August 2020 update

I think I can commit to at least one post a month. I hope for more, but it doesn’t seem to be realistic.

After niece E left us, we had a quiet few weeks of same old/same old. I finished up three projects – very happy to have the projects off my needles, because my needles are overburdened, and because I really like the garments.

Icy Shores is a pretty lace and bead scarf that took me longer than it should have, because… too many WIPS! It calls for some contrast nupps, but I didn’t have any stash yarn that looked good with the yarn I was using, so I did them all the same. I think the designer knew what she was talking about. Still, I love it.

I also finished this hat, the second I have made with this pattern. I love it, and will hang onto this one. I might add a bright pink pompom. Or not.

Lastly, I finished up these socks (yes, I have woven in the ends!) which are a lovely bfl/nylon blend, dyed by a local dyer. They will match my Harriet’s Hap that I knit out of her yarn a few years ago.

This week I finished spinning the giant pile (15 ounces) of “festival” merino/silk. I love it and it was easy to spin, but it was TOO MUCH. I am grateful to the Two Ewes Fiber Podcast for hosting a summer spin in, or I might never have finished it.

I wound up with about 1640 yards of three ply, weight ranges between heavy fingering and sport, I think. I have not yet decided what to make with it, but it will likely be some type of sweater, since I got such good yardage.

Last week I was on vacation again, this time the niece visiting was C the younger. She lives in PA now, and so we seldom see her. I was so pleased when she texted last January to ask if she could come. Of course! Then there was a pandemic. Plans were iffy for a long time, but it worked out that she was able to come when she had originally planned to. She was a brave soul, and brought her boyfriend (K) to meet her Maine family, and they FLEW! Who knew you didn’t have to do a grueling 10 hour drive? Yes, she is one of the smart ones. Only her second time on a plane, K’s first, so it was quite an adventure for them. Their first foray into airline logic, where one goes to Charlotte, NC on the way from Scranton to Bangor. But they made it, and felt like everyone was as careful and socially distant as possible, wore masks the whole time, washed and sanitized at every opportunity.

They stayed with us a few days, then went to my brother’s for a few more, then returned to us for the last night of the trip. As is so often the case, it was a flying trip, and they saw the people they wanted to, mostly, but not a thing of what is around us, so I hope that they will come again, and stay a few more days. No Acadia National Park, nor day trips to Deer Isle or Stonington or Blue Hill, all of which are things C liked to do when she used to come for weeks each summer. But it was so good to see her, and get to know her as a grown up. She is very mature and focused about her career, and has goals for her life too. It was impressive to see.

Now that they are gone, I am back at work, but with a COVID19 twist. Because C is from PA, and that is not one of the “allowable” states under our governor’s rules, my workplace has a strict policy that I have to be out of the office for two weeks. I am just lucky that I can work from home. I am not lucky that it has been blazingly hot and extremely humid and we only have fans in most of the house; and that our bedroom, which has AC, is not ideal for working in. I would probably be napping. 🙂

A is still going to work, but being careful and wearing her mask until the two weeks are up and we can assume that if we have the virus we did not get it from C or K.

On the crafting front, since they left, I haven’t been knitting much, a row here and there on my 4 remaining WIPs. I did start spinning for one of my next knitting projects – I am spinning yarn that I hope will be for the shawl Nightshift. It needs a lot of different colors, but the good news is – heavier weight than I usually spin, so I think that it will go pretty fast. I am already halfway done with the first one, and I just started spinning Sunday. These are the braids I am going to spin, and hope that the yarns work as well together as I think that they will.

I have continued my sewing streak this summer, finished one skirt and most of another last week while I was on vacation, and will plug away at the second one in the evenings this week. Masks to match them , of course. What is the point of sewing clothes if not to make matching masks for each outfit? I have fabric for several more skirts all washed, ironed, and waiting to be cut out. I hope to do more sewing when the weather cools off, it is too hot to iron, really, and you can’t get very far before you have to press a seam open or something.

That is about all that is up so far since last I wrote. I will try to get some new project photos to share with you next time, so you can see how I am doing on my remaining WIPS – a scarf, a wrap, a sweater, and a pair of mittens. nothing too difficult, if one would knit on them. 🙂

20 thoughts on “August 2020 update”

  1. You do so much in a month! The projects look great! I love the scarf. The nupps are fine as they are:)
    You must show the matching skirt and mask! Will that be the fashion trend for fall:)
    I’m so glad you got the visit with your niece and her beau:) Everything is so wacky (technical term) now. I know working from home isn’t ideal but maybe you’ve saved a little commute time for crafts:) The cold will be here before you know it so enjoy the warmth:)

    1. Well, to be clear, those were finished this month, but not started this month! I had a case of castonitis the early part of the year, and I have been paying for it ever since. I still have 4 wips, so no casting on for me yet. 🙄

    1. Thank you! It takes lots of counting and concentration, but it is so worth it! I noticed you haven’t been sharing a lot of spinning lately. So what HAVE you been doing at the cabin?

  2. Nice projects! Your spun yarn is absolutely gorgeous. I’m a sucker for greys.

    Matching masks and clothing is a sign of the times. If we have to wear them, we might as well be coordinated. 😉

    I have no excuse for not blogging. Hopefully I’ll get back to it soon.

  3. All of your projects are so beautiful – my favourite might be the scarf, I am just in awe about the beads you put in! Wow. So beautiful!! And the fibre you have ready for spinning is incredible, I love the colours!

    So glad to hear that C could visit and that everybody was sensible and careful (I have seen a few videos about people who didn’t want to be both and have now been blacklisted by American Airlines and … didn’t take that well, but I mean … Actions, consequences, right?!)
    I really, REALLY either of you caught something, and I hope that you can go into (airconditioned) work again soon!

    Thank you so much for the update – it’s always great to hear from you, no matter how often you post. Don’t stress! There is enough going on right now as it is.

    1. Thanks Julia! The kids are such thoughtful good kids, and they live with her mom, who has health issues , that the only worry I had was the plane trip. But they said everyone was careful and behaved. It was just so good to see them. It has been several years since C was here, and a couple since we went to her.

  4. Oh dear. I keep looking and looking and looking at that hat. I must know the pattern. You probably mentioned it but I am really pooped and can’t see it here. What yarn did you use? I M IN LOVE

    1. It is the Rhinebeck hat, and I used a dk weight malabrigo, arroyo I think. You will not be afraid of short rows or kitchener by the end of it!

  5. You have been busy! Crafting, visiting with company, crafting 🙂 Your scarf is just gorgeous! Love the pattern and the beads and the color is perfect. The hat is stunning. I think a black furry pom would look awesome. Good luck with your remaining WIP’s. I look forward to seeing them in the future.

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