Just plodding along here, nothing to see!

I feel like a bad blogger, but there isn’t really anything to blog ABOUT.

The knitting in progress moves along slowly (one baby blanket in a cactus design, knit in dull green, one Odyssey shawl from brightly colored hand spun, one Japanese MKAL scarf in a soft and lovely blue, one pair of self striping socks) all very boring at the moment.

The weaving is also a little boring at the moment. I warped it so all the slots are blue and the holes are purple. Now I am experimenting with weft to see how it all looks. Kind of interesting to me, but to you it will just look like half woven cloth at the moment.

The spinning is duller than boring as I haven’t spun much all summer. Sigh.

And nothing else exciting happening at the moment, we are both working a lot.

But in a few weeks Mom and I go to Knit East, and I am looking forward to that. 😊

I hope your lives are more interesting!

27 thoughts on “Just plodding along here, nothing to see!”

  1. Things are pretty dull here too except for the crazy. We always have plenty of crazy going on. I keep that off the blog though. I wouldn’t want to scare anyone away;)
    Knit East sounds like fun!

    1. Lol on the crazy- so true. Yet at another level, I want the blog to be real, and sometimes real is crazy. So don’t be afraid to share a little of what life is like. You won’t scare me away!

  2. Sometimes, you knit and knit and knit, but nothing much happens and then it’s hard to talk about it (apart from oh yeah, I got five more inches on the blanket done)! 😉
    Does Knit East have classes, and if so, are you attending one? Or are you “just” going for the shopping? 😉

    1. Exactly!!!!

      Knit East has classes, but we went light on them. Start each morning with a lecture style class with the Yarn Harlot, then we are off on our own the rest of the day. There will be shopping! And we got tickets to the fashion show which I understand is lots of fun and has fabulous prizes. But while Mom knows how to knit, she isn’t into it enough to want three days of immersion. So we will wander off on other adventures, or sleep or something. 😉

        1. If I remember to take any, I will share! Are you on Instagram? It is easier to share photos there – no limits! But I will share here, too.

          I love her, too. She doesn’t run from ANYTHING! And she knits and spins! How cool. Plus she is so darned funny!

        1. I cleared out a lot if old photos as well, but not the posts… but I need to really take time to go back through things and see if the posts make sense without the photos!

    1. I do, too! Enjoy the days that is. I don’t frog for boredom, because lots of projects have boring segments but the finished garment is lovely. And right now my boring ones are commissions, so I have to finish them. 😢

  3. Yours sounds blissfully interesting – not the whole ‘working alot’ but the time/space to just putter along on projects in the works, and play with various options in skill levels – that is INFINITELY both interesting and blissful to me – whether specs to report or pictures of or what have ya – – but then I’ve spent some time these past few weeks, myself, of having the here and there luxury of doing not much other than my personal fave – pondering/absorbing/observing various things – around working frenzies – and so – not often a lot to ‘report’ on – but still – interesting to both person making the journey and others who either are on the journey themselves and/or curious about the journey – – I do enjoy your references to weaving – and the experiments – – weaving is on my ‘list of things to learn – – someday – – ” – 🙂

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