There has been knitting, around the edges

Lots of it, in fact, but no finished objects, sad to say.  There will be some within a week or so, but that’s another post. Meanwhile I am plugging away on my Volition sweater, and my Japanese MKAL scarf.  Fingerless mitts  for a friend are my traveling project.

Do you notice the small number of WIPS?  Once that craft fair was over, I settled down to normal.  I did knit a bracelet for a special order yesterday – once the closure is on and the ends woven in, that will also be an FO. But as  it is already off the needles, I don’t really count it as a WIP any more.

I do have a scarf on the loom, and I have to say, I am loving that – it is from some hand spun, and it is a polwarth silk blend – so soft! –   in blues and greens with a bit of brown – kind of moody.  I have just over a foot done, so it is also just a WIP.

And I have a skirt that is just a WIP as well, it needs ironing, then the elastic waist band made, and then the hem.  Not too much work, just need to do it.

We have been busy with other things, though.  My youngest niece, E the younger, came to stay for 24 hours over Thanksgiving weekend, and we had such fun!  She wanted to learn to spin and weave and I thought dye yarn, but she tells me no, I imagined that.  Just as well, since we had to eat and sleep, too.  We did get her spinning – not drafting, but she did make some lovely two ply art yarn.  It’s a bit twisty, as she is better at treadling than drafting and feeding the yarn through the orifice. Sadly, she hasn’t got access to a wheel at home, so she won’t get to improve until next time she comes to visit.  I think she did like her yarn, though, because she has on her Christmas list “yarn with different colors that isn’t twisty”

We also tried some weaving, and she was much better than that – her selvages were better than mine, but she found it very boring.  So, she went back to spinning, and finished off the 4 ounces of corriedale that she had started the day before.

She also discovered the books (hard not to, as she was sleeping in the loft where all the books are kept) so she spent a lot of time reading.

On the whole, it was a very nice visit, she said we were “good people” and she wants to come back, maybe for two or three nights. that would be fine with us!

We then had  a couple of weeks of normal business – working a lot, some Christmas shopping, errands, etc.  We got our tree and put it up a week or so ago, but as yet it has no lights nor ornaments.  It will happen soon, I think.  Or not at all!

This past Saturday was my family carol sing, which, if you have been around here very long, you know happens every year.  My mom and her two sisters, and as many of their offspring as can come, do.  this year we were missing two cousins and a whole host of the next generation, but we still had a nice crowd. It’s at my sister’s in Portland, which is as close to the middle as we can get.  She has a lovely house for entertaining – and a music room, so the non-singers can enjoy conversation elsewhere and not interrupt the singers.  We go through the whole carol book (assembled by my sister many years ago) and just have fun reveling in the sound of the season.  We also get to visit people we see too seldom, which is nice. A had to work, so I rode down with Mom and B and my aunt G.  That was nice as I had lots of car knitting time.  You know me, I can knit better than I can sing, so my Volition sweater got lots of love that day.

Yesterday we were going to do the  tree, but had so many other chores to do that we pooped out before it got done. I did do a bit of weaving and a lot of knitting, though.  I also got out my American Girl dolls and all of their things.  Niece E the Younger read all of the many of those books I have while she was here, so I decided to give her a doll and all of her clothes for Christmas.  I asked her which girl she would like if she could have one, and she said Molly, so Molly it is.  I need to replace some elastic in a few outfits – I realized that these dolls are probably 30 years old, so no wonder the drawers are droopy!

It was kind of fun to have them out, and get them dressed in their Christmas finery.  After Molly leaves, I will still have 5, just waiting for the other nieces to get settled and have kids, I guess.  None of them are interested in having the dolls now, I don’t think.

Other stuff going on – A’s niece T was diagnosed with breast cancer, and has a mastectomy coming up very shortly.  We are so hopeful that it will take care of the problem. Not a great way to spend Christmas, though.  A did her usual thing, and we got enough toys, books, chocolate, and other goodies to wrap up so she has a package to open every day while she is home recovering.  They say 14 days.  I can’t imagine that would be long enough, but I guess “they” know these things.  We will postpone Christmas with A’s family until she is well enough to participate.  She doesn’t want to do it ahead of time because she is too nervous and stressed with everything she has to do ahead of the surgery.  Luckily, her children are grown, and her daughter still lives at home, so she doesn’t have to worry about small kids nor being home alone with no one to care for her.

And that is what I have been up to the past few weeks.  What have you been up to?


15 thoughts on “There has been knitting, around the edges”

  1. You are always so busy! I’m amazed you get knitting/weaving/spinning in too:)
    I’ll keep A’s niece in my thoughts.
    I’m glad you had a lovely visit with your niece. It says a lot about the visit that she wants to come back for a longer stay:) Does she have a spindle? She might like to give that a try next time and then she can spin at home.

  2. I need to knit four or six or even eight coasters for a little gift to some friends who will be visiting their family over Christmas. What am I doing instead? Playing a stupid game on my tablet. Very. Single. Day. 🤦‍♀️

  3. Molly is my favorite American Girl. I was heartbroken when they stopped making her. I was also heartbroken when they started selling a girl who was born in the 70s….that is a little too close for comfort.

  4. Ive been grieving as you know. But Ive also been loved by so many during this time! I too have a friend whose daughter was just diagnosed with breast Ca. She’s 31 years old. But, I have every hope she will be cured. It is in situ, or contained. Still, a very stressful time for them.
    Ive been trying not to be so tired. IM super excited for our anniversary tomorrow. I got Fireman a gift I know he’s going to love….thats for me and the rest of the family!!! He has no idea !

    1. I know you are grieving, and that is what is making you tired. Nutrition counts at a time like this – go easy on carbs and high on veggies and protein. It will help your body feel more alert.

      I am dying to know what this anniversary present is!

  5. Hello. So sorry to hear about A’s niece. Hope all goes as well as it can.
    Sounds like you’re very busy.
    Delighted to hear your niece had such a good time. Sounds like they’ll be many more visits.
    Sorry not to see pics of your makes. Maybe next time? x

    1. I am trying to save space by only posting finished pics. 😦 Someday I will figure out how to shrink the file size on the phone or iPad. Thanks, we also hope T’s surgery is amazingly successful. And I hope E wants to come back when the time for vacation comes, we had a good time.

  6. Sorry to hear about A’s niece. I had a mastectomy seven years ago now. She will heal in two weeks but getting her arm back to functioning will take longer. Tell her to do her arm exercises EVERY day. It’s a pain (literally) but well worth having a functioning mobile arm in the long run. I didn’t do the chemo though the doctors pushed hard for me to do that. I did do the 33 days of radiation treatments. I hope all goes well.

    1. Thank you so much! I will pass on your words of wisdom to her. I did think of you when I heard about the surgery. I remember that you have had a lot of anxiety over the years with this surgery and the aftermath.

  7. Busy, busy! That time of year I suppose, but you always have so many fun things going on 🙂 Sounds like you are getting your WIP’s finished and that must make you feel so good. It is hard to believe that another year is coming to an end, and a new one will begin soon. I have pretty much given up on getting anything else knitted for Christmas this year. I hope to do better for next year 😉 I wish you and A a very Merry Christmas.

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