Hello, my name is Sarah

No, I am not new here, just haven’t been hanging out here lately. I got busy… the world got crazy… and while everything looks the same, somehow it is different around here. Who messed with my editor?

So, let me just jump in. We are healthy and as isolated as we can be. Still able to go to work, though work is closed to the public. Other than that, we stay hone ALL the tine. It’s great for getting knitting done. How are you doing?

21 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Sarah”

  1. Happy to hear you are both good and glad your office has been closed to the public. With all the new law changes, you will undoubtedly have a very busy spring and summer. Enjoy your peaceful time knitting and spinning.

  2. Welcome back!!! It’s so good to see you – in the upper right corner of your editor (when you are writing a blog post) you should be able to use the old format. I’ve been doing that, too. 😉
    I am so glad that you are safe, I’ve been thinking a lot about you. Stay healthy!!

  3. good to see you ^^
    and, like Julia, I managed to find the old format of editor again. I do hate it when they keep on changing things.

  4. I was thinking about you! We are self-isolating right now (managed to get a trip to London in before everything clamped down), but tomorrow we’re free! (Whatever that looks like now.) Doing a lot of knitting and planning of projects.

  5. Missed seeing you for taxes @ library. Glad to have found your blog & to know that you are okay. Thanks for sharing all the photos & news. Hope to see you in a month or so, somewhere, somehow.

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