A Friday list for May Day

Strange as it might seem, I am on vacation this week. We booked several vacation weeks at the beginning of the year, thinking it would be, ya know, another year like all the previous ones… taxes would wind up in April, I would be exhausted. A would be about to launch into her busy season, but still able to break away for a few days of time off.

Who knew?

Who knew AARP would shut the tax program down literally overnight? And that the rest of my job would be deemed essential? I am thankful for that, but March was very confusing and stressful. I suspect I am not alone in that feeling! A’s town offices reacted to March differently, some were happy to have her come in on her usual schedule, others wouldn’t let her in the parking lot. So there was a bit of scrambling to figure out how she could work remotely (yea, TeamViewer!) and a bit of anxious planning on our part as we figured out budgets for different scenarios.

But we were so lucky, so very lucky, that both of us were able to keep working. And she was able to keep working safely, no public interaction, socially distant while at work.

I had to work harder at being socially distant for those first few weeks of everything shutting down. I put a line of tape down in my office and asked people not to cross it. They thought I was nuts. I made cloth masks and wore them to the office. They told me I inly needed to wear them “in public.” Hello! What are all you people if not public? And I chafed at my boss saying he needed me to be in the office every day. Really, I do grantwriting and communications. I get that our industry is essential, but not that it was essential for me to physically be present.

Then the governor issued stay at home orders for April, and I was able to convince him. So for the month, I worked at home 4 days a week and went in the office one day a week.

A works at home a few days a week, and we quickly discovered that our lovely open floor plan is not particularly conducive to two of us working from home! Let’s just say that it is good that we have closets. Many a phone call has been taken in ours.

So when this week arrived, I was ready for a break. A had filled most of the week with consulting; back in March when things were uncertain, it seemed prudent to maximize income. That means I have been home alone. How sad! 😜

I have been puttering and doing lots of knitting and spinning, and a little sewing and weaving. I have tackled a seasonal chore a day, but not anything too time consuming. One day it was cleaning the bathroom fan, another it was washing the bedroom windows. I have enjoyed my staycation, but the new reality is creeping in, and I want to go to work Monday. Even though I love being home, something is seeping in…anxiety because of all the people who gave no choice? An awareness of the need for human interaction? I am not sure what it is. So here it is Friday, and I have a bunch of things I want to get done. I thought I would share the list with you!

  • The seasonal chore for today is to hook up the pool filter so the rain we get stays in the pool.
    Also, call the pool store, hoping that we can figure out how to get the water tested and chemicals bought.
  • If that means I have to go out, I will do the week’s shopping while I am out.
  • And drive through Dunkin for a free donut.
  • And go to the PO.
  • Spin for half an hour. I did that yesterday and liked seeing the progress.
  • Pick up the last weekly clue for the Romi Hill MKAL shawl. It usually releases mid-day. I am totally loving this knit, but not the online group. I won’t do an MKAL with that group again, though I will knit more of her patterns, they are lovely… and have charts as well as written directions. It takes time to do that, I really appreciate it.
  • Give all my other knitting WIPs some love… the latest monthly clue for the Estonian Lace scarf came out this week, I started that as soon as it did. A few rows a day keeps me up to date on that clue. There is also a lace wrap I am knitting for a customer, I do a few repeats a day on that. And a sweater I started for myself that I try to work on each day. Then there is another lace and beaded scarf I have going. Thankfully that one is at a stage where I have the pattern memorized, so it is the one I work in when only mindless knitting will do. And then there are some mittens for A for Christmas. I am about a quarter of the way through the first one, but I have time. 🙄
  • Lastly on this list is sewing masks for us. Restrictions are easing, but with the freedom to move comes the need for more masks. I hope to bang out several today.

By the time I get through all of this, A should be home from work and the weekend can begin! Weekends are so different now, aren’t they? We kind of like the freedom from social activities, but miss seeing the people. Still, we are grateful to both be introverts with hobbies…

Well, I had better get up and moving, that list won’t do itself.

24 thoughts on “A Friday list for May Day”

  1. It sounds like you’ve been busy:)
    My definition of who has to stay 6 feet from me is : Do you sleep in my house every night? If not back away! We even social distance from H because we travel in different circles (hers Stop & Shop, ours Market Basket).
    I hope you and A stay well.

    1. I agree! It seems so simple. I met up with my mom for a visit in a park this week, first time we have seen each other at the end of January. We kept our distance and wore masks when we were going to and from the parking lot. Amazing how many people we saw were unmasked and not far apart. If they keep this up, we will be shut down forever…

  2. It seems you are handling the stress of our dilemma. I hope your weather is good. It is sunny here, finally, and I am dancing around the May Pole.

    1. We are trying hard to handle the stress, and for the most part, doing OK. There was a snow storm and a power outage at Easter that was not handled so well. But now it only rains, and I saw signs of spring flowers when I was out in the yard today, so there is hope!

  3. I am so glad the two of you are safe and you could work from home!! I totally agree that it’s a change, though, I love having Philipp home, but it’s weird working beside him, I’m not used to it and I don’t know if I have fully adapted yet. 😉
    I love your list of things, especially the fact that your crafting mojo didn’t go out the window! I’m sorry the group is being difficult, sometimes it just happens, but at least you get a beautiful shawl out of it! 🙂

    1. It is odd how much of a change it is to work from home… I set up a space in the loft, make sure I get dressed and “go” to work at the same time every day, take the same breaks, and stop at quitting time. Otherwise it would be impossible to stay focused. But I will be glad when I can go back to work, safely, a few days a week.

  4. It definitely is a different time that we are living in right now. I wonder if this is our new normal. Can we ever go back to the way things were? And as we ease back into things, will it explode again in the fall, just to have us back where we are right now? So many questions. So many changes. All we can do is roll with these new changes and do our best to keep ourselves and others as safe as possible. Glad to hear that you are getting things done and getting crafty time, too. Take care, be safe and stay healthy.

    1. I am planning for a fall resurgence so that I will either be prepared or happy to be wrong! Normal is a memory of the good old days when a virus didn’t kill you…

        1. One puece of my planning will be to slowly restock my pantry… I don’t hoard, but I do keep spares… so, if I open a tub of wipes, I put it on the grocery list immediately. We have survived for 6 weeks on the pantry, but stores are running low, and it is hard to get cleaning supplies in the shops. So, I plan to buy whatever I see whenever I see it so that I am ready for doing this again. I won’t hoard, but I think I will aim for two spares. 😉

  5. Similar conversations with my boss, or rather, her boss. Grant Work Can Be Done From Home. Our curve is still going up, up, up with no end in sight. But of course we are also reopening. Thankfully not my work. But, I have to go in next week anyhow and onboard a new employee. I have truly appreciated my current group of staff. All of them are doing a fantastic job working from home and being available and getting work done. I am so appreciative of them!

    1. That is super that your staff is good. Of course grant writing can be done from home, if home can be set up to accommodate a quiet work space! I hope you get to continue working from home until it is truly safe. I have an opening I need to fill, not sure exactly how to manage that and training from a distance…got any tips?

      1. We make use of microsoft teams for general, easy, small questions and necessary information. Bigger items still go through email. I have found that despite my team being fairly introverted, they are struggling to feel connected. We do a 15-30 minute zoom meeting on fridays so we can at least see each other’s faces. I was resistent to this, and always try to come up with some sort of meeting agenda that I can go over, but by and large they just want to see each other, touch base, and say hi. I have made it optional, but everyone attends. Both zoom and teams have a screen sharing option when on a video call, so I use that a lot for training when necessary. The hardest part is not physically pointing at my computer screen and expecting my staff to see what I am pointing at. We’ve had to get a little creative and innovative, and we are all looking forward to getting back in the office, but overall, people are being flexible and making it work, which I appreciate. Our state seems to be just now hitting our stride riding up the curve, so we’ll see how long this all lasts. (Our state also opens up starting today, so it might last a long time.)

        1. Thank you! I like the idea of the short weekly staff meeting. And I will check out Microsoft teams. My boss doesn’t like staff meetings, we have a monthly one, and he gets annoyed if we spend too long on check ins. I think if he had them more often, it would help that but I am not the decider. 🙄 Connections are important!

  6. I am so happy that you missed her! What if you didn’t??? Look at all we have learned from one another. Tape down the office as a no enter threshold: GENIUS. Keep knitting.

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