End of vacation…and how I did on that list!

  • The weekend is over, and it went pretty much as planned. My knitting group meets via Zoom every Saturday for a couple of hours… and every few weeks my mom, sister, cousins, and aunts meet on Zoom. That was this week, too, so lots of time sitting in front of the computer!
  • And it took two days to wrap up that Friday list…

    • hook up the pool filter so the rain we get stays in the pool.

    Well, I worked at it but clearly something isn’t tight enough, because the water level is unchanged, and it rained! Hard! I will double check it all again on later today.

      Also, call the pool store, hoping that we can figure out how to get the water tested and chemicals bought.

    I did this, they were open, so I masked up and got it done.

    • If that means I have to go out, I will do the week’s shopping while I am out.

    It did, and I did. Wondering why so many people think that they don’t need masks, and the one way aisles aren’t for them?

    • And drive through Dunkin for a free donut.

    And it was a good treat!

    • And go to the PO.

    No squishy packages this week. 🥴

    • Spin for half an hour.

    I spun for at least that long every day this weekend, and my bobbin is getting full. Soon I will be plying!

    • Pick up the last weekly clue for the Romi Hill MKAL shawl.

    It came out around 1, and I worked on it steadily all weekend. Finished the bind off Sunday night at bedtime. I will block it this week and share FO photos eventually.

    • Give all my other knitting WIPs some love…
  • I managed this! Icy Shores got lots of love while I zoomed, I passed the halfway mark.
  • The mittens got some love, the thumb gusset is on waste yarn, and it all fits back on my tiniest circs (8 inches).
  • The sweater got a few rows of neck edging done, and the Estonian Lace MKAL got a few rows done. Even the Ocean Current wrap for my customer got some attention between Romi MKAL rows.
    • Lastly on this list is sewing masks for us.

    I did make half a dozen on Saturday morning while A was out of the house getting her remote starter installed in her new truck. Did I mention we bought a new truck this week? She loves her truck, but pounds on the miles. So when the stars aligned, that Toyota is offering 0 percent financing, and the trade in value was about double what we owed, we went for it. The “old” truck had under 100,000 miles but wouldn’t for long, so it was now or never. Payments are the same, truck had only 25 miles, interest rate is now zero. Her birthday was last week, she is quite pleased with her present!

    So that is pretty much how the weekend went… lots and lots of shawl knitting and a few other crafty things.

    Now I am headed upstairs to go back to work. How was your weekend? And what are you doing today?

    15 thoughts on “End of vacation…and how I did on that list!”

    1. You got so much accomplished!! That’s great:)
      The grocery store is the new Wild West with people doing what they please. I hate to pass judgment on folks but if they can’t look out for their fellow man now when will they??
      Happy Birthday to A! I hope she enjoys every mile in her new truck:)

      1. It is great! I feel like it was time well spent, but I know others might not agree. 😉

        The grocery store is the wild west, and people do not care one whit for strangers. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised…

        A says thank you, and she will enjoy every mile, for sure!

    2. It was only yesterday you got the other truck! I mean, at least that’s how it feels. Congrats, that’s a pretty sweet deal you ended up with! We were pleased to just pay off my murano last month, early, and are looking forward to not having car payments for a bit. It’ll be fun. Then at some point, Mr. Ink will have to get himself a truck.

      Nice job on all your things, looks to have been very productive!

      1. Lol it was still a new truck as far as we were concerned. We got it in December of 2016. But A puts so many miles on her vehicles, it is crazy. For that reason we usually keep them long after they are paid off. But when that ad came on and we started thinking about it, we decided to look into it. She said something about doing it again in a few years, I put a stop to that! It just made sense to get 0% and do it while the truck still had a trade in value. That just doesn’t happen regularly!

        1. My cousin just moved out here to live near us and work at my university. (Really bad timing on her part, but here we are, poor girl.) She decided that she would wait on a vehicle, and now is very glad she did. She figures she’ll be ready to purchase in July, and I bet those interest rates will stay ridiculously low for quite some time. Much better deal than she would have had if she’d purchased when she moved here in January. Plus, she’s not driving to work anyhow, she’s working from home! So yeah, we definitely think that taking advantage of these deals while you can is a great idea.

          1. I am glad she can work from home! You mentioned that your curve is still climbing but the state will open up anyway… what’s the official reason for that? Here we are still shut down pretty tight, and our curve is flat, but not at 0, and people are freaking out and protesting like mad. One guy opened his restaurant Friday, a month ahead of the governor’s schedule. That cost him his health license and liquor license, and got him a fine. There were people lined up around the building! Not masked or socially distant. He said it would be fine because they had all been quarantined. He should hope so! Crazy times.

            1. We never had any official stay home orders, though non-essential businesses were asked to shut down and they did. The meat processing plants were considered essential, and as such, they decided to keep on with status quo, not even making ANY changes to the way they operated, so now our rural areas are being hit extremely hard. We also had ridiculously low testing for a long time, only recently has it increased. But, tiny little counties have as many cases as our big city, it’s so scary. These rural places will be decimated. Why open up? Economy, and, the political leaders figure because we still have an appropriate number of ICU beds still open we can start to open up. We WILL feel the effects of this. Give it a week or two. It’s sad really.

    3. Wow! You accomplished a lot in one weekend! You go, girl! Can’t wait to see your finished shawl. Congrats on the new truck! Happy Birthday to A. Car companies have such great deals going on right now. I am driving a 2007 Saturn Ion and have been thinking about getting something newer. I really should take the plunge, just not there yet.

      Yeah, why is it that some people feel that they don’t need to wear masks and protect everyone else? And people not following the arrows on the floors at the grocery store really irks me! During my last trip I kept going by and being held up by a lady that went the wrong way on every isle. When she was blocking me from entering an isle I pointed out to her that she was going the wrong way. She just shook her head yes and said that she knew. Really? I don’t like people who don’t follow the rules.

      My weekend was spent sewing masks, laundry and knitting, though I don’t feel like accomplished much on the knitting. It is a slow going cowl.

      I hope that you have a wonderful work week. Take care and stay safe.

    4. A belated happy birthday to A and congrats on the truck. Glad to know you and A are doing well through all this. I live in down state ny and we are the epicenter of this virus. While some places upstate will be opening up on very restricted levels our shut down will continue. The number of new cases and deaths are not going down far enough to warrant an opening. In fact they edged up a bit this past week. I haven’t touched my knitting in months and with this pandemic I really seem to have lost the desire to knit anything. I bought a spinning wheel last July and while it is set up I have yet to spin on it. Learning to spin via youtube just seems to be one more added stress that I don’t need to take on right now. Stay safe and stay healthy.

      1. I hope you and your family are safe. Scary to be anywhere near NYC right now! Maybe find something simple to knit now to get your mojo back? A hat? A plain sock? That spinning wheel isn’t going anywhere. When you are ready, it will be there. What kind did you get?

        1. Since I have no place to go to see one or try one I researched companies and wheels online. I also read user reviews. At the end I decided on Schacht’s Majestic. It seemed to have all that I wanted. Yarn Rascal has hated it from the day it arrived last July. He barks and growls at it. Right now it sits in the yarn room covered by a bedsheet. As long as Yarn Rascal doesn’t see it he doesn’t go crazy. Except that every so often he goes into the room, sticks his head under the bedsheet and proceeds to wig himself out barking and growling. It will be interesting if I ever do try to spin with it.

    5. well, today we burned the hunks of piano wood that we will not be utilizing for other things. Boy it burnt fast. Very old very dry wood.
      My back is sore because I take the ask and I move it to the weeded areas to burn it up. Then I water it after a bit so it does not remain too hot
      Im getting to my knitting . But we are headed to the hot tub first now.

    6. What on earth is with these no mask folks. Really? I do not get it. I want someone to explain it to me in scientific terms. DENIAL???? Making a statement?
      Anyhow, So glad A got her new truck! I don’t like how large ours is. But Fireman loves it.
      Good for you and your knitting work.
      Our weekend: I was a bit sad one of the days as one of my family is very anxious about COVID. IT is ok. I m glad to be support.
      Some very nice garden/woods work was done during Sunday. Working hard on my baby dress. Tomorrow I may switch back to the shawl….just for finger/wrist change up.

      1. I don’t get the no mask thing. How hard is it to show respect for the people around you? Yes it’s hot, so what? Grrr

        I am sorry you had an anxious family member to support. I pay attention to the news and the recommendations but work hard not to be anxious about it. I make a plan and follow it. Right now trying to get pantry and freezer restocked , in case food shortages really do happen, though I hope they don’t. Starting a lot of tomato plants in hopes that someday the weather will be warm enough to plant them. Have seeds for carrots, beans and peppers, too. It will be a strange diet, but we will eat!

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