what I’m up to today…

beside posting photos that is….
Well, I am on vacation this week, sort of. Had a meeting today, and have done a lot of emailing, but basically I am on vacation. It is one of my favorite kinds of vacations – doing puttering around the place. Not working hard, yet things get done. Yesterday I washed the bedroom and bathroom windows. It is so nice to get the summer’s grime off of them so I can see the woods again. Today I think all I did was laundry… and catch up on the blogs I read. My favorite? Eldest niece C’s, of course. She keeps me up to date on what’s in vogue on all fronts. And I learn things about her that I never knew. It’s fun. That girl can write.

It is chilly here tonight – we left all the windows open last night, and the house never got warm today, although it was beautiful out. So I closed it all up tonight and have a fire going. It is nice. I have been knitting a little something for brother N’s birthday – the giant pile of November birthdays is bearing down on me! Anyway, like the Christmas cards, I can’t share it with you yet, but I will as soon as he opens the package… anyway, is there anything cozier than sitting in front of a fire knitting, with a cat curled up beside me? I doubt it. I just wish A was home to enjoy it, but she is on the road tonight.

Friday is knitting day at Mom’s. Sister C and niece E and I are heading over. But somehow, we are going sailing first. Not sure how knitting day became lunch-and-a-sail day, but honestly, I am NOT complaining. I can knit any time, and the sailing days grow shorter…

checked my lottery numbers

and think I will go to work today.   I am glad to have a job to go to, for sure.  But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to offer it up to someone else?  🙂

Rainy weather has settled in, it is hard to find energy to get things done. But we went for our little walk today, and plan to work on some overdue cards and sewing tonight, something to look forward to. Just gotta get through a 5 hour meeting today. Don’t I sound excited?

better go do it.

Why blog?

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. As I wander through my life, I think “what would I blog about this?”  followed by “Just write a journal, get the writing thing out of your head and onto paper.”

 and I also think “who cares about this besides you?”

But the blog idea keeps coming back to me because, of course, I think that what I am doing today, or my reactions to the world around me, are of the utmost interest to EVERYONE!  And I like to write.

So if no one reads this, at least I will get to write.  And if anyone does read it, maybe they will agree or disagree with me and my reactions. Or have a new or different way to do something I am working on.  I hope that they will start conversations where ideas can be exchanged, which is what I really want to have happen, as it turns out.

Yup, it turns out that’s why I am doing this.  So that I can hear from people with viewpoints other than my own or who agree with me totally. So I can learn more and do more. So that my world can grow, not shrink.

So read, react, send comments.  I can’t wait!