I finished something!

It was just last night, so no photos yet, but I bound off the Hankshaw sweater. That is exciting as I have been wanting to cast on a new project, but I made myself finish something first. So now I will cast on Biophilia. I am using yarn and beads I got at last year’s Fiber Frolic, even though this year I got some yarn that would look great. I will get to it…

This month has just flown by, it has been hectic and busy! My birthday weekend was lovely, in celebration AND weather. Mom had a party for me, just siblings and some of their spouses and children. It was the right size for actually visiting, so that was fun.

After that it’s been straight out work, even on weekends. I manage about ten minutes of gardening some evenings before I get swarmed with mosquitoes, so the yard looks awful, mostly. Except that the front garden that had so much work done on it the past two years is at its lovely stage, if one zooms in and blocks everything around it…

And I have been spinning a little and knitting like mad, in spare moments. These socks got finished, and these started, this month.

But the big news, beyond the finished Hankshaw is that I finally finished the mosaic cabled squares of Durrow!!! I am on the easy stockinette part now. I decided to knit it as a gradient, not the stripes as the pattern calls for. We shall see if I like that. I can’t believe it took me 18 months to get this section done!! You can see the progress here.

Still plugging away on the Japanese MKAL, I am part way through the June clue, and anticipate no trouble finishing this clue before the August one drops. Awfully glad they aren’t monthly, though!

The pool filter I got for my birthday is WONDERFUL! The pool is ready to be vacuumed, something I have never been able to do before, exciting! However, it is a bit of a jerry rig to get it hooked up, and I haven’t had time to really focus on it, so I keep stirring and running the filter, and it is making a difference. I hope to swim by July 4. Luckily it has been so cold and wet I haven’t felt the urgent need to get in the pool. I can just stands in the yard and get cool and wet.


Last Saturday we had a major fundraising event at work,  (it went well but nearly crippled me, more in a minute) and this Saturday we had a work-related picnic to attend, so weekends have not been relaxing at all, and the work weeks have also been long.  Yesterday, though, I was happy to visit with an old coworker and long time friend who now lives in Iowa.  She is around for a couple of weeks, so she came to visit, and we sat on the porch catching up.  It was so nice and relaxing, and I so appreciated that she came over to see me, as driving a couple of hours to her place would have not been as relaxing after a long week!

For the last few weeks, my feet have been really hurting.  It started out as a bit stiff when I stood up from my desk or in the morning.  I made sure to do all the stretches, and rotating, etc, but it just seemed to get worse and worse, and then my knee started bothering me, from walking stiffly, I presume.  I paid attention to what shoes did to me, and so now I am just wearing birks, as the arch support seems to really help, also nothing touches the back of my heel.  I suspect plantar fasciitis, but something else, too, the back of my heel can not be touched.  Standing in sneakers all day at the fundraiser was so awful that I could not walk to the car.  I don’t think A believed me when I told her she had to go get the car and come to me, but I wasn’t fooling.  I could barely move from the car to the house.  I laid low the next day, as much as I could, and was a little bit better by Monday.  But then one night I put on some different shoes ( which I had worn all winter, I might add) and did about fifteen minutes of gardening, and everything was awful again. So, yes, I know I need to call the doctor and get to a PT person, but for now, I have worn only birks for about ten days, and I keep my feet really elevated when I am home – not quite toes above nose, but on a pile of cushions on the couch.  The swelling seems to be going down, and things are better, but still not good.  I could not walk a mile, I don’t think.  But, my knee is feeling better.

I won’t tell you about the arthritis in my finger and thumb and how I just kept knitting anyway.

This getting old really stinks.

36 thoughts on “I finished something!”

  1. I feel your pain both with not getting to the gardening as well as the foot I’m afraid to bend over for an extended period of time since I had those spasms in my lower back last month.

    My foot pain was a combination of plantar fasciitis and gout. I ended up getting “the shot” to heal my heel. Getting the two numbing shots before the one that actually healed the plantar fasciitis were extremely painful…but so worth it as the pain was gone in a few days. Go see your doctor!

    And I’m also familiar with Arthur Itis.

  2. I hope the foot situation gets sorted out soon. Foot pain is no fun. Even though you used those shoes all winter, they do have a life span and may have come to the end of their hours. (I find this with running shoes, they may look fine, but the break down after a few hundred miles)

    We have a friend with plantar fasciitis and there are days that she can not walk, at. all.

    1. I do think I need new sneakers, they were the culprit the week before. But I am sad if my otherwise good looking and comfortable Merrills are done for. I might try new inserts before i chuck them. Of course, if I am wrong the pain is unbearable, so maybe it is worth it.

      I did bet a new pair of birk sandals, and plan on a new pair or their clogs in the fall, so that is good. The arch support makes such a wonderful difference.

      I feel the pain your friend has – it sounds so stupid, but it is true. I am trying to do everything I can to make it go away.

  3. I hope you’re feeling better soon! Take it easy:)
    Your projects look lovely.
    The weather has been weird. It was so slow to warm up. The weather person said we haven’t had a 90 degree day yet which is very late. I hope you get some good pool weather:)

    1. thank you! I will try to take it easy, I am usually pretty good at doing that – just give me some knitting, lol.

      Yes, the weather has been odd. I would say we are a month behind temperature wise.

  4. Ow, ow, ow! You need to see a doctor! Pain like that can change the whole way you move and cause whole-body issues. It’s amazing to me how much you’re still able to get done–like an energizer bunny! And, hey–how about Ravelry and their new policy?? Makes me proud to be a Raveler!

    1. Sigh, I know you are right. I will call today.

      As for getting lots done, it’s been nearly a month, so it isn’t really that impressive. I just knit for an hour or two most evenings, and things happen.

      Yes, Ravelry owners are amazing. They are really standing up to white supremacy and hate! And naturally, taking a beating and not being understood by detractors . But I think it is super!

  5. ooh dear, I really feel for you with the foot, & knee pain. I hope you get to see a doctor soon and find out what’s wrong.
    I’m wondering if a deep in your pool isn’t what you need right now? cool water would help with swelling.
    We’ve been hopping in our little spa every day since we set it up. Water (without heating) is at a steady 30°C because France is in the middle of a massive heatwave this week and it’s so uncomfortable hot, we all feel like melting.

    1. I did think about that, and hope to get there this weekend. Thankfully we aren’t that hot yet! I am so glad that you have that little pool to relieve some of the heat! I hope the weather breaks soon.

  6. So sorry for the foot issues. I can sympathize as I have had trouble with my arches and ankles for many, many years. hope you can get it all sorted out and that you will be “back on your feet again”. You have been busy, busy. The yard can wait. Seems like a lot of the country is having cooler temps and rain, rain, rain. Hopefully the sun will shine soon and we can all get outside. Happy Belated Birthday. Glad you had a wonderful day. And hopefully you can get that Birthday present pool filter in use soon. Love you fun striped socks. And congrats on the pullover finish! Love the purple yarn you are using for your new project. I look forward to seeing more with beads 🙂 Try to slow down, get your tootsies looked at and relax 🙂 I am hoping for a slow summer, though I have a lot of work to do this summer.

    1. Hi, Ginny! I hope I get sorted out, too. Yes, the yard can wait, though I need to get some things planted. I have a wagon full of day lilies getting ready to bloom! I think they would be happier in dirt. 😉 Our yard is very rustic, we don’t mow, just occasionally weed whack, or pull things up. The benefits of having gravel fill for a yard! But I am trying to build gardens around what will hopefully be terraces and patios someday, so hate to not make even my usual small progress.

      At least I can still knit!

      1. Oh, I have a rustic yard, too! Not really, but it is all overgrown and needs weeding badly. Since having knee surgery last year, I am still not able to kneel or squat for more than a few minutes. So I have hired a gal and she will come out after the 4th of July holiday and work on it a few hours at a time and maybe by the end of summer it will look nice. Though it’s not important. I just won’t go out there, LOL. You will get to it when you can. Knitting while you wait is a great plan 😉

  7. First, the garden is gorgeous – I love the riot of greens and color! Secondly, take it from someone who waited too long on feet – GO TO THE DOCTOR NOW! Remember when we first met up, I had hurt my foot, then put off the doc forever – and ended up in a boot for months. GO NOW!!! And said with love!!!

    1. I do remember… and I will call.

      Thank you re the garden. You know what a crazy mess the yard is, but at least the front garden looks good!

  8. A belated happy birthday. The day sounds like it was perfect. I know you know you need to see a doctor about your feet. Make the appointment. Put yourself first here. The garden looks great. It’s been a bad growing season. We have been cold and wet. I’m glad I decided not to do a garden this year. Hurray for the pool filter and vacuum. It will make all pool things easier.

    1. It was a good day, thank you.

      I will, I promise.

      It’s been particularly bad elsewhere. Here it’s cold and things are late, and it’s been too wet to make working outside at all appealing, but everything is getting lots of water, which is important in my yard, it is all gravel fill.
      And everything is green and lovely at the moment.

      Yes, the new filter is amazing!!!! I love it! And no cartridges!

    1. Thanks, compassionknit! I will see about getting the feet better. I love my tiny patches of garden among the rubble. And yes, this has been a terrible mosquito year! At least it’s been to cold here for black flies…

  9. As the ole cowboys say, out here, (cleaned up some for online sharing! LOL) “This getting old isn’t for wussies” – On the other hand, nice to read your post after being long away and just had to tell ya – I DON’T HAVE TO learn how to make my hands/fingers do Knitting Needles – ANY more!! I have discovered Tunisian Crochet Knit and Perl stitches!!! and whipping out a scrubby for kitchen/sale about every 18-20 minutes, CUZ, I had in my ‘crate of inherited goods’ some double ended crochet hooks! :). While I was learning, watching the videos, a few weeks ago, I thought to myself, “I simply have to get logged in and tel salpal that I’m ‘cheating’ on the ‘learn kitting’ thing – LOL – But, I love the way Tunisian can look like knit stitch on one side and different stitch on the other and now, on the hunt to find a smaller needle to buy, AND yarn to buy, so I can make my ‘one shell pullover that looks like two different shirts!” – ya know moi – one stone, try to take as many ‘birds’ off of to-do list and/or dream list as possible! Life is too short, so Tunisian Crochet is right up my alley! P.S. sorry your feet bothering ya – hoping you can get ’em rested/healed and such – who can create when pain is beating down upon one? 🙂

    1. Glad you popped online, friend! Interesting about Tunisian crochet, it’s one craft I haven’t tried. But I think I have a hook some where, maybe I should give it a try. 😉

      I agree, getting old is a pain, but it sure beats the alternative!

      1. I don’t know – – some days the pain is so high, I find myself wondering, “Hmm…what if space/time/reincarnation theories are really true?” Alas, I’m not a “quitter’ so, apparently, I’ll have to wait and find out if it’s true ‘there is no more pain’ once this stage on the celestial journey through space time is over – – :D.
        As for the Tunisian crochet, I just happened across this gal’s youtube channel while looking for another ‘regular crochet’ stitch ‘how-to’ and, I REALLY like her videos – easy to watch, see, instructive, without being long/poorly shot, etc. Here’s the link to her “Learn Tunisian Crochet Playlist” for Right Handers (P.S. She has a play list for Left Handers, as well – – Isn’t that awesome?) :D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_6CRJJLltQ&list=PLoH3zXZBXpSNeMMlWqQNQJyH07Z40U54f

      2. P.S. – I not only learned Tunisian Crochet Knit/Purl and other stitches, BUT I ALSO learned various stitches for the Double-Ended hook crochet thingee – – My Bad on writing like a double-ended hook was needed for the tunisian – – it’s not, though a regular crochet hook with ‘wider that rest of hook, flat finger rest’ is rather a pain to work around with the tunisian, so I use my long, double ended, inherited hooks – since they are uniform ‘width’ all the way across – 🙂

  10. I LOVE that picture of your front yard! It’s so beautiful. Biophilia is a great pattern, I have been meaning to knit it or ages, but maybe I’ll get to it next … year or so. 😉 (I also had a look at your socks, and they look great!!)

    I hope your foot gets better soon, seriously … could you get a physiotherapist to check it out maybe?

    1. Thanks! I love that part of the yard, too. I have been wanting to knit biophilia forever, too. They are doing a kal, and I got several of my knitting group to also join, so it should be fun.

      Feet. Sigh. Yes, I need to get to the doc. Meant to call today and didn’t get to it.

  11. Happy belated birthday! I hope your birthday wishes all come true.
    Pretty flower garden photo. Looks like a lovely place to relax and just admire the beauty.
    I’m sorry to hear of your feet problems. Bless your heart. You must be miserable some times. I hope you get to the doctor soon and your feet heal quickly.

    1. Thanks! I love certain parts of my yard. Other parts need more work. But everything is growing well, loving all the water, I guess. But a creature at all my hollyhock leaves! I was very sad, I have never seen it bloom.

      My feet have their good and bad moments…but I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so then we can find out what is going on.

        1. It went fine, she is sending me to PT… haven’t heard when the appointment is. I have lots of tendonitis that they will be working on. And a little arthritis to make it interesting. 😉

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