It’s the photo thing

I haven’t written because I haven’t had time to sort out the photo thing and describing what I am doing seems so boring.  BUT I just have to bite the bullet and use up the rest of my available space and sort it out later.  You all have been so patient with me.

Here’s what I have been up to – so much fiber crafting happening!

I finished the Alaska hat a few weeks ago, but just got photos of it this weekend:


I am halfway through a pair of socks that I just LOVE.  This yarn is custom dyed for me to knit socks for my BIL.  He is a huge Liverpool football fan (soccer to those of us heathens in the USA) the team colors are red, with aqua and gold.  I asked magic Debbie at the Purple Fleece to dye me some yarn, and this is what she came up with!  I love it!  I love the little bits of other colors created in the transitions, and I think these socks are lots of fun.  Even more so, because BIL is a gray and black kind of dresser, and these are so far out of his comfort zone that he will think the package was meant for his daughter.  I know they might wind up on her feet, but he will have fan socks if he wants them.


I am plugging away on Durrow, which grows tedious.  I have one more square to do, and then there will be different sections to work on.  These squares have been on my needles since January 2018.  It is embarrassing to admit.


So I set myself a goal and gave myself a reward.  I could cast on a sweater for me when I finished the 6th square (maybe this is why it has taken me more than a year to get this far…)  I finished the square in the middle of last week.  Whew!  And I had long ago swatched the yarn I want to use, but had never picked out a pattern.  So  I went pattern diving and found Hankshaw pullover.  It was perfect for what I wanted.  Right weight yarn, a simple yoke pattern that I could modify as needed, and it would be easy to incorporate the 6 shades of blue and green that I wanted in the yoke. I had vacation from Wednesday through the weekend, so this happened.  I did have to fiddle a bit with the size, as my row gauge was off, and my arms are larger than miss average’s.  But I am going to divide for the sleeves tonight when I get home, and then it should be math-free knitting.

I wonder what i will do as a reward for the next square?  I have  enough gray sport weight yarn for a sweater… perhaps that will be next.

I have also been working away on my Japanese mystery knit along scarf, I am nearly done with the second clue.  And my Droplet hack is getting close to done.  I will show you those another day.

I did do some weaving this month, and I think I am pretty close to finishing this fabric. It was originally going to be place mats and napkins, I think it might be place mats and dishtowels now. Not quite sure… I like the colors, but I want to do more experimenting with stitches, so I need this to be done.

And spinning – still spinning!  I am working on an 8 ounce spin with two different colored braids, creating a three ply, 4 skein gradient.  So far 1/4 is done and plied, and the second 1/4 is about halfway done.  Slow going, I am spinning sewing thread again…

My brain is always looking at what I am doing and imaging the next project.  I could use 5 days weekends every week!


In other news – the snow has melted!  At last!  I have begin scooping leaves out of the pool, as much as I can reach from the edges, no getting in it yet! And if we get a non-pouring rain weekend, I will begin raking the yard and looking about for outside chores.  the screen doors need some attention.  We plan to dismantle most of the front deck this spring/summer, and rebuild it smaller, then add a patio/terrace thing.  I want big raised beds in the transition area, which means carpenter world.  So lots going on.  In my head.

Tax season is really over, we had our celebratory luncheon last week.  My weekends are my own until June when fundraisers and picnics kick in. So I think I can say that the sweater will get finished in short order.  🙂

I will keep you posted.  Promise!



26 thoughts on “It’s the photo thing”

  1. I love the hat! And those socks are colorful. I hope your BIL wears them.

    The yoke is very nice. You have been busy.

    We/I want to change our deck. At least half of the treated lumber needs replaced and I never really liked the shape. So I’m gathering plans to replace the decking with a composite, most likely Trex in 2020. Cha-Ching!! Then comes the arduous task of finding someone to actually do it.

    1. Thank you!!!

      Ahh, decks… when we moved in we put on a huge square shaped deck in front. It’s not pretty. It’s hot in the summer. And the decking needs replacement, so we decided to really shrink it down. Basically it will be an entry platform for the sliders. This way we can have a terrace and sit closer to the trees in the shade. 😉. And even doing the work ourselves, it is a significant investment, so there will likely need to be stages. 🥴

  2. Your Alaska hat is pure fiber art. ~applause~
    Such a fun-fan and warm gift you’re making: lucky BIL.
    The Durrow will be a good conversation piece with it’s long history of creation. Great design too.
    Your Hankshaw pullover is going to be fabulous. Beautiful colors and design patterns.
    Congratulations on the melted snow. It sounds like Spring has sprung in to action. Thank goodness for warm days to enjoy outdoor chores and some relaxation.
    Have a great rest of the week. 🙂

    1. Thanks, E. C.! I am proud of that hat! And I will be of Durrow eventually.

      So glad spring is coming. Though today I said it felt like everything stalled. Buds are still buds. I want leaves!!!

  3. You have been busy and productive, well done for the beautiful items! The blue/green/cream sweater is beautiful, I look forward to the FO, as well as the weaving ones.
    Fun socks and cute hat!
    Enjoy the free weekends, while they last!

    1. Thanks! I have been busy, not so sure about productive, everything is half done. 🤔 but it is all in progress and not neglected. It will get done.

  4. It’s good to hear from you and see all your projects! I really love the hat. And the socks! You do know how to stay busy, don’t you? The weather has given all of us in the Northeast extra time for inside work, like our crafts–we have had very little chance to do outdoor work. It’ll be hard to get caught up, if the weather ever improves!

  5. I LOOOOVE how nicely your Alaska hat turned out! You did an amazing job with the gradient background – kudos! Also love the socks. If BIL doesn’t, then he can send them to me! 😂

      1. Perhaps true on the fit, but I never seriously believed they’d get out of your niece’s grasp!

  6. That hat is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Happy end of tax time!!!! Happy freedom. Thanks for including your logic with the SURVEY on clothing and dressing. 🙂 i love when folks want to add to their answers

  7. You’ve certainly been busy and deserve to start that sweater for yourself. Great color choices!
    I love your Alaska hat and have had the pattern in my favorites. Your color choices remind me of a cold winter sunset. My father used to call the winter sunset color “sky blue pink” and every time I see the winter pink I’m reminded of him .
    I’ll have Alaska on my “to do” list for the fall.

    1. It’s a nice simple color work pattern that lets yarn sing. I was so happy to find that color-way in the fiber and get the yarn I imagined! But I am thankful to not need the warm hat at the moment. It’s been a long winter…

      Your dad is right about winter sunsets, they are beautiful.

  8. Lovely knitting. You’ve been so productive. I haven’t picked up a needle or a spindle for over a week. Maybe looking at all the wonderful things you’ve done will push me back into that direction.

  9. That is a fabulous hat! All of your projects look great:)
    I hope your BIL will bravely wear the socks. There is nothing better than a bright pop of unexpected color!

    1. Thanks!

      I think the only place he will wear them is in front of the TV while watching the game, and that is unlikely. But he will appreciate the thought that went into them. 😉

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