Four day weekend!

I am already loving my August plan, four day weeks for the rest of the month and two four day weekends. One down, one to go.

It was a good crafting weekend, for sure. Plus there was lots of social time. I usually get exhausted by that, but I had enough down time, so I am fine!

I got through most of the Friday list, amazingly! Just didn’t warp the loom. But I did hem some squares and rectangles from my handwoven fabric. They could be placemats and napkins, or maybe dish towels, or maybe dust rags. Who knows. But they are hemmed, and I learned about working with the fabric, and how patterns affect what I will always think of as “gauge”.

The sock yarn blank dyeing was harder than I expected. Debbie at the Purple Fleece suspects I had too much water in my dyes. I will do this again someday.

They sure do change when unraveled, don’t they? I wonder what the socks will look like.

Other sewing included adding a solid band of fabric to the bottom of a printed skirt that I made several months ago. It just needs hemming now. I should have it ready for next summer, lol. Allie was very helpful with the sewing.

Knitting also happened. The black and white baby pants are nearly done. Check the link to my ravelry project to see the progress on these amazing pants! And Durrow progresses on slowly. I hoped to have it done by the end of the weekend, but it isn’t.

I did cake the yarn for my next shawl cast on. It will be a handspun odyssey shawl. Looking forward to that. And my next baby project is a cactus blanket and hat.

Other than the Friday craft list, what did I do? Well, Saturday had some chores and the afternoon spent at Whorls and Purls, as usual. Sunday we did lots of cleaning and frosting making. A’s sisters and niece came over in the afternoon, bearing cupcakes and ice cream for a birthday party for SIL L. That was nice, as always, and the different frostings made the cake taste so different!

Monday I had two knitting friends over for lunch and the afternoon. One of them LOVES gardening, so I turned her loose for an hour in the back yard. She got so much weeding done! My two minutes here and there just isn’t good enough. The other one and I sat on the porch knitting and chatting. Then I gave them a yummy lunch and we all sat and knit the afternoon away.

Back to work today. Bummer! But only for four days! I am liking this schedule.

26 thoughts on “Four day weekend!”

  1. Look at you go!! You’re a weaver! I love your colors and think you did a great job with these! Have you wet finished them yet? If you haven’t, that will change the look and tighten it up. If you have, then next time, plan to make your sett a little closer. The honeycomb looks really cool!

    1. I did wet finish them, but after sewing the hems, I tossed them in the washer and dryer (on low) and they filled out a lot then.

      And thank you! I was pleased with how it came out. And now I understand what pick up sticks can do.

  2. You make fantastic use of your time! I love your weaving and the sock blanks. I did mine with koolaid in the crockpot. It worked pretty well but all I could smell was grape the entire time I knit the socks.

    1. Well, if crafting is your priority, then I do. If a clean house and tidy yard is more important, then not so much! 🤪

      I have done the koolaid thing with similar results! It inspired me to move onto more complicated dyes.

  3. Awesome weekend projects! You can always overdue your yarn if you want deeper or more vibrant colors. The one with the black stripes will be interesting once knit up.

    Your weaving is beautiful, too. I would love to have some knitting time with friends but none of my friends that live nearby knit. ☹️

    1. Thanks, Patti! I could over dye, but they will be fine. Just not what I expected. Still good, though! Yes, the black stripes will be interesting. I was will share, when I get to them.

      Are there any knitting groups near you? That is where I made lots of knitting friends.

    1. Oh, thank you! I am not sure it’s beautiful. Or at least, it’s not consistently beautiful! I have only done 4 things, so it’s all still random!

  4. Your fabric looks so soft. It’s really pretty.
    I look forward to seeing what your socks looks like.
    Sounds like a joy filled 4 days.

  5. I’m impressed with the woven fabrics you made; they are beautiful. And weren’t you smart to get yard work done for the price of lunch!!! I’d love to try the sock blanks. It surely will be fun to see how they knit up.

    1. Thanks, Kendra! The woven fabric looks better in photos than in real life, but it is all about learning! The sock blanks were fun, I will share when I knit them up!

  6. Omg Allie is adorable, i wish my cat was more helpful and less in my face ^^’
    Or well right now i wish he would stay as far away from me as possible because apparently pregnant me is so much more allergic than normal me, It truly sucks.

    Your weaving looks great, I feel like i should give it a try sometime but for now i think im just gonna watch yours to get my fill.

  7. Your weaving looks great! Your sock blanks are interesting. I wonder how they will knit up, too. I give you kudos for experimenting with dying. I look forward to seeing your next shawl project. Sounds like you had a great day with friends. And what a great friend to do some weeding for you! She is a keeper for sure 😉

  8. The squares are GORGEOUS!! I can’t weave, so I have absolutely no idea how you did them, but they look fantastic – and the towels are great, too, I love the colour combination!!
    The sock blanks are … yeah .. although I have to say that they might look great, maybe you’ll end up with a speckled yarn? It could be good for patterns …
    Oh and, I LOVE the kitty picture!! Did hypnotizing the machine work for you afterwards? 😉

    1. Thanks, Julia! In theory, weaving is easy, but in practice, like all handcrafts, it is not easy to do at first. I feel all awkward. But each project goes better than the last.

      Socks blanks… sigh. I am interested to see how they knit up, then I will know what I want to do with the next batch.

      Lol at the kitty! She just loves when she can get into the craft room! So much to see.

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