Well, that was ambitious!

I took a look at my last post this morning, and it made me chuckle. Here’s how I did with it.

  • Sleep late! At least until sunup. Check! I call this a win, we slept past sun up every one of the three mornings!
  • Spin a bit. Fail! I did look at the wheel, and once or twice I intended to sit and spin, but got distracted and never came back to it. Thankfully, it isn’t going anywhere and it doesn’t spoil from lack of attention.
  • Knit on my sweater. Check! I actually knit on this a lot this weekend. I finished both sleeves, ripped out the trim on the neck and started redoing it with a larger needle.
  • Knit on the Estonian lace scarf . Check! I haven’t done a lot, but I did do a few rows on Friday.
  • Knit some on the Ocean Currents wrap. Fail on Friday, but I did knit a little bit on this over the weekend. It is lovely and oh so very boring. I need to power through it and get rid of it.
  • Go to the lumberyard with A to select the new decking. Check! We went, we talked to a guy who didn’t know much and wasn’t impressed at two older ladies doing their own decking; we took the books home, and OF COURSE we do not agree on a color. But we will get there eventually.
  • Help her remove more of the deck boards that we so securely screwed in place ten years ago that they are hard to remove! Fail! A was too sore and tired from her Thursday adventures with the deck to want to do more last weekend, but she is planning on doing some this weekend, so if we can’t con someone else into helping her, then I will do it.
  • If I have the energy, dye the rest of the Plymouth Galway. Fail! lol what was I thinking? That I would want to stand in front of a hot stove for hours? Yet, I really need to do it while I remember how I did the first batch. I want to knit it up this winter, so it gets moved to a list for this weekend.

I did do a bunch of other things this weekend, it wasn’t all sitting and knitting! Saturday I had a meeting in the late morning, starting our tax prep planning already., We have to figure out how to offer the service while never being with the client for more than 15 minutes, and how to work with volunteers in a way that everyone feels safe, but we are still efficient and build a team. With everyone having different levels of discomfort and when the voice from on high has not yet spoken about what we will be allowed to do, the meeting was hard to keep on track. But we started the conversation, and I managed to escape by 11:30.

Which left me with just enough time to get to Belfast to meet up with A and her sister L for a picnic in the park. We haven’t seen L since late spring when we did a driveway visit with her. She works in a grocery store, and has been really careful to isolate herself when not at work. But we realized that the good outdoor weather is nearly gone, so we got together, and A picked up sandwiches for us all. We visited for a couple of hours, until we got really cold. It was so nice to see her! The Whorls and Purls zoom knitting group had to meet without me, but I expect that they managed OK.

On the way home I stopped to do the dreaded grocery shopping in the “big” store. I have been boycotting our smaller store because of their unwillingness to enforce the COVID-19 rules. They have them, arrows on the floor, signs up. But shoppers and staff alike ignore the one way arrows, no one is required to wear a mask, and after complaining to the manager and filling out countless surveys, I decided I just was not going back until the tourists leave. The manager actually told me that they could not force people to wear masks. I said he could, the governor gave him that authority. He said “we aren’t going to tell people that they can’t get groceries if they don’t wear a mask.” I gave up on him, but wish I had thought of this at the time – if I went in with no shoes or no shirt, they would tell me I could not get groceries. How, exactly, is it different? It’s all about public health. So anyway, I now go 20-30 miles away to go to a larger store, with more room to pass safely if someone can’t go the right way in an aisle. (I do wonder how all of these people drive, don’t you? Do they not see one way signs?) I notice that there are a lot more masks in the other stores – all part of the same chain, so I think my store is just a rebel store.

Anyway… Sunday was a pajama day, I think we did dishes and laundry and that is it. That is how I got so much done on the sweater.

This week I am meeting my SIL D (outside, after work, I think we might freeze!) to try to teach her brioche. She knits eastern European, holds her needles and yarn continental. I knit combo, and I throw my yarn, so it should be an adventure. She has taken a class, but she and the teacher could not figure out how to alter things to accommodate the eastern European bit. I hope I can. However, it meant I first had to learn how to knit brioche! I did that with the help of a couple of you tube videos (I like Sweet Georgia’s the best, as she explains what it is she is doing, instead of just treating the whole thing like one big mystery. Just yarn over and slip and K2together. Magic.)

So that is another bit of knitting I did on Sunday – taught myself Brioche and cast on a hat. I haven’t raced through it, but I am enjoying it now and then.

We have a three day weekend again this week, always nice! I work on Friday, so you don’t get a Friday list, but you can have a weekend list!

  • Plant the new mock orange I got two weeks ago. Mom helped me choose a good spot for it where it is out of the way, with room to grow, but we will be able to smell it on the porch and in our bedroom.
  • Plant the garlic for next year.
  • Help A with some decking removal.
  • Knit on all the things.
  • Dye that yarn!
  • Do the grocery shopping.
  • Do the laundry.
  • Clean something. Anything. 🙂

What are your plans for the rest of the week and this fine fall weekend?

23 thoughts on “Well, that was ambitious!”

  1. I can relate to ‘checklist’ – “Check/Fail” recap, as well as not (ahem! truly about me! ME! and not judgement at you…) the “never learn my lesson and make yet another checklist for the next week, weekend, etc., that is way more than I shall get done in one day – regardless of how much the stars align, external to me folks are able to keep to their checklists, etc….. :). So, because I’ve been in hermitude, and in such a crappy, foul mood, I have closen myself off from my cyber communities so as not to ‘infect’ others with my cyncism and ‘WTH?” cries…I will say – Hang in there DearHeart! And I will just say, since March, in my locale, with limited trips here and there, there are times, circumstances and executive orders (or not) that I have, for my own reasons, donned a mask and/or went without, and for the most part? I’ve spent the past 6 months being labeled/seen as either a saint or a sinner, by those who choose to label me, from ‘whether I have a mask on or not” by turns – and sometimes, by the SAME EXACT people who can’t remember what they said to me/judged me for 2 weeks ago and have changed their ‘mind’ on what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ – hard to do the ‘right’ thing when mere survival in your own community is an ever changing target day to day – 😀

    1. Lol! I wear a mask whenever I am inside with a person I don’t live with, and outside if I am in close proximity. Those are the orders here… based on science, not politics or rights. If you don’t want to wear a mask, that’s ok, but stay away from me! I can not afford to get this virus. Yet I need to have groceries and work, so I go out in the world.

  2. Good list and you did cross off some tasks. So that’s a win in my book.
    I do like the “ Clean something. Anything.” part. I truly need to put that on my daily list.
    Good luck with the deck removal. Did you decide on a

          1. I want a soft gray, but our house is a warm medium yellow/beige and so A wants “something that matches” ! We have never yet agreed on colors, so my goal now is to find one that she will agree to that has not a hint of orange, which I really dislike.

    1. Lol I need to do a deep cleaning. Or hire a cleaning woman to follow me about.

      We decided that it won’t be wood. We weren’t thrilled with the expertise of the guy, so we will keep looking.

  3. You did get a lot done and sleep is so important. You got some fun knitting in. The deck will happen! We went to Oklahoma. 12 hours there, 12 hours back. But I got to see my darling girl. First time since Christmas. She says she’ll be home for Christmas and that’s just 8 weeks

      1. WE quarantine anyhow. I do think we are being told to stay in now in Wisconsin. It is a mess. Our doctors are in Illinois and we had appointments today. They know we are from Wisconsin, but they wanted us. They told us no one who is being checked for COVID goes into that particular building/office.

        1. Wait, what? No one who is being tested? How about screening and social distancing? Are they doing that? Because someone could be asymptomatic today… that is scary.

  4. You did fine:) I’m glad you got extra sleep. That’s the most important thing about a long weekend:)
    I feel your pain with the grocery store. It is miserable here. So many noses above the mask. Few people going the right way. No one know what 6 feet looks like. I’m surprised a lot of these people have survived to be the age they are. I’ve been spending my money with places that enforce the rules. My husband had a nice conversation with the man who owns a local sub shop. He’s lost customers because he won’t let them in “for just a minute” without a mask. We’ll be buying takeout there regularly:)

    1. Thanks! I agree on the store, too. Actually, we are mandated to wear masks pretty much all the time in stores, so I don’t know why people think they don’t have to.

  5. I comment now as a way to take a break from my own “To-do” list. It is technically a holiday today in Canada (Thanksgiving), but since I did no work on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I’ve made myself sit down to work. I love that you have a lot of different projects on the go; I’m the same way. However, I had to make a plan this weekend to keep myself from being overwhelmed, and I’d sat that was the great accomplishment of the weekend.

  6. You always have quite the list to do. I do hope that you get to all you want to do this weekend. I unfortunately have hurt my back last week and it seems to have gotten worse as the days go by instead of better. Yesterday was the worst, so I mostly sat on the couch, in between loads of laundry with hubby’s help. So I will probably be spending most of my time sitting on the couch with ice on my back and getting up to walk every so often. I did knit a simple scarf this week. Maybe I can get something else on the needles.

    The rebel non mask wearers really rile me up. I wear a mask whenever I am inside and outside where I may be passing people. I wear it for others and for my Mom who is 81. I haven’t seen my kids in so long. It angers me when stores don’t enforce the sign on their door. I hope that the entire country will start doing what is right now that cases are rising quickly in over half of the states. Be safe and stay healthy ❤

    1. Even though our numbers are low compared to anyone, we had almost 100 new cases yesterday, for the first time, in Maine. Here we go! Bars open Monday…

      I hope your back is better by now…

      1. Our numbers are getting so high. It is so scary. They have revised the number of guests for restaurants. I am hoping more will be done. Prayers that your numbers will not spike.

        Back is getting better, but it is slow going. I am trying not to do too much even though it feels better, as I have been sore a couple of nights just from doing a little. I will get there 😉

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