Vacation is on its way!

And I hope that means more time to blog, but time will tell.

I think I am going to have to give up on getting caught up on reading blogs, and just start with now. But I know that means I will have missed so much! So who knows, I might go back and forth.

Niece E the younger is coming to visit this week for three nights! This is so exciting for everyone involved. She has not left her house or yard since March when school closed. We have, but very limited contact, always socially distant, masked, etc, and there is currently very little virus in our county, so my sister feels safe letting this visit happen. When she gets here, we will go no where and do nothing special. It will be bliss for both of us. I have some fiber she can spin, we might do a little dyeing, there will definitely be knitting and reading, and in my case, sewing and spinning. A has to work, summer is her busy season, even in a pandemic, tax assessment goes on. So E and I will have all sorts of freedom to while away hours with fiber. I asked her to bring her violin as well, I want to hear some good fiddle music, and she is getting really good at it now.

I have been only working, knitting, spinning, and sewing. Yes, the sewing is a surprise to me, too. I am suddenly very into making some clothes. I have finished a skirt, and have another that just needs someone to check the hem before I sew it. A third one cut out. I am not sure I will like it, I was short on fabric, so the skirt will be shorter than I normally wear, but I thought I would try it. I can wear shorts under it, right?

The pattern is Donovan from Helen’s Closet

Spinning goes slowly, as always. I have about 5-6 more ounces of a big spin left, I have a bobbin nearly full. I want to fill it before E gets here so she can dominate the wheel, but I am not sure that I will make that goal, there is a lot of housework to do before company can come. When this spin is done, I am hoping to spin for a Nightshift shawl. I had all my fiber picked out, but realized I did more of a fade than will work for this, so I went back to the drawing board. This might be my line up. We will see. It is clearly a lot of spinning, but as the pattern calls for worsted weight, I think the spinning will go pretty fast. Or faster than my usual light fingering weight.

Knitting has been pretty monogamous, my Wheels of Time MKAL shawl is due to be done by July 21, I think I will make it, possibly even with time to block it, that has been my focus.

I did stop to churn out a pair of baby booties for my doctor, who is having a baby and moving to NYC. I have been working in small bits on the Ocena Currents wrap for a friend of mine, and letting other things languish. I am at the stage where I really want some of these big projects off my needles. So, I am working hard on them and resisting cast ons… like Steel Creek and a new gnome MKAL. Get thee behind me, satan!

The yard looks awful, the pool looks great, and that is all OK with me. 🙂

Yes, I will be glad when the pandemic is over and I can move about freely, but truly we are doing OK. I am not yet out of yarn or fiber or fabric, so all is well. How are you doing? I promise to read and respond to the comments. 😉

18 thoughts on “Vacation is on its way!”

  1. what fun to have a vsitor to look forward to!
    and well done on doing some clothes making! Skirt looks great, and you’ve even put in pockets – yay!

    1. It is fun! She will be the first Edson to come visit since Christmas, I would guess. As for the pockets, they were with the pattern, no extra thought involved! I do love the pattern, in the midst of the second skirt now.

  2. Sounds like a fun vacation for all!
    My house cleaning has gone by the wayside. Mr. Aitch and I don’t really see the clutter but some dust bunnies and cobwebs asked for a wake up call so I think they will be evicted….soon. 😉
    Stay cool and enjoy your pool.

  3. Your shawl is gorgeous!! Your skirt is fantastic and looks great on you:)
    You and E will have so much fun. The time will go by quickly I bet doing all the crafty things.

    1. Thank you! I agree, the time will fly. She was very sad to leave in November, but that was just one night. We will see how she does with three. She did ask if she could stay all summer when I talked to her about this visit. No concept of work versus vacation
      Time yet!

  4. I’m so far behind on some fronts, I can’t see how I’ll ever get caught up – we are currently in Stage III Burn Ban status – my cool summer grasses about the place haven’t just gone dormant, they have been burnt to a crisp. the tree tops of many decidious trees got nipped in the bud twice, thrice this spring, and now look deader than a doornail – and yet, seedlings are sprouting up – sometimes 8 feet away from the main tree, in order to push up more leaves for photosynthesis – which means – um, new trees I didn’t have to buy, transplant, graft, dig up to move elsewhere or….. and, now my only job is to re-do total plans for ‘an area’ to get them ‘worked into the scheme’ and plan around them – I’m far behind in reading, too – I worked back just 2 days into my reader. And committed to reading – and not commenting unless specifically asked too, so I can get through all the posts from just those two days – though my following list has not increased significantly – sigh – but we are working, we are well, and….not in danger of dying or being homeless anytime in the next week or two, so not too shabby, here.

    Enjoy your VACAY! your works-in progress are purdy! 😀

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Sounds like it is hot and dry at you place, glad some things are growing! And glad you are employed and healthy… not easy tasks in this time we are in.

  5. Your vacation plans sound wonderful. Isn’t having a stash wonderful during a pandemic? To all those in my life who rolled their eyes and said “you didn’t buy more yarn?” I reply “I am set for the pandemic.” Who knew that was what I was collecting all those gorgeous yarns for? Alas, I have not been knitting nor spinning (spinning wheel has been here for a year and has yet to be used). Instead I am the self-appointed sacrificial goat that does all the food shopping and pharmacy pick ups for The Skipper and me as well as mom and dad. I also order a ton from Amazon so I don’t have to go out and play hide and seek with Covid. When not running errands and scrubbing the car down to keep it sanitized or trying to keep everyone on an even keel I meditate, do yoga and try to fix the technical difficulties with my nook reader.

    1. The pandemic is keeping you busy! Glad you still have Mom and Dad, I did wonder… yes, I have enough stash for several pandemics… thankfully!

  6. Sounds like you have some fun things planned during your visitor’s stay. It will be a nice change of pace for you. You look lovely in your skirt with your cute matching sandals. Your shawl is amazing! Lots of texture and patterns. I have nothing on my needles right now. I have frogged and abandoned the Wingspan. I have lots of patterns and yarns to choose from, but have not decided what I will pick up next. For now I am concentrating on my cross stitch. Good luck with spinning all of that wool and getting it done in record time. I look forward to seeing what it all will look like after spinning and into the knitting. Take care, be safe, and have a wonderful visit.

      1. I have to say that I feel much better about ditching the wingspan. I should have done it a long time ago. Life is too short to be so frustrated with a project. I need to remind myself of that more often. Happy vacation!

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