friday typing with the cat

Cute Allie is being very helpful today. She is perched beside the keyboard watching my fingers and the screen. It’s a lot to keep track of and requires the occasional pounce, or walk across the keyboard to get closer to the screen. She isn’t usually this engrossed when I am on the laptop. She loves the desktop because she can get right up close to the screen and I can still type (ie no Mommy saying”get off of there, get out of my way”) but today she is right next to me on the couch, so it is interesting for both of us.

Today is a fun day – we are having a potluck at work to say goodbye to a coworker who is leaving, so I am cooking a pot roast in the crock pot to bring along, and will head to Ellsworth around 11. While there, I guess I will mosey along to the fabric store to get the batting and backing I need to finish my quilt project. But if they don’t have what I want, how sad, I will head up to Bangor to the store where I started this project. And while there, I will make a Target run, as we need new laundry lingerie bags, and that seems to be the only place around that I can rely on them being in stock (don’t say “Wal*Mart” to this woman, I do NOT shop there, unless under duress.)

Aside: Allie just left. She is now boxing with Zumba, who before that was curled up asleep in a box under the Christmas tree. Zumba is surely wondering what she did that made her deserve to be pounced upon by her sister.

Anyway… Once in Target, I might find a few other things to buy. Just maybe. And as long as I am in Bangor, I might as well head over to AC Moore and use my gift card. he he he.

I am sort of annoyed at JoAnn’s – I also got a gift card for their store, and I went online, found a real deal on copic markers, ordered a whole bunch, used the gift card and credit card to pay. They confirmed the order, then cancelled it with the terse note that they would refund my credit card. I emailed back to ask if they would also restore my gift card balance so I could use it in the store. No response. Helllloooo – JoAnn customer service if you are reading this, please go read my email and respond.

So I am not sure if I will stop there – maybe I will and start by having them check the balance on it.

Either way, I see a day of consumerism on my horizon. And how nice that I can do most of it without spending “real” money. And leaving my little yarn stash intact!

Another aside: have I told you how I get my yarn money? Very crafty of me, I am sure. Each week we give ourselves an allowance of $20 for incidentals. My deal is when I get the new $20, I take all the remaining money out of my wallet and stash it. Also, we save all of our change in a bank, and now and then we roll it up and split it between us – that also goes in the yarn stash. And any stray money that comes my way, like my Biggest Loser winnings, or little lottery winnings (also split) or small gifts or findings goes right in there. It is amazing to me how fast it adds up to enough cash to buy real yarn! This Christmas, Mom gave it a big boost with a gift certificate to Halcyon in Bath, which I will have so much fun spending! But not today, as Bath is a whole day trip. I’ll wait until Mom and sister C can go, too. So anyway, if I need to make a big purchase, I use my yarn stash. But for small things like half a yard of muslin, the regular old household account can handle. I try to keep my yarn stash for special occasions like Maine Fiber Frolic, the Common ground Fair, and trips to the “real” yarn stores in Belfast, Rockland and Bath. I haven’t been over to Shirley’s in Hancock in a while, either. That’s another good LYS. Which is why I have almost $100 in the yarn stash right now.

The other project I am working on is our mortgage refinancing application. It is so annoyingly tedious. Not hard, just tedious. I want to get it done, so we can reduce our rate and get rid of our PMI faster, but of course, we are nervous about the appraisal value and wondering if it has dropped a lot since we last did this. Only one way to find out – apply, get it appraised, and pay the hundreds of dollars to see how we are faring. Is it any wonder I keep putting this off?

time to go log on and plug away at it. Let me just run and do that. After I move the laundry. And do the breakfast dishes. And get another cup of coffee.

how I spent my weekend

subtitle – wow, we did NO regular chores and survived!

Well, if you read anything I post, you know the bed installation was a huge big deal.  It eclipsed all other chores and things on the to-do list. But it was NOT all we did this weekend!

Sunday we headed up to Bangor for the Maine Harvest fair – a whole civic center and auditorium FULL of fabulous, locally grown/processed food, like a giant farmers’ market.  It was heavenly.  Samples galore, lots of friends in the biz.  We bought a few yummy things, and had to pass others by because we are, after all, dieting… hahaha. So we bought some donuts, some goat cheese, some pasta sauce, a whoopie pie, some herb dip mixes.  We passed up the world’s most beautiful cranberries because we still have some Sugar Hill Cranberries in the freezer.  But if you get a chance to buy them anywhere, do it!  they are huge, beautiful, make grocery store ones look anemic.  And they taste heavenly. We also were able to find that cinnamon maple sugar we love and get a big jar of it, a card so we never run out again, and let them know our local source is apparently out of it.  Kinney Sugar House – yum!  We bought a few other treats there as well.  So you can see, the diets were far from our mind on Sunday.

Following this, we went for lunch to the Coach House Restaurant – comfort food place.  A had her Beano with her, so I was able to order one of my favorite winter treats – chili and cheese.  It was delicious.  I might have to make a batch for the freezer, since A doesn’t like it and I would get sick of it long before I finished a pot of it.

Then it was off to Brewer for a craft fair – saw another one of my business buddies – Susan Merrill of Weaving a Life  ( she had not only her amazing Journey Looms there but new woven earrings that are simply stunning.  I might have to get some next time I see Susan.  We didn’t have a lot of money left after the harvest fest, or I would be wearing a pair right now.

From this wonderful start of buying and eating local, we leaped into the consumerism world of the big boxes – a new PetSmart just opened up in Bangor, and we need cat food, so A dropped me and sister-in-law L off at AC Moore, and she and sister-in-law S headed over to Pet Smart.  I went as fast as I could through AC Moore, grabbed paper I wanted, searched hard for the jewelry findings I wanted (finally found them) and managed to get a bottle of tattered angels glimmer mist (been wanting to try this for the longest time), a stencil and an embossing folder.  A came in looking for us just as we were checking out.  I don’t know how else to entertain her while I shop at craft stores – I thought for sure a pet store would keep her busy for more than 20 minutes – and that it would take her time to park. But she is good – she got lots of kitten food wet and dry, and of course, a few new toys…

When we got home, it felt really late, was heading toward twilight, but it wasn’t even 4 o’clock!  So, A made some raspberry jam, as she was all out of it, and I worked on my sock – ready to turn the heel today.

Today she has to work, but I get this holiday off, so I will do some of the chores we neglected so much the past couple of days.  I plan to:

  • clean the cat box
  • do the laundry
  • tidy up the living room (cat toys and structures everywhere right now!)
  • rearrange the living room just for fun
  • start making christmas cards – I have a few ideas for them this year, and so will make a couple and let A choose which one is “it”.
  • turn that heel

I’ll check back in and let those of you who care know how I did with today’s list!

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