No apologies or excuses

Who knows why I haven’t been on WordPress lately? I intend to, and then don’t. But I am here now.

Life is going on – we seem to keep ourselves occupied. We are both still fully employed, which is lovely. Except for the occasional bout of what I call pandemic envy, wondering what it is like to have endless hours at home with no outside demands, I am pretty satisfied with things as they have evolved. We do the errands that need doing, occasionally have a socially distant family gathering (one coming up on Sunday), and the crazy hours spent zooming are also spent knitting.

I have decided to focus on spinning this summer. It doesn’t mean I am spinning tons or every day, but that I am making sure that I spin at least once a week. There are some projects I want to spin the yarn for, and it won’t happen if I don’t sit at the wheel. So far I am more than halfway through 15 ounces of merino silk blend, and I love the yarn it is making! I hope to get enough for a sweater – maybe a short sleeved one? but am sure there will be enough for a vest.

That doesn’t mean I am not knitting – I am – holy cow, I am knitting all the time! I have 7 WIPs, which is about 4 too many, but I am rotating through them, and I know that suddenly I will have a bunch of finishes. My job will be to resist casting on 1:1 for finishes… 🙂

I have only one cast on that I am dreaming about, so that is good. If When I finish three things, then I think I will allow myself to cast on Steel Creek, with the yarn from my frogged Volition. I really do want a red pullover, so I am motivated to make it work.

The yard is looking as straggly as usual, given that we have no lawn and never mow, I should not be surprised, right? The pool is in really good shape, so much better than last year, thankfully. I will be needing it later this week when suddenly it will be summer. I have planted more veggies than normal, and have some seeds I really need to get in this weekend. And a few flowers to make it pretty. But I have not really been motivated to do a lot of yard work this spring. This is when I have the pandemic envy. If I was home all day, I could spend a few minutes here and there, and it would look amazing, right? But spending half an hour once a week does not have the same affect.

We intended to rip off the front deck and redo it in a smaller foot print, with a terrace at the foot of it, but that is a job where I am the yeoman, and the foreman isn’t in to it, it seems. I will keep bringing it up gently as in “Do you want to start on deck demo this weekend?” and eventually it will happen.

We have been spending time each weekend dealing with next winter’s pellets. We got 5 tons, and put one ton a weekend into the cellar. It has been lovely weather for this, cool and clear, unlike our usual MO which is to get the darned things in August and September and have to stow them in the hottest days of the year. We have one ton to go, and it is supposed to be hot this weekend, so we might not do it until the following weekend. We have time, thankfully.

Other than that, life is pretty boring around here – no bread baking or fancy cooking, just spending time with sticks and string and wheel and fluff. With the occasional few minutes at the sewing machine (that is all I can stand) working on a skirt and some masks.

Now I will go and read to see what you all have been up to.

20 thoughts on “No apologies or excuses”

  1. Let’s be honest, boring during a pandemic is a very good thing:)
    Your projects are lovely! The yarn you’re spinning is fantastic!
    Being employed is excellent. As is socially distance visiting:)
    Post again soon:)

  2. Your projects are beautiful and the yarn you are spinning is gorgeous! Looking forward to your FOs. When I retired four years ago, I had all the time in the world to get things done but sadly, I adopted the Scarlet O’Hara attitude of “Tomorrow is another day”.

  3. Oh, Sarah, no need to apologize. I, myself appear in drips and drabs working hard at finding solace in an otherwise, changing and do I dare say, scary world? Love your “sticks, string, wheel, and fluff” comment! Carry on!

    1. You definitely dare say scary! Holy cow! Everything is coming to a head. I hope the transition to whatever is next goes smoothly… no revolutions or coups, please.

  4. I am so so glad to see you post! I missed you. 🙂
    I love your spinning – and your shawls in particular, they look gorgeous (it all does, but the half-circular shawl is just amazing!) The scarf looks like something that Purl Soho would publish, what pattern is it? It looks super elegant. Good luck with the porch, and the flowers! 🙂

    1. You have a good eye, that is a Purl Soho, Ocean Currents Wrap. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but it is flowing now (no pun intended!). The half circle shawl is a pattern called Wheels of Time, which is an mkal I am in the middle of. And behind on… 🥴

      1. they just have a very recognisable style. 😉 Thank you so much, I will look this up!

        Don’t worry about being behind on the Wheels of Time (what a great name), as long as you don’t stomp around on instagram and get angry at everybody who is posting update pictures for spoilering you I guess you’re golden. 😉

  5. Your projects are looking stunning! I know you don’t think you’re getting a lot done, but from here it’s amazing progress!

  6. I need to embrace the boring. Today I felt like a slug because I haven’t been racing from day to day meeting people and keeping up the social circle. Frankly it was a relief for awhile. It showed me how time at home can be honorable and calming!

    1. We are usually homebodies, so at first it felt interestingly freeing to not have weekends full of social stuff. Then it started to feel stressful to want to see people and not be able to. Thankfully with the warmer weather there are some opportunities for safe socializing. So we are mostly staying home but not absolutely staying home.

  7. we, too, are working – and busy, and I’m behind with checkins – and we, too, here are grateful to be working – and yet, so much in garden/yard/home improvement/writing goes on the ‘back burner’ while such operations in place – – nice post – love the spinning you’re doing (and love the colors and when/if I can afford to have you spin that composition up and knit me a shell, in that yarn spun combo, I’ll let ya know, cuz that would give a multi-purpose shell that would ‘play nice’ with my various blazers/pants/skirts for when I actually dress up for a meeting/social/networking thingee – LOL ). so just keep in mind another work order sometime in future – – LOL. Take Care of you and so nice to see your beautiful work/works-in progress!

    1. You clearly understand the “pandemic envy” thing. I hope someday soon that people can gather non-virtually and you have the need for such a shell. But who knows when I will ever get to a fiber festival to get more of this kind of fiber?

      1. LOL – my answer? Only heaven knows for sure, right now and not my job to force or demand such things happen – – LOL – but also, it is my ‘duty’ and responsibility to show up, given encouragement and kudos and state my future wish list for ‘buying’ from indie folks instead of sweatshops, don’t ya know – there are ‘sweat shops’ and then there are ‘blood, sweat, tears and a million little efforts put forth to become a master at something” efforts – in our modern world – :). Take care, my pals from far away – and someday, maybe I’ll be in your neighborhood and we can do such things over a glass of tea or working in your garden or you all laughing while I stand dumb founded before a wheel or with knitting needles, saying, “show me again, how to hold this thing here, to get started….please? one more time?” – – LOL

  8. Looks like you are getting things done and you have a plan for the rest. It’s about what most of us are doing. Your knitting is looking lovely and I love the yarn you are spinning. It will be beautiful no matter what you decide to make. Keep on crafting and doing whatever you are comfortable with. The rest will come. Take care and be safe.

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