Writing with links instead of photos

We can see how it goes, right?

I decided that if I can’t post photos here, I can post links to my Ravelry project pages.  Please let me know in the comments if that got you to the photos. So far, Ravelry hasn’t put any limits on the photos we can post there!


I finished the Liverpool socks for my BIL, they are so bright and fun!  I am sure he will hate them, but he will appreciate them for what they are.  and maybe appreciate them even more on a cold morning.

I have been cranking away on my Hankshaw pullover.  I am loving how these colors look!  Of course, I have loads of each of the 6 colors left, not sure how much of the natural I will have left, but there maybe some hat knitting in my future with the leftovers.  Twice leftover, as they come originally from a shawl…

Durrow continues to plod along, but I have a motivating plan now.  First off, when I finished the previous square, I got a reward of casting on a sweater.  Now one of my Whorls and Purls friends gives me assignments each week.  So far so good, I do about 6-7 rows a week. At that pace, it will take several more weeks to finish the square.  But I know when the rows get shorter, I can do more in a week.  And so I am plotting and planning my next cast on reward. I am thinking of June, in either white and light blue, or light blue and navy. Yes, I know it isn’t a two colored sweater, but don;t you think it would be pretty with the lace in a different color? Of course, it might not be that at all.  there is no telling, and I have a few weeks to go before I need to know.  I think I will make a rule that Hankshaw has to be done also, if my next reward is a sweater.  I don’t want too many of them on the needles.

Then there is Biophilia. I plan to cast it on no later than July 1, joining in a knit along, which many of my Whorls and Purls friends are doing also.  But I think this wont; be tied to any reward system.  I have wanted to knit it for quite a while, so the time is right.  I have the yarn and beads, but Fiber Frolic is in a few weeks, so that whole thought might change.  They have yarn and beads there.  🙂

I also finished Droplet, it is drying now.  Hopefully it will dry and I can get a nice pretty photo of it before too long, but the weather is so awful, endless gray.

And did I show you what FINALLY came off my loom last week?  Fabric!  Not perfect, but usable.  It was intended for place mats, but still not sure it won’t be dish towels…

That’s it in knitting world…


In real life, today is one of our anniversaries.  We have two, because we had a lovely commitment ceremony ten years ago, not ever suspecting that we could ever legally wed.  But just a few years later, we could, so our other anniversary is on the 19th, 4 years later.

And I will say that BOTH of those days were sunny and bright and warm!  Imagine, in May, not needing winter clothes.  Glad we aren’t having a big outdoor party this year – we would freeze.  I think that flowering things are about a week or so behind this year, because the cherry trees were almost gone by for our ceremony in 2013, and they haven’t even begun to bloom yet.  Everything is slowly coming along though, I know they will bloom eventually.  It is an exceptionally good forsythia year, though!  It must have just been a slightly warmer winter this year.  Also, lilacs that have never before bloomed are covered in buds.  So maybe Spring will happen eventually?

I think that is all that I know right now –  thanks for your patience while I sort out how to share photos!  And do let me know if you were able to navigate to them.




45 thoughts on “Writing with links instead of photos”

  1. I think the ravelry links only works if the reader is logged in into ravelry. To make it available to users without logging in, the project needs to be published as public in ravelry (there’s a setting in the project page on the top right section of the page to do that) 🙂

    1. It should be all fixed now, and the projects all made public. If you are of a mind to, I would appreciate you trying them again and letting me know how it goes.

  2. Happy Anniversary. I am so thrilled you were able to marry legally. It is so important. I cannot see your links or photos though my pal. Im using my imagination! and they look fantastic

    1. Oh, thank you!!! I am bummed about the links but will work on them again tomorrow and maybe ask you to try it again, if that is OK.

  3. The links seemed to work fine for me. And I was thrilled to see your weaving off the loom! You made it sound like a complete disaster but I think it looks marvelous–the colors are great and it’ll be very useful as towels–and you’ll never forget your first project! What’s going on the loom next?

    1. Well, the selvages aren’t great, and there are places where the warp stuck together and I didn’t notice, so random skipped threads, BUT I do think that from a distance, it is usable. 🙂 My next weaving project MIGHT be more of these colors, since I have a lot left. This was using the threads held double, I think I want to try one with the threads used singly, and perhaps call them napkins or dust rags, depending how it goes. 🙂 Btu I also was looking into my sock yarn scrap basket, and thought “I wonder what would happen if I just used these random little bits to weave a scarf or a pillow or something?” So it might be that instead. I will let you know. One thing I know, I am using heavy duty clamps to hold everything in place when I warp the loom, no more tangle cotton thread disasters for me!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    I went to Ravelry and checked out your projects:) Everything looks great!
    I’m going to set some time aside this weekend to research photo options. I’ll let you know what I discover:)

    1. thank you! I am curious to know what you can find. I hate to have to go in and resize them all and re-link them all, but I might have to.

  5. I was able to see all of your projects via the links and I am happy to say that I now have a friend on ravelry 😉 I have had my ravelry for about 6 years or so, but haven’t used it much. I am trying to navigate it and am taking a Ravelry class today. It is too bad you can’t post your photos on your site. Have you contacted someone at WordPress? Happy Anniversaries! I think it is worth celebrating on both days 🙂

    1. I saw my new ravelry friend! I think you will enjoy it once you get the hang of it. No point in my contacting word press, i hit the limit on free space, now they want me to pay. I might eventually

      1. Yep! You are my first friend on Ravelry! I have had it for about 6 years and only have used it to buy patterns. I took a class yesterday and learned so much! Today I plan on putting all of my yarny stash and projects into it 🙂 Too bad about running out of space. Hubby bought me my domain a couple of years ago, but I am not sure if I have a limit or not. I should look into that.

        1. I have thought about a paid blog but haven’t raised the issue here at home yet. 😉. I think you have a limit but it is muy grande.

          So glad you are doing more with ravelry. Keeping stash current on there is some work but very worth the effort.

          1. That is good to know that I probably have a lot of photo room, because my picture files are quite large per photo and I don’t reduce the size on any.

            I have a great start on putting in stash already. I was really inspired after class yesterday. I am actually hoping to get it all on today…with photos! I had better get off this computer and get started 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Happy Anniversary. All the links worked. The only thing I can tell you about WordPress and pictures is it is the size in kb that counts. Kb is smaller the MB. The only way I know how to reduce the picture to an acceptable Kb level is by using a photo editor. The one I use is Corel. I can reduce the amount of bytes a picture uses. If you rest your pointer over the pictures you have in you picture folder on the computer it will tell you how many MB or KB the picture is using. I don’t find, however, that a picture taken with a cell phone can be nicely reduced to KBs without losing quality. So I have to use my camera for blog post pictures. This is the way I keep under the limit WordPress has.

    1. Thanks. I am struggling with it, so easy to grab phone, shoot and upload! But you are right, editing for size works better. I have to stop being lazy!

  7. Congrats on the anniversary. Love you both! I got all of the links to work, except for Droplet – keeps saying the site can’t connect, that Ravelry will not accept it. HUH? It accepted all of the others!

  8. Happy Anniversary! My partner and I have two anniversaries as well, and one of them is today (the 17th). It’s the date we had our commitment ceremony. Enjoy, and here’s to many more anniversaries for us all!

  9. Your knittings and plans are wonderful. Your links worked great for me.
    You weave your own fabric! You’re amazing. Your fabrics are beautiful!
    Congratulations on both anniversaries. I wish you and A the best of everything.

      1. I think weaving on a loom, making fabric, is very impressive. I can’t imagine how long it took you to weave fabric with the beautiful check design. Well, done, you! 😀

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