Some finishes and other activity

There have been loads of finishes since I last posted!

The long picot row is done and the shawl is blocked. It’s been worn, even, and goes well the intended skirt.

Also finished, some interminable black fingerless gloves, and a couple of hats.

Another finish I didn’t get a photo of is a pair of knitted knockers, plus another hat.

All the hats and the knockers are for A’s niece who is in for a wild ride. She has been diagnosed with Stage IIIB cancer, has had a mastectomy, and is now undergoing a zillion scans to determine if the cancer has spread, and what the treatment will be.

So while we wait, I knit. She said the knitted knockers are better than anything else she has tried, so I will keep knitting those. And soft washable hats.

Meanwhile, Mom recovered amazingly fast from her attempt to give us all heart attacks emergency surgery, even to the point of being able to attend Pies On Parade, which benefits her local food pantry. She is on their board, and is one of the organizers of the big, complicated event. Normally she is tearing about town checking on volunteers at all the venues for the afternoon. This year, she was boss and I was her driver and her legs. We both were tired at the end of the day, but it was a great event again this year. Mom says it is her last one of organizing it. Next year, we will go and eat pie, instead. That will be more fun.

And all the tax training is done, it is time to start preparing returns. Today is the first day, and I will be in a new venue, working with a different volunteer from my normal crew. But we all know what we are doing, so I am pretty sure it will feel familiar in about two minutes. I will be doing this every other Saturday. It will really cut into my knitting time! Also, it means I will miss Whorls and Purls every other week, which is a drag. But spring will come, and things will return to normal!

I have to run and get ready, but I will be back…

19 thoughts on “Some finishes and other activity”

  1. Your knits look great! The shawl is stunning and goes amazingly well with the skirt:)
    I will keep A’s niece and your mom in my thoughts.
    Good luck with tax time. April 15th will be here before we know it:)

  2. Great shawl-both the color and the pattern! It’s a terrific match with the skirt!
    Glad your mother is doing well and wishing the best for your niece as she goes through her testing.

    1. Thanks Patti! It is Milky Oolong, and if you are abke to see my projects in Ravelry, you can link to the pattern there. i already have another one on my needles. The mitts are a free pattern named Te Ara fingerless mitts. Also can be linked from my project page on Ravelry.

  3. The shawl is beautiful! Especially the lace part in between, it works so well with the picots – and it looks so soft! I am so sorry about your mom’s surgery, but I’m happy to hear it went well – and I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for A’s niece!! (this is horrible I hope it hasn’t spread anywhere).
    By the way … “Pies on Parade” seems fascinating. Is it sweet pies, or savoury or both or … we don’t have parades in Germany (which I think might be … weird if we did 😉 ), but it seems to be a big part of American Culture.

    1. Thank you! It is horrible and we are all hoping for the very best. Mom is a rockstar, she is healing well and fast.

      Pies on Parade is a fun event, with shops and inns all serving up pies of all varieties, usually one or two varieties at each shop. Participants buy a ticket and get a fork and a badge. They go from place to place eating pie! There were 28 stops this year – and it runs for 3 hours. That’s a lot of pie! But not a parade as we usually have them. 😉

      1. That sounds … super interesting!! maybe one day I’ll be in the US and then I can try.
        I am rooting for your mom and A’s niece, seriously – that is a lot going on for the start of the year, I hope it all goes well (and I forgot to say it, but I’m glad that the knitted knockers help her, too! That really is a brilliant design)

  4. Wow! That shawl is amazing! Love the beautiful edging. Your other knits are beautiful, too. Prayers for you niece and for your Mom to continue to get well. I also hope that tax season goes by quickly for you so that you can return to fun weekends 😉

  5. Your picot shawl is stunning. You have a gift for delicate work.
    Your fingerless gloves and hats are pretty.
    I’m sad to hear about A’s niece. Bless her heart. I pray her tests go well.
    I hope your Mom is healing well. It sounds like she full of good spirits and sass.
    Wishing you the best in all your ventures. Don’t forget to take some time for you to relax.

    1. Thank you so much! Mom is doing so well, you might never know it happened. A’s niece is staying strong. Most tests were fine but one wasn’t, so bigger and better scans coming soon. Sigh. I relaxed big time today, lots of weaving and spinning and sewing and knitting!

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