I promised you photos

These aren’t great, but they ARE photos. The hats are the ones I have done for Nest (http://nestmaine.blogspot.com/), and as soon as I have a box full, they will go off to keep some folks warm. The other is the sweater I knit with the St Andrews NB yarn. Hard to see it, but it is a basic, unstructured sweater in a deep bluey-green. With a DEEP turtleneck. It should keep me warm this winter.

long week

for a short week, it’s been a long one! I found a repairman who would fix my sewing machine, and took the machine up there Tuesday night. Mom brought hers over on Wednesday, so I was back in business – worked on the dress late that night and Thursday night, but got the machine work done in time to have a fitting with the bride Friday evening. It fits! It looks nice! I am so happy. All that is left is the hemming. And I’ll have time tomorrow to do that in the car – we are making a flying trip to Boston. 12 hours in the car should give me lots of time for that. We are heading down to attend the funeral of a family friend of A’s. She fought a brave battle against cancer for 5 years, but as so often happens, the cancer won. So we will go off for the day and see lots of friends and A’s family, then make the long drive back here so we can be at work bright and early Monday.

But 12 hours in the car means not only time for hemming, but als for knitting. I am making a sweater with that yarn I got in Canada… an old Adrienne Vittadini pattern I have had forever and never made. Hard to imagine I want a turtlenecked wool sweater, but I know it will feel wonderful this winter!

So anyway – Friday, my big day off – A was also off, and we had plans! They involved Bangor, and a doctor’s appointment, and shopping, and then a dash down to Mom’s for the fitting. And a stop in Searsport for our new bikes! We were psyched!

Well, nothing goes as planned. JoAnn did not have the “bow tie kit” called for in the pattern I am using for B’s tie bonanza. A wonderfully helpful young woman helped me figure out an alternative, but I am not convinced…

The pool people were unhelpful except to say they did not have the filter hose I need to replace the one that burst on Sunday. They said I have to get it online. Great, that means shipping waits.

Dick’s did not have ANY basketball backboards for mounting on a garage, can you believe it? So that will also have to be ordered online, unless we can get one at Sears or something…

The book A wanted is not yet out in paperback, so she didn’t get it.

The doctor’s visit went fine. Phew!

Which was good, because the bike store owner, who knows a whole lot about bikes but nothing about customer service principles was not as ready for us as he said he was, so we did not get our bikes last night.

But pizza was good, and as I said earlier, the wedding outfit fit. So the day, long as it was, ended on a good note. Oh, and my sewing machine was all repaired and we picked that up while we were out. We got so many chores done, it was a good day, even though we didn’t have all the luck we wanted.

Today was better – we went back and got the bikes, and came home and did our favorite kind of day – do a chore – read a chapter. And A’s sister L came over, we all went for a bike ride – getting used to the new bikes. Mine needs some adjustments on the gears, but it feels really good – shocks on bike are wonderful! I did have a strange thing happen, after a couple of miles, I didn’t feel well – pulled over and got off the bike, was just sort of standing around resting and got really dizzy. I lay down for a while and it passed. Not sure what that was about, unless it was because I had missed lunch. Anyway, I made it home safely, drank some water, hopped into the pool to cool off, and have been good ever since. I hope it was random, as riding a bike is one of the things I looked forward to so much about losing weight, and we just made this huge investment in the bikes!

So. Now we have a few random things to get ready for the week ahead, since we will be gone all day tomorrow. Not the weekend we planned, but feeling like we are accomplishing lots, doing things we need to do and still had time for a day at home a bike ride and swim in the pool.

But next week, with no holidays or vacation days will feel really long…

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