONG, I did taxes 4 days.  Yesterday was the last day at the old office, it was hectic but we made it fun – had lunch brought it, did over thirty tax returns.  Whew!

So the real fun is tomorrow – Mom is coming over, we are heading to Bangor to pick up niece B at college – to go back to the bead store.  Any excuse!  B likes to make earrings, Mom needs buttons, so we will probably go to JoAnn’s as well to see what we can find.  Then lunch, and who knows what shopping we will do after that?

Nothing much else new right now – that’s what happens when I do taxes all week.  But next week we are through, and then things can get back to normal, and I might have things to share on the employment front.  Also the medical.  Some good some bad, or at least, not good.  More later.

Here’s what’s not new – SNOW.  Three days this week the school delays crawled along the bottom of the TV. Today is an icy mix.  But we might get a gorgeous weekend, who knows?


April Friday!

I’ll be doing taxes – bet you are surprised!

It’s our last day doing them Down East in Milbridge – I’ll be there with three intrepid volunteers, all willing to get up early and drive far to help me.  They are the best!

Anyway, it will be a long day, so likely I will just come home, eat supper on the couch, do a wee bit of knitting before I fall asleep.

Saturday will be more fun – we are off to the big city to get the tires switched over to summer tires on A’s car.  And in anticipation, I made a list of supplies I need from the bead store. YES I SAID NEED and I meant it. Things like jump rings and clasps.  Not too many beads on the list. What’s the point of having all this yarn and beads if I have no clasps?

I hope the Beaded Moose has what I need, but if not, I will check out AC Moore or JoAnn’s.  Still no luck?  I guess I will go online – I doubt I will be getting to Augusta any time soon to go to the other small local bead store.

We also will go to the big grocery store – woot woot – unscented products!  Wider selection!  More sizes of the products we love! How pathetic that this is a big deal in our day.

Then home to some relaxing, some housework, some knitting and card making – I am in the midst of making lots of thank you notes for those volunteers mentioned at the start of the post. Which has really turned into a Saturday list post, hasn’t it?  Well, take heart, tax season is nearly over, then things will return to what passes for normal around here.

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Words and Stitches

woolgathering at its best

V-Lo's View

Every day ramblings about my day, my dog, my friends, my house and my garden.

A Note From Abroad

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sailaway from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

Verily Knits

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